Pitschouse’s band name to me is a little bit of a misnomer, when I first heard about this band from Snorin’ Desert founder Kyle Daniels I assumed that they would be a Seattle based grunge band from their name. However, one can barely trace Cobain back to this trio. Airy in style and execution there is an openness to Pitschouse’s self titled debut that is extremely rare in contemporary music. The recording quality is good but sounds intimate enough to put the listener right in the room.

While these guys may not be grunge, they have a little bit of a late 80’s merging into 90’s feel. I can’t help but think of Pavement and They Might Be Giants while listening to this band. This feeling is really apparent on the obvious anthem “devil golems” where slightly distorted vocals and thumping drums drive the listener through hooky piano melodies and ripping guitar chuds. This track is probably my favorite on the EP production wise and musically.

While lyrically, this album strays from your typical pop song structure I would still define it as a pop record. Guitar melodies and steadfast drumming linked with rhythmic vocal delivery and piano blips really push this album to its peak.

Overall, I enjoy this little EP and would say it is definitely worth checking out. I was able to see this band live in Arizona before moving and it was a really fun time.

Tape wise, this cassette is really nice presentation wise. Full color J-Card, download card, transparency, and full color spray paint labels give this tape the right look and promise it will be a visual treat for any collection. The tape sounds good too!

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Pitschouse from seattle came by to do a Trundle Session last month! Check out the video!


Pitschouse play a Trundle Session! It’s a song that wasn’t on their EP that we reviewed in the first print issue of diy4lyfe. This session has the mellow vibe heard on their song on the cassette comp + zine bundle!

Long Beach takes over Hollow Earth Radio tonight 8pm (Jan 11)

Pitschouse, Courtaud and Bobtail (CA), Take Pictures (CA), District

Reverbished pop.

Courtaud and Bobtail: http://courtaudandbobtail.bandcamp.com/http://courtaudandbobtail.blogspot.com/

Take Pictures: 

Alternative rock band from Everett, Washington. Signed to Keep In Touch Records.