“Fortune favors the brave, dude!”

My fem! Newt Geiszler (Pacific Rim) cosplay!

Hopefully I’ll get to wear it to Pittsburgh Comicon and Youmacon.

It’s still a work in progress - I need to make tattoo sleeves that are his actual tattoos and get a thinner tie. But so far so good. :D I love Newt and this is so fun to wear!

Okay throwback to 2014

Picture this small child going to my first Comicon in Pittsburgh right? I went as Poison Ivy (our group was supposed to have a batman theme but everyone else bailed cause they were lame) and I made my costume. My friend and I got glued leaves onto my outfit for hours it was great. So the day came and we got to the convention center and are wondering around when this guy comes up and stops me and says in the most gentle way “oh my goodness I just had to stop you you look beautiful. Just lovely” and walked away. Now there wasn’t anything creepy or weird about what happened, I was shocked and honored. It all happened so fast I couldn’t comprehend who he was. I later realized it was national treasure Paul McGann, the 8th doctor. I worked up all my courage and went over to his booth. He looked up, smiled, and said “oh it’s you! The most beautiful girl in the room”. I couldn’t believe he remembered me. I took a picture with him near the TARDIS and I was so nervous. He could tell- he was sweet and friendly and said “I hope you’re going to put your shopping down”. He hugged me tight and kissed my forehead before sending me along. He was the sweetest man I’ve ever met and gave me so much confidence that day. I still have my picture with him hanging in my room. Thank you, Sir. Maybe I’ll meet you again someday.


Oh my gooses, what a good weekend. I went to Pittsburgh Comicon and had such an amazing time. I met Holly Conrad who is my cosplay inspiration. She’s super awesome in real life too. I won a cosplay prize at the after party and I competed in a real for real costume contest and got 3rd for Squirrel Girl! I was stoked bc for as much as I love Squirrel Girl, she’s not flashy (other than dat tail!). But it’s a quiet costume, no big fabrication or armor. And it still got 3rd! Yay! Super exciting. I never participated in a costume contest before so I’m pretty happy with myself. Mostly bc I got through it and didn’t die.

Also, hanging out with the coolest and most supportive friends ever made this weekend even better. Love you guys! jlgeekedoutcosplay daena-awesome-robot

Watch on harlequinhavoccosplay.tumblr.com

Cosplay music video from Pittsburgh ComiCon 2013. My own cosplay is the second to last individual shot (just before my fantastic friend cosplaying FemScout - TF2!). I’m Harley Quinn. Another good friend of mine can be found towards the beginning of the video, cosplaying KRIIIEEEEEG from Borderlands 2, and doing it amazingly. :D


Next weekend at Pittsburgh Comicon (Sep. 26-28, 2014) I will be selling my new Kyle Rayner Green Lantern customizable cel. Each cel will be printed to acetate and hand-painted, allowing you to choose your own background. I typically only carry holographic foil sheets, but you can easily switch it out for your own later.

$20 for the cel + background

I’m going to try to come up with a Wonder Woman cel, too, so look forward to it! Hope to see you next weekend!