pittie puppies


“This beautiful girl is DEAF & WITH SLIGHT VISUAL IMPAIRMENTS.  This does not slow her down a bit and she gets around just fine!  She is learning hand signals. Chloe is also a cancer survivor.  When a tumor was found on her lower jaw, she had to have it removed.  This meant that she would loose half of her lower jaw.  She has been cancer free for almost a year now and her tongue does fall out of her mouth, but I think she is still adorable and lovely.”


6/9/17@bnkrescue If you didn’t know any better, you would think River was their mom (or at least a female dog!). How he got so amazing with little ones is beyond us. Maybe because he was abandoned so young, at four weeks, or maybe because he’s been through the journey of rescue with us since we rescued him. I don’t know but it’s heart warming to watch and share ❤ (at Canton, Connecticut)

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