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PittCon Sunday

(sorry this is so late. my mind has been reeling since I stepped into Jensen’s hug. cut comes after the gold panel)

My heart was racing as I typed this because it contains the letters to Jared story and the interaction between he and I as I gave him the binder and reliving that moment is everything I ever wanted. My liiiffeeee <3333 

Part One (Gold Panel): 

  • They come walking down the glass bridge. Jensen waves. Jared pushes him aside and becomes the star of the show. Jared takes off his beanie and everybody screams (still don’t understand how he does it).
  • Someone in the second row continues to talk to Jared from her seat instead of waiting to be selected for a question. (*heavy eye rolling from me*)
  • Jared and Jensen are sleepy little dorks and I love it. They’re still running on Vancouver time. Jensen didn’t sleep Saturday night, he watched the hours roll by. Jared says we should’ve called Jensen and invited him out with us. Jensen’s got “about two hours of solid” him left before it gets either “really interesting or really boring.”
  • Jared realizes the actress who plays Hitler granddaughter is from Pittsburgh. They’re “chuggin’ along” with filming - already on episode six. 
  • Jared says they’re still waiting for the call for season 14 renewal.
  • Fan is upset because Jensen promised to sing at SNS this year. He laughs and asks, “You believed that?!” He blames timezone switches and Rob, because Rob “likes Pittsburgh to himself.”
  • They’ve been on a juice diet because “summer was hard” on them (specifically Jared - who still looks incredible, by the way). As Jensen was walking on stage, he found a cup of goldfish crackers and stuffed a handful in his mouth. He comes on stage still chewing. They’re already talking about getting burgers for dinner Sunday night.
  • Jared envies people who can draw because he loves to do it but is “really bad at it.” Jensen makes a “mean stick figure.” They joke about they wish they could take their profession anywhere the way musicians and sketch artists/painters can. Jensen laughs and says he envisions Jared standing in front of a t-rex exhibit “To be! Or not to be!”
  • Jared takes on “Misha form!” while answering a question about their childhood memory. Jared tells the story of Tom starting kindergarten. He was flooded with emotions while the other parents were already used to taking their kids and just dropping them off. Meanwhile Jared is crying. Jensen says he has a lot of good childhood memories, but one of his favorite is his sixth birthday. He woke up and put on his cowboy outfit, complete with six-shooters and a sheriff’s badge. He walked outside and there was a horse in the yard for him to ride. Their yard wasn’t big, but he rode the horse in circles and shot his cap guns.
  • Jensen was never “into” sports medicine, but it was what he chose as he selected college major originally. Jensen says he thinks it would be fun to be a boat captain. Jared planned on going to school for engineering to follow in the footsteps of his brother. Instead, his brother ended up becoming a surgeon, and Jared thinks he would’ve followed that path as well. Jared’s other career options are doctor or teacher. “It’d be fun to be a wildlife photographer,” according to Jared. Jensen decides he wants to be a food and drink writer. Jared mocks avocado toast, Jensen says he’ll wolf one down if it allows him to travel to Italy.
  • Jared has so much trouble with his microphone.
  • They’ve never dreamed as Sam and Dean, but they dream about them and the set. Jared has had dreams about Kim Manners since his passing, where they talk, “which is… interesting.”
  • Danneel has to tell Jensen to stop using the Dean voice. Other times she’s like, “Can you please use the Dean voice…?”
  • Fan says alternate universe in s12 was out of left field but it was awesome. Asks if the boys have been surprised by anything the writers have thrown into the plot. Jensen says French Mistake. Jared says his big left field moment was when he traveled to Los Angeles before season 6 and met with Sera. She told him about soulless!Sam and he had to hide his gut reaction because he was right in front of her instead of being on the phone like he normally would be. Soulless!Sam is one of Jared’s favorite character twists. 
  • Jensen would never rule theatre out of his life as a future option. He doesn’t currently have plans to return to the stage, but he wouldn’t mind going back. Jared says he hasn’t done theatre in a long time, and he loved it. It’s the “best training ground possible,” but it’s hard to keep it fresh. Jared compares theatre to doing squats for thirty minutes. Jensen laughs and mocks him. joking about never skipping leg day.
  • A fan is getting fired for being at the convention. Asks about binge watching because she has a lot of free time now. Jensen says he watched Ozark in a week. Jared says Breaking Bad, but he’s on to Ozark because of Jensen’s recommendation. 
  • Fan gives suggestions for food places. A place called Burgatory. Jensen asks if there are any exits. 
  • “Did someone say Sanchez?” - Jared… why
  • Unicorns or dragons? Jared: unicorns ‘cause they’re not going to kill me, and they fart rainbows. Jensen: I’m gonna go dragons. Speaking of dragons… anybody watch game of thrones? Jared jokes about Jensen ruining the show for him by mentioning dragons. Jensen asks if everyone is caught up. Fan says no. Jensen: “earmufffssss!” He thinks they totally ripped off the demon!Dean transformation scene.

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wow i can’t believe it

Told Slant x Yowler x Molly Soda TOUR !!!!

*coming 2 a city near u*


Nov. 5 - Bard College @ The Root Cellar

Nov. 6 - Rochester, NY @ The Bug Jar

Nov. 7 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project

Nov. 8 - Oberlin, OH @ 3 Door Studios

Nov. 9 - Athens, OH @ Galbreath Chapel

Nov. 10 - Oxford, OH @ Miami University

Nov. 11 - Detroit, MI @ TBA

Nov. 13 - Chicago, IL @ Floodhaus

Nov. 14 - Bloomington, IN @ The Black Lodge

Nov. 15 - Nashville, TN @ DRK MTTR

Nov. 16 - Asheville, NC @ House Show

Nov. 17 - Durham, NC @ Pinhook

Nov. 18 - Baltimore, MD @ EMP Collective

Nov. 19 - Philadelphia, PA @ Planet Phitness

Nov. 20 - Brooklyn, NY @ Secret Project Robot

seE u soon :P:P:P:)

Shikeith , “Where troubles melt like lemon drops” 2013,Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Pearl , 24x36 inches

Exhibition “Somewhere over the _” a solo show by Shikeith, supported by The Pittsburgh Foundation & The Heinz Endowment

On View: October 3-31 2014, at Bunker Projects, Pittsburgh PA

Angels in Jeans

I spent my Saturday in Pittsburgh for the Pittsburgh Project; an organization that helps rebuild homes for the elderly and disabled…it also serves as a summer camp for children, and an after school tutoring program.

I don’t think you ever appreciated everything that has happened in your life until you start to give back. 
I didn’t do much today (physically)… I painted walls in an elderly woman’s home. She lived alone since her husband died in 2010. She had no kids, and no family that was really close by.
My first thought was: what do you do all day when you’re alone? 84 years old. And alone. Every day.
She couldn’t do much for herself…she was a diabetic and had to check her blood pressure at least twice a day.
who takes care of these people?

Most of what the Pittsburgh Project does is rebuilding homes on the outskirts of the city, so I was very close to my old neighborhood today.

But what happened? I thought cities were bumpin’. Jobs, young people, city sports teams and recreational centers….
Not anymore.
Today I learned about the “white flight” that took place in the 50’s. African Americans started moving into urban areas and the whites moved out because they were uncomfortable…not necessarily racist (though some were), but essentially their neighborhoods were being “taken over” by black people. But during this time period there was still a lot of segregation going on… 
So the whites move out of the cities, and with them, the jobs. Because of segregation laws (and poor education for African Americans at the time) there were not very many “professional” jobs for them.
This created urban decay.
When the jobs are gone, people can’t make money, and when people can’t make money, they can’t buy food (not to mention afford their homes), and when people can’t buy food, grocery stores close, and when stores close, people have very little to eat, and when that happens, people move out again (and those who choose to stay have difficulty finding work as well). When people move out, houses are not taken care of and when houses are not taken care of, they fall apart and the land value goes down way down. And when this happens no one wants to live there, and if they do, their property tax is low, and when *property tax is low the schools do not get the funding that they need so that children can get a better education.
this is why inner city schools are bad. this is why the stereotype is that black people are illiterate or “dumb” and drop out of school and live impoverished lives.   

It is a vicious cycle. and in order to fix it, we need to fix the homes and get people living in the city again, so the property value and tax is normal again and so that anyone who goes to an inner city school can get a good education. 

It is a simple solution…but so difficult to pursue and accomplish. Cities are huge, and when something like the “white flight” happens and people leave all at once then people can’t keep up with repairs. 
The Pittsburgh Project gets tons and tons of volunteers, but there are just so many condemned and rundown houses and organizations like these simply can’t afford to fix every single home. 

Poverty isn’t just not having money. It’s when you don’t have a home, you just have a house, when you don’t have a job or even when you do, you can’t make enough to live comfortably…you only survive. Poverty is not just a personal issue, it is a global  issue and it is everyone’s job to take care of each other.

Who cares if they are “able bodied” and “choose not to work”. You don’t know their story. They could have a job, but can’t make enough money to put a down payment on an apartment, they might live in their car. and even if they aren’t impoverished, you should help them anyway. Why is it so hard for people to be good? It’s so easy…and don’t most people believe in Karma…well here’s a chance to get some “good karma" :p

Next time you are outside of a city…be it Pittsburgh or elsewhere… look around at the housing…i bet for the most part…it’s bad.
The Pittsburgh Project’s goal is to rebuild the majority of these houses, making them look nice, inside and out. Fixing roofs, kitchen floors, piping, wiring, and even the outside appearance like the garden to make a house a home.   

*PA public schools are funded by property tax income…not sure if other states are like that as well.