Daniel Donnarumma
Rochester, NY
Canon 60D

How do you find inspiration in every day life to shoot photographs?

A big source of inspiration for me would be my peers and other photographers. There is no shortage of phenomenal photographers, especially those that share their work on Tumblr and Instagram, and much of those individuals’ work inspires me to shoot, to improve, as well as just to enjoy photography. Photography is such a love of mine and it’s very easy for me to find inspiration from peers.

Also, my travels, desire to travel as much as possible, and experiences would be another big factor that inspires me. There’s so much beauty in our world, and I’d love to take photos of as much of it as possible. I routinely think of places that I want to go to to shoot, even if they’re locally or not that far from my house, and that is definitely a big source of inspiration. I’m kind of a corn ball and may or may not have a list of places that I want to go to photograph.

There’s so many times where I’m headed somewhere - even sometimes just my morning commute to work - where I see the way the light catches a building or scenery and I think, “that would make a great photo and I need to take a shot of it,” and there have definitely been those moments where I have to pull over so I can take some photos of something that has caught my attention. At this point, I find inspiration fairly easily.

What motivates you?

Along with inspiration, I find myself easily motivated. A big factor for my motivation is my desire to continually improve. Because of that drive, I really push myself to make sure that I’m always getting out and shooting. I regularly set goals for myself on things I’d like to achieve, and that forces me to shoot as much as possible. To get better, I know I have to regularly shoot, so that is a big drive for me.

I can sometimes be a perfectionist in a lot of what I do, and that keeps me focused on meeting goals that I’ve set for myself. Also, photography is really fun. I really love that freedom that I feel when I’m somewhere, enjoying wherever it is that I am, and taking photos. I just want to experience that feeling as much as possible, and  photography has continually provided me those experiences.

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Why Don't We Take A Look At The Beginning...

With not even 100 days left until I graduate high school, I felt it necessary to reflect on the ins and outs of what my high school experience has been like. But in order to do this, I have to start back into middle school. 

I was in the 5th grade when we relocated from Ashburn to Pittsford. The move itself is a strange and hazy memory in my past but the differences between the two places are as clear as daylight. Ashburn is reminiscent of images from the Stepford Wives except the houses weren’t quite that big all around. It is identical houses with identical lawns and tennis courts, swimming pools, and the park in our sub-division. And while I was aware the whole world wasn’t like that, Pittsford was a pretty big shock to me. When we moved I was shocked to see that all the houses didn’t look similar and that people didn’t always mow their lawns. My shock didn’t end with the its outward appearance. School became a constant battle. I had moved from a place where either I wasn’t conscious of cliques or they simply didn’t exist on the level that they had in Pittsford. Fitting in was hard for me and I became awkward and self-conscious in a way I hadn’t been before. 

Honestly, middle school was no better. Sure, there were more people to blend in to but the bullies were worse. Girls called me a lesbian and fat, and I wasn’t prepared on how to handle it. Middle school was my version of Lee Fiora’s Ault. Girls wore expensive clothes and had expensive bags, they were academically brilliant and had talents I never would. Clothing and accessory wise I would learn how to blend into Pittsford but my social skills never were up to par. 

This is how I ended up at Kearney. I thought it would be good for me plus my brother was a student and my father an alum. I’m not sure that it ever lived up to my expectations. 

accident at the Pittsford Wegmans yesterday

People in WNY need to learn how to use the brake, I myself have had an accident because I didn’t brake, but I didn’t crush 3 cars in the process