Pens for the W


“Crosby’s lengthy absence, along with the ineffectiveness this season of Washington’s Alex Ovechkin, has dimmed one of the NHL’s most notable individual duels. Ovechkin was also held without a point, and he has only one goal in his last 10 games”~ By DAVID GINSBURG, AP Sports Writer

Last night I was angry. That’s right, I said it…angry.

If you’re not a hockey fan, then you probably wouldn’t understand…but if you are, (and if you’re reading this I’m assuming that you are) then you understand why I was a tad miffed.

Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin, two of the NHL’s brightest stars (and biggest rivals - be by their own making or the making of NHL fans-) haven’t faced each other since the 2011 Winter Classic. Last night, as much as I would have loved to have seen the two face off once again and pit their skills against each other, I had to stay at work late due to the fact that I produce a show called “The Triple Threat Show.”

(Stupid responsibilities!! haha)

Regardless, I was elated to read this morning that the Pens were able to beat the Caps with a score of 2-1!

(Washington has lost 4 straight in seven of nine!)

Crosby wasn’t able to add to his point total…but I was comforted by the fact that Ovie was held pointless as well. Yee-haw!

The Pens “D” was crucial in the win as stated by Crosby: “We were pretty committed to making sure we didn’t turn pucks over. Our `D’ did a great job. We’ve got some guys who are new, and they did a great job of going in there and taking some hits to make plays. That’s what you’ve got to do.”

The Caps new HC, Dale Hunter, is implementing a new system that stresses defense and forechecking but the Pens were able to adjust accordingly.

Vokoun stopped 33 shots, but the Capitals didn’t help him out offensively…the Pens out-shot the Caps 13-4 in the first 20 minutes alone…

Now, I admit…I love watching the Caps lose (yeah, I know…I’m mean. It’s bad how my dislike of Ovie has influenced my opinion of an entire team…but it is what it is…*shrug*.) One of my favorite moments in hockey is this:


But even I’m begining to wonder: "What’s going on, Capitals?”

That team has so much talent and considering their struggles as of late as well as their inability to win the coveted Stanley Cup, one has to start thinking to themselves: “What are they missing?”

The negative theories (usually surrounding “The Great 8”) keep coming:

*Ovie’s lack of evolution

*Ovie’s (sometimes) pitiful conditioning

*Ovie’s enthusiasm is waning

Or maybe they tried to fix something that wasn’t really broken?

I recently read an article on Yahoo Sports that suggested that when the Capitals were at their most popular (and potent as a team) they were “fun-loving and high-flying…” but after their style of play continued to run out of gas in the playoffs, they changed. Some would argue for good reason…but as the article stated, “…they got away from what made them great and got worse. Is it any wonder that they haven’t been themselves since they tried to be something else?”

So, as much as I am a Pens fan and I am thrilled to see them win (especially against the once-again struggling Washington Capitals) I can’t help but to feel bad for the great talent that is on that team. On paper, stars like Alexander Ovechkin, Alexander Semin, Nicklas Backstrom, Troy Brouwer and Mike Green among others…you’d think that they’d be in possession of one Stanley Cup win.

I guess that’s just a testament to the tempremental nature of the “Hockey Gods.”