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It was common for shadows to grow when night fell over Burgess, Jack simply dismissed them since he’d had no qualms as of late with the shadow man. He’d finished up a brutal snowball war with the local kids at the park, walking the group of misfits home with his spirits high when the hour grew too late for the adolescents.

The sprite was simply biding his time now, whizzing by like he was ice skating down car lanes. His staff hooked around a lamp post to stop him, sharply spinning him around the post with laughter ringing across the empty streets. “What a night!" 

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Ariel walked the streets of the town her eyes wide with wonder. She walked unsteadily, her new feet not wanting to stay on track as she tripped over herself constantly. The people that were still outside, walking through the starlit streets stared at her oddly. She never noticed though, the feel of the blue skirt hitting her human legs and her pale feet against the stone was such a difference then her life at home. She wanted to see everything this place had to offer. 

Taking a turn down another street, it slowly turned into a back alley, the blinding streetlights no longer able to reach the dark crevice of the road. It was almost completely null and void of light and Ariel felt slight discomfort at the strange noises she wasn’t able to pinpoint, but she thrived on this. The fear of the unknown. It was what lead her to her greatest treasures. She laughed softly, hearing only air escape in her thoughts of Flounder knowing he would have never been able to enter this place.