He’s a famous Hockey Player and the team he plays for.

Luke Hemmings: Captain of the Vancouver Canucks when it’s only his seconds year. He plays as center and caught the eyes of the Canucks at only the age of 19. He’s known for deaking out anybody and is good with plays. He played for the Moose Jaw warriors in the WHL.

Ashton Irwin: He plays for the Anaheim ducks, He was drafted in ‘14 also and impressed not only Anaheim but many others including the Penguins. His position as a defence. Proven to have the hardest slap shot in the NHL and turned down the position as captain. He played for the Seattle Thunderbirds in the WHl and was drafted at the age of 20.

Michael Clifford: Also known as the Cocky blue haired boy he plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins as a right winger. He spent most of his time in the penalty box. He is assistant captain and when in the WHL he played for the Swift Current Broncos. He’s gotten into more fights than he’s lost teeth, He’s known as one of the meanest in the NHL at the age of 20 and he shows no mercy. 

Calum Hood: #25, Left winger for the winnipeg jets. He’s got 28 goals and 18 assists, Known as the machine because he only does one thing and that’s getting goals. He was drafted at the age of 18 but was put out for a year when he broke his collar bone at his first NHL game. He came back for his second year proving himself and earning his famous nickname. He is untouchable and faster than a bullet train.