It’s quite a bizarre feeling to be standing in the dark of night on a dodgy catwalk, 100 feet above the ground, after having climbed a series of rusted ladders and navigated a maze of catwalks full of rusted-out holes, missing railings, and voids where sections had simply fallen away.  But that’s exactly what I did several years back, in the middle of the night, to do some full-moon photography of the remaining blast furnace infrastructure at Carrie Furnace, the last extant part of US Steel’s Homestead Steel Works.  I had to set up my tripod without and of the legs slipping through the slats of the catwalk - if the tripod tipped, I could lose my most expensive photo gear in one nasty fall.  Of course, if I’d taken one wrong step, I could have lost a whole lot more - but that’s part of the fun, isn’t it?  Finally, I found a place where I could capture the full moon hitting (and backlighting) the ancient rusting behemoth, and I took this 5-minute exposure.

Print available here.