Autumn Flame by Cole Chase Photography
Via Flickr:
A Japanese maple on the grounds of Pittock Mansion in Portland, Oregon


Around The World In 80 Days: United States Of America, Oregon

Field of Clover
Photo Credit: (David Leahy)
Moonlit Conjunction
Photo Credit: (Chris  Williams)
Fogging Good
Photo Credit: (Terence Leezy)

Keep Portland Small - As seen from the Pittock Mansion in the West Hills.


Portland hike pt 2: stone house and Balch creek. We parked at the arboretum (well, one of the free spots very close to the arboretum). From there, we hiked up to the Pittock mansion. We could see a ton of volcanoes. Then we hiked down to the old stone house (also known as the witch’s hut). I was sad to see a lot of fresh graffiti, but I guess that’s just life with the human herd… Altogether it was about 6 miles. Mostly switchbacks.


Portland Oregon Sunrise | October 4, 2014  | Milanlyn

I love the moment when the sun comes over the horizon. Sunrises beat sunsets because you watch the world light up in seconds. This was a breathtaking morning and I’m glad I could witness it.