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I was expecting the Pitchork review to be like the one they did for "Everything You've Come to Expect" but way harsher. But surprise surprise, they were kinder. Maybe because the former was reviewed by a woman.

I have to admit I’m not an Alex Turner devotee by any stretch of the imagination so I had to go read it. I think you can definitely tell it was written by a woman. I also think the reviews rise to the level of the content they review. So there are quite a few great turns of phrase in that review to match the turns of phrase in the lyrics.

For Harry, I think the music and vocals can be respected, with the lyrics lacking. so 2/3′s of the way there. The LSP review was mixed across both style and lyrics, so I see the 5/10 vibe.

There’s also quite a bit more slack given to a debut with great potential vs. an album made by established rock stars.

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A) AraabMUZIK is a DOPE electronic artist B) This is great sponsorship by Aloft on Pitchfork. 

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The Lonely Island do Pitchforks Interview show ‘Over/Under’ with guest host Fred Armisen

And you learn nothing about The Lonely Island, yet you can’t look away.