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You know what makes me saddest though? It’s not someone who won’t turn 30 for another three months with another concussion, mild or not.

It’s grown adults saying ‘Good.’

I’m not saying you have to like Sid, care about hockey, or love the Pens. You can say what you will about physical violence and the way it’s glorified during the playoffs. This isn’t even really about who gets away with what behaviour, or what franchise stars get away with compared to disposable fourth liners.

But responding 'good’ to potential brain damage over something as ultimately transitory as sport?

That’s upsetting.

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So happy for the team tonight. That was such an amazing win and an exciting game. But I can’t seem to really appreciate it right now because I’m still so bummed about Flower. I don’t think this is one of those “we’ll let our goalie rest after a hard game” things. Murray will most likely be the starter for the rest of playoffs. Which no, isn’t terrible. He’s a talented goalie. But Fleury has been treated terribly by the coaching staff this season and just when he’s making his “comeback” one bad game takes it away from him. And if the regular season showed us anything, it’s that Sullivan doesn’t like to give him a second chance. I’m still going to secretly hope they put Flower in next game, but it’s probably not going to happen.


Played the first impression game with my friends. This was some of the madness. They no nothing about hockey or hockey players besides what I have told/showed them.


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