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Momma, my friend is 20, and is leaving with a highly abusive parent outside of Pittsburgh PA. She cant seem to find a way out, and every day tells me she wants to kill herself. She cant find work, and her mom does far more damage than good. Is there anything she can do?

She should look into abuse shelters in her area, as well as homeless shelters. If she can scrounge up a little bit of funds, she can get herself a 24 hour gym membership, so she can have a place to shower and go at night.

She’s old enough to do surveys to get a bit of cash, so she can buy some food or supplies.

I’m basically suggesting she find a way out, any way out. If she thinks she can stick it out until she gets a job, then all the power to her. If she can’t, there’s always a place to go, even if it’s hard to find.

-Lou the Lobster

I Only Buy AUTHENTIC Japanese Items

Hey! Alright so. This one happened two years ago at a lovely convention called Tekkoshocon that is held in Pittsburgh, PA.

My husband, our friend, and I were chilling in an open area. We just got done with some panels and were figuring out what to do next. We usually spend out time in the dealers’ room and artists’ alley, so we were planning on going back to those next.

Before we could put that plan into action, this girl who I will call M, came up to us. She came up to us because of what her and I were wearing. Red and white sailorfuku in the style of Lucky Star. I wasn’t really~cosplaying~, I just felt like wearing it because I don’t cosplay anymore (financial issues) and it’s all I had that fit me from middleschool (20 at the time of this story now).

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hey! i have lots of shows coming up. here’s the lowdown if you’re interested. the dates are hyperlinked to facebook event pages.

july 17th @ FAA in fredericksburg, va w/ adultmomband, bulldogeyes, and lady queen paradise
july 23rd @ the pinhook in durham, nc w/ quarterbacks [cat be damned full band]
july 30th @ bourgeois garage in arlington, va w/ bloodorphanstallfriend and lady pills
august 5th @ sharkweek in pittsburgh, pa w/ bloodorphans, cold weather, and rose estates
august 15th @ ghost office in college park, md w/ mothpuppy, a marc train home, collider, color pallette, and dangerous animals

more dates coming for my tour with matt, but these are all that are confirmed w/ facebook event pages. please let me know if you might want to try to help in in connecticut or rhode island on august 1st, boston on august 2nd, or ohio on august 6th.

thanks <3

America and Canada are all set! - #klaineroadtrip2015

(NOTE: whatstheproblembaby and I/skivvysupreme have both been adding to this list as we receive locations, both to this askbox and our individual ones, so let us know if you already messaged us but we missed adding you. We’ll work on a posting schedule for this chunk of the trip!)

Kurt and Blaine are headed to:

Boston, MA - author(s) TBA
West New York, NJ - lover95
South Jersey - quizasvivamos
Bethlehem, PA - littlej097
Philadelphia, PA - gleefulstyles
Pittsburgh, PA - quoth-the-ravenclaw
Port Huron, MI - whatstheproblembaby
Toronto, ON - klaineanummel
Chicago, IL - skivvysupreme
St. Louis, MO - notthatbea
Washington DC - my-own-patronus
Virginia Beach, VA - threepwillow
Orlando, FL - anderfluff
Mississippi - who was this?? thought one of us wrote you down but, oops
Galveston, TX - bombasscas
Dallas, TX - sunshineoptimismandangels
Arizona - ancientgleek-youngatheart
San Diego, CA - lady–divine
Los Angeles, CA - black-john-lennon
Las Vegas, NV - tonks42
San Francisco, CA - dashingduo
Seattle, WA - teaandleaves
Edmonton, AB - carouselcolours
Vancouver, BC - klaineitupanotch
Alaska (Kenai Peninsula) - gingerfic

After the North American leg of their trip and a brief rest at home, Kurt and Blaine are flying abroad to:

Belfast, Northern Ireland - oldboldsellsword
Edinburgh, Scotland - nightbird-andersons
Lake District, England - daltoneering
Oxford, England - pumpkinkurt
London, England - januarium
Paris, France - hazelandglasz
Ghent, Belgium - lilyvandersteen
Amsterdam, Netherlands - allofthebowtiesandscarves
Berlin, Germany - alianne
Vienna, Austria - lalalenii
Wroclaw, Poland - dont-stop-believin-in-klaine
New Delhi, India - soya-sass
Singapore - singingquietly
Wellington, New Zealand - youscheminglittlebitch

To the international Klainers:
–The UK is all set!
–Did Mexico / South America / Spain sink into the ocean? ¿Dónde está?

Woo! This is shaping up nicely :)

Help Me Please

So today 6/6/15 I went to Kennywood in West Mifflin, PA, which is in Pittsburgh and I saw this really hot emo guy with white hair but didn’t get his name. If anybody knows who this is tell him that a girl with purple hair thinks he’s hot af and wants to know his name!

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In October 2014, I celebrated the release of 1989 AND being cancer-free for 868 days…now, it’s time to celebrate my 3 YEAR REMISSIONVERSARY with my fellow Swifities in Pittsburgh! SO EXCITED! I’ll be up high in 536, but we’re getting there pretty early in hopes of meeting so many of you who have been incredibly supportive. Please let me know if you’ll be there. Let’s party like I’m CANCER effin’ FREE. Woot Woot!!!