Nowhere Left To Run - Pt.9

After some wait, I’m back again. I’m not giving up on this one!

“Sit down” Beca dragged a chair to Chloe’s side and started pacing around her. The redhead did as she was told, still a bit shocked about what had happened a few minutes ago. “Do you know that guy?”

“No. I don’t have friends in the Unseelie Court”

“How are you so sure he’s Unseelie?” The brunette leaned forward, hands on the table trying to look intimidating. It was kind of working.

“His eyes were cold, like he was already dead inside…”

“Yeah, well, don’t do drugs, kids”

“It wasn’t because of the drugs. Just… the Unseelie Court is cruel and living there can destroy you.”

They both became quiet, looking at each other. Beca was never really good at reading people, but she could see a lack of something in Chloe’s eyes. The thing is, she didn’t know what it was, and even though she didn’t want to admit it, that made her soft for a few seconds.

“You’ve been there, haven’t you?”

“For a few years, yes.” Chloe fixed her gaze on the table, fidgeting with her thumb ring.

“Why?” The shorter one finally dragged a chair to herself, turning the chair around and placing her legs on either side of the chair, arms folded at the back of the chair as an armrest.

Chloe took a deep breath and ran a hand through her hair “After my parents were killed I was sent to a family there. They didn’t want a thirteen years old kid in the first place, let alone a Seelie one.”

“Why was it bad? Did they… hit you or something?” Chloe let out a snort, shaking her head. “What?”

“There are worse things than physical pain, Beca..” The brunette still seemed to be a little lost “But yes, my adoptive mother hit me once and that was what I needed to finally run away.”

“Oh… uhm.. sorry to hear that.”

“I know you’re not, you don’t need to say anything like that.”

Beca nodded and bit her lip. She actually was sorry… kinda. “So back to that guy… could he possibly be a friend frim when you were there?”

“He’s probably twenty years older than me, so definitely not.”

“Okay, so…” The brunette huffed and stood up, looking around the nearly empty club, hands on her waist “We’re gonna have to find another source of information… I just hope Stacie and Aubrey find something useful.”

“What are they doing anyway?”

“The fun part.” Beca rolled her eyes, getting herself a beer at the bar.


Aubrey looked away, a grimace on her face when the man at the other end of the room screamed in pain. “Is this really necessary?”

“Yes.” Stacie pulled out the knife she had just stabbed the man with from his leg. “Now are you gonna be a good boy and tell us who do you work for or am I gonna have to cut you open?”

She dragged her hand through his neck, her silver ring leaving a burning trail along the way. “I-I don’t know her name! She’s from Bumper’s pack!” The werewolf finally gave in, panting from the pain he was put through the last thirty minutes or so.

“And where are they?” It was Aubrey now and when the man shook his head, Stacie was ready to stab his leg once again. “If you don’t answer she’s gonna do that again so please just tell us”

“I don’t know! We met a few times at Central Park, but only when she sent me a letter.”

“So next time she tries to contact you, let us know. Got it?” Stacie’s knife was touching his chin and he swallowed loudly.


“Good boy.” The brunette petted his head and smiled at Aubrey “Our job here is done for now. Let’s go.”

They headed to the door and for a moment there the blonde felt sick. They were in his house, torturing the guy and she was also hungry after seeing all that blood. She took a deep breath to calm herself down, even though she didn’t need to breathe. A human habit to remind her of what she once was.

“Do you guys always torture people? That’s so not right.” Aubrey said as they stepped out of the man’s building.

Stacie, already on her motorcycle, looked back at the blonde and sighed “I know, but sometimes it’s necessary.”

“You could’ve killed him!”

“I wouldn’t! That’s part of what I was trained for, I know their limits. Now stop whining and let’s go, please?”

Aubrey rolled her eyes but got on the motorcycle with her.

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