I hope the irony of “IF U DARE” coming from an Anon is not lost here.

Anyway I guess that can be considered NSFW in some form, and I really contemplated whether this needed anything questionable but I think it works to separate this from the relationship Pitch has with Jack and the idea of finding someone who is you, but basically your total opposite is so interesting that I don’t even.

I hemmed and hawed a lot about how I should post this (under a cut, with a link) but in the end, though the panel layout is not my best work, I do like some of the inking so everyone will just have to suffer this in their Dash.

Also great thanks for http://raining-in-adelaide.tumblr.com/ for enduring my 1000 word’s worth of replies while I was figuring out the reasoning behind the actions in this.

RotG fic: Someone to understand

Title: Someone to understand

Author: adelaide_rain

Rating: R

Notes: Nightmare galleon aka Pitch-on-Pitch action aka Pitchcest. For the always wonderful hurtanminttu aka ask-pitchs-wardrobe.

Summary: It hasn’t been long since the other him turned up. Huge and hulking, and there’s a flicker of utter cruelty in his eyes sometimes that makes Pitch shiver.

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nightmarexking asked:

Ship memes? Me n' you, little shade~

Oh my God this.



How differently do they think of each other now compared to when they first met?

Pitch likes Pitch a lot more than when they first met. At first, they argued a lot, and the idea of being intimate was disgusting. Then Pitch realized that nobody understands Pitch more than Pitch.

What do their friends/family think of their relationship?

They can’t think any more because their brains melted

How do their personalities/skills complement or contrast with each other?

What goes together better than… dark… and…. dark

What is their favorite aspect of each other?

Sass and charm

Do either of them have pet peeves about each other?

“I thought you said you let the nightmares in?”

“It’s your fucking turn”

“I got them last time”

How would each reconcile with each other after a fight?

They’d both scheme to kill each other in the exact same way and be far too amused when they find out to go through with it

What would be their ideal vacation getaway together?

The moon. To do them some murderin’.

Think of a new way (AU, different situation, etc.) they could have met for the first time.

I suppose if one of them were Kozmotis and the other a figment of Kozmotis’ imagination that becomes real then*coughs up blood* KOZMOTIS PLOT. DOES NOT COMPUTE. ERROR. ERROR.