St Fillan’s cave Pittenweem

From this cave comes the name Pittenweem - The name is Pictish ‘Pit’ meaning place and 'weem’ is cave - so Pittenweem is the place of the cave.
St Fillan was an early Christian missionary from Ireland.
He lived in the 7th century and is said to have written his sermons in this dark cave by the light of his luminous left arm. The common belief that St Fillan lived in this cave permanently is probably not true. He was a missionary and most likely led a peripatetic life, from one community to another, staying wherever there was shelter. He most likely used the cave, as it is an ideal cover for an occasional visit in his ministry. The cave has had an interesting history including being used by smugglers!

It may be cold at the moment and even colder in that biting easterly wind, but find some shelter and some sunshine and you can definitely find Spring.

It was absolutely glorious sitting on the beach at Pittenweem this afternoon.  Yes that’s right, sitting on the beach!  Two hours later I was up to my knees in snow in the Lomonds.  Fife is so wonderfully diverse :)