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Intrigue (723 words) by lechatnoir [AO3]

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Rise of the Guardians (2012), Guardians of Childhood - William Joyce
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Pitch Black/Toothiana
Characters: Toothiana, Baby Tooth (Rise of the Guardians), Pitch Black | Kozmotis Pitchiner, Kozmotis Pitchiner, Pitch Black (Rise Of The Guardians), Seraphina Pitchiner, Tsar Lunar
Additional Tags: Community: rotg_kink

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Kozmotis is part of the Lunar Constellation’s envoy to Punjam Hy Loo to seek help in fighting the armies of Dream Pirates, Nightmare men, and Fearlings. Or at least that is the envoy’s overt goal. Covertly, Kozmotis and the other members of the envoy are to assess adding the small nation to the Lunaoff’s large empire.

The good general is more than ready to see his duties through until he meets princess Toothiana. It is hardly the time or the place for romance but Kozmotis finds it increasingly harder to keep his emotions seperate from his duty…

(In which Baby Tooth is Tooth’s little sister, Seraphina and Baby Tooth are attached to the bone when they meet, and politics occur)

Cavity: One Small Step Away PitchxTooth Playlist


  1.  Melodie (instrumental)~ Yuki Kaijura 
  2. Prelude 1221~AFI
  3. Dream Here (With Me)~ Oomph
  4. Follow Me~ Pain
  5. A Single Touch~ Unsun
  6. Creeping in my Soul~ Cryoshell
  7. Blue~ The Birthday Massacre
  8. Shadows~ Red
  9. Pretty Girl (The Way)~ Sugarcult
  10. What Have You Done?~ Within Temptation
  11. Careless Whisper~ Seether
  12. How Did it Come to This~ Lunitica

BONUS TRACK Until My Last Breath~ Tarja Turunen 

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Cavity fic~ Untitled and I think it needs a better ending

But here it is for you anyway

Weeks after his defeat, Pitch crawled back to the surface of the world, weakened and at the mercy of the Guardians. He begged them to forgive them, to let him join them, to be a Guardian. It was a desperate plea from a man who would rather be with his worst enemies than be alone.

The Guardians had their doubts of course, Sandy was particularly against it, but Jack eventually talked them into giving Pitch a chance. He would be the Guardian of fear, protecting children against their deepest terrors, and the other Guardians would take turns keeping an eye on him until they were sure that he wouldn’t try anything funny.

Though that could take several centuries to happen.

This particular night it was Tooth’s turn to watch him. Normally Tooth escorted him from one house to another while her fairies collected teeth, and while Pitch did his scaring she waited outside the child’s room until she heard them scream and Pitch would come back out after quite some time with a satisfied glimmer in his eyes. Each time Tooth waited for him, she always had to wonder why he spent so much time in the rooms.

Finally the child in one of the houses they were visiting screamed, the parents came running, passing right through too and Pitch as he slipped out. The child whimpered and cried, as her parents tried to console her that there was no Boogeyman and she insisted there was and he had just gone into the hall. Tooth could no longer contain her curiosity, “What’s taking you so long in there? Can’t you just shout ‘boo’ and get it over with?”

He shot her an annoyed glance, “You don’t understand how fear works do you?” He asked as he blended into the shadows, vanishing from sight almost entirely. “Come with me into the next room, I’ll show you.”

He disappeared before tooth could protest, already moved on to the house across the street. She sighed and started to fly out after him through an open window, but paused listening to the child continue to sob. What had Pitch done to scare the poor kid so bad?

She caught up with Pitch, finding him at the foot of the next child’s bed. Sandy’s dream magic danced over him as he dreamed about playing base ball. “What are you doing?” She whispered.

Pitch put a long finger to his lips and smiled mischievously, “You know this boy right, Evan Davids, age ten. He stopped believing in the Guardians three years ago, and keeps trying to convince his little sister that you don’t exists ever since.” Tooth nodded, it was always sad to loose a child, but trying to keep the belief of their siblings was the real hard part. Pitch turned back to the boy, “Let’s see if we can scare this one straight.”

Tooth watched not sure what Pitch was doing, Evan slept on while Pitch loomed over him leaning closer and closer. He whispered, his voice was slick and dark, sending a shiver down her spine. “Evan… Evan…”

His voice seemed to echo for a moment and Evan shrank into his blankets moaning in discomfort. Pitch spoke again, murmuring things into his ear that Tooth couldn’t understand, until Evan covered his face with his blankets.

Curious Tooth flew a little closer trying to hear what Pitch was whispering. “Remember than movie you watched with those older kids? That scene where the woman was dragged from her bed by her legs….ha ha ha, that’s right tuck those little feet in…” he tickled Evan’s toes before they vanished under the blankets.

He noticed Tooth’s attention and his smirk grew. “You jump from the shadows and shout, but that only starts children, to really scare them witless, you need to build the fear…slowly…”

He grabbed the blankets and started pull them off, Evan fought back, trying to keep the blankets on, “You’re going to wake him up.” She hissed.

“That’s the point.” Pitch said.

“But he’ll see us!” Tooth protested.

“He’ll see me. He doesn’t believe in you, remember?” Pitch corrected, and yanked the blankets off completely before he vanished into the darkness. “Do you know what this little one’s greatest fear is?” Pitch’s voice seemed to come from all across the room.

Tooth glanced around for him, trying to locate him as Evan curled in on himself fighting to stay asleep. His dream about baseball had long fallen apart. “Pitch, where did you go?”

Then she saw him rising from the opposite side of the bed from where she was, “Falling.” He said and pushed Evan off his bed, the boy yelped in surprise, Tooth instinctively reached to catch him, but he fell right through her arms.

“Pitch!” She gasped looking back at him but he was gone.

Evan backed up against his night stand, in the pale silver light from the moon outside allowed Tooth to see Evan’s wide eyes as he struggled to try to turn his lamp on without exposing his back to the darkness. Falling to do so he tried to get his flashlight out of the drawer. “You see, Tooth, children may grow out of believing in Guardians who bring presents to children, take teeth during the night, or hide eggs, but in here in the darkness, their fear can defy all rational thought.”

While Evan still fought to get his flashlight, Tooth continued to search for Pitch in the darkness. A shadow passed over the window. Evan gave a small shriek but calmed himself, and Tooth heard him whisper “Just the curtains.”

“Build the fear…”

Something across the room toppled over making Evan shriek again and he finally managed to get his flashlight on. “Nothing there, nothing there,” He was repeating, as he guided the beam across the room “Nothing there, nothing the-”

“Do you hear foot steps…? I hear foot steps….” Pitch said and walked around the room, invisible, but still making noise.

Evan gasped when his light hit the closet door, it had been closed earlier, but it was creaking open now. The flashlight shook in Evan’s hand. “Pitch, Pitch stop, that’s enough you’ve scared him enough.” Tooth pleaded.

Evan started toward the closet, “There’s nothing in there.” He said, but the continued shaking of his flashlight said otherwise.

Tooth flew after him trying to convince him to not to go, but he couldn’t see or hear her so she resorted back to begging Pitch not to. She couldn’t help it, it was in her nature as a Guardian to protect the children. “Pitch don’t scare him any more, please, that’s enough, please, let’s just go he’s already terrified. Please, Pitch please!”

Evan opened his closet door, Tooth braced herself for the worst, but nothing happened. She looked over Evan’s shoulder as he searched the closet with his flashlight. “Just this once.”

Tooth turned with a gasp, Pitch stood at her side as if he had been there the whole time. Tooth was at a loss for words, the King of Nightmares had stopped a night terror simply because she had asked him, “Thank you.” She managed to say.

Pitch opened his mouth as if to respond when Evan turned around and Pitch was caught in the beam. he flinched trying to block the light, there was complete silence for several seconds before it dawned on everyone in the room that the boy could see Pitch.

The Guardian of Fear didn’t even do or say thing when the boy dropped his flashlight and ran from the room screaming, “Mommy! Mommy!”

Tooth put her hands to her mouth with surprise, but also partially to cover a smile. Pitch didn’t try to hide his amusement though, he laughed, a thrilling sound when it wasn’t filled with malice, Tooth had to note. It was contagious though, and she did allow herself to giggle with him until the sound of returning footsteps of Evan and his mother started to approach.

Pitch took Tooth’s hand, “Come on, it’s only funny until the parents come, then it’s just pathetic, you don’t want to see it.” Tooth felt a rush of cold, sort like the winds that Jack brought but…thicker. The next thing Tooth was aware they were out side.

Pitch let go of her hand, “It’ll be morning soon.” He said, “I think we have time for one more, what do you say Tooth, want to giving scaring a try?”

Tooth found herself laughing, genuinely amused at the idea. Her, the guardian of memory scarring a child? “No, Pitch, that’s your thing, but I think if I did I’d have pretty good idea of how to do it.”

So They Met On The Corner of Madison and Fifth (10636 words) by lechatnoir [AO3]

Chapters: 10/?
Fandom: Rise of the Guardians (2012), Guardians of Childhood - William Joyce
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Pitch Black/Toothiana
Characters: Pitch Black (Rise Of The Guardians), Toothiana, Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians), Nicholas St. North, North (Rise of the Guardians), E. Aster Bunnymund
Additional Tags: 1920s, Alternate Universe, AU, Prohibition Era

1920s AU, where Pitch is the owner of a Speakeasy and Tooth is his business partner /partner in crime. She dazzles them all and he works with smuggling the goods and escaping the law. She just wants to find somewhere to be free .