20 questions tag

i was tagged by @climberstudy and @gaystudyings. Thank you :)

Rules: Answer 20 questions and tag 20 people you would like to get to know better!

Name: Pia

Nickname: sometimes close friends call me Pipsi or Pitschi but usually Ali because my second name is Alisha

Zodiac Sign: capricorn

Height: 176 cm :) 

Orientation: i am a lesbian 

Favorite Fruit: Mangos

Nationality: German

Favorite Season: Winter/Spring

Favorite Scent: mhhh.. There’s a gingerbread factory in my neighbourhood and sometimes the scent is so strong and fresh that you just went to lay down in the dough and bathe in it :D 

Favorite Animal: dogs (and the squirrels in our garden)

Favorite Book: Stolen by Lucy Christopher 

Favorite Flower: sunflowers and hydrangeas but nothing beats a self picked wildflower bouquet

Favorite Color: yellow atm!

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: tea

Average hours of sleep: weekends ~8 hours but when school starts it’ll be around 6 hours

Favorite Fictional Character: Groot!

Number of blankets you sleep with: i have three in my bed right now, one actual blanket and two soft cozy ones

Dream Trip: i’d love to go to Macchu Picchu and Iceland one day :)

dogs or cats: dogs (and cats) 

blog created: this one’s from may 2015 but on tumblr officially since 2010…  

I’ll tag : @feministziam, @pens-paper-and-inspiration, @amidalars, @aesthetudier, @asopus, @studygoats, @sumerstudies , @punknicole, @rosecolouredgirls and @dizco ! I need to re meet my dash because i’ve been  inactive for a year, so if you see this and want to do it, just say i tagged you! :)