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Are we ever gonna talk about the fact that Simon thinks Baz forged Agatha’s handwriting in sixth year and made him wait for her out under the yew tree all night in the cold, but in actuality we know from Baz’s narration that he stopped fucking with Simon after the incident fifth year, meaning that Agatha straight up just stood Simon up?

chapter 61 from simon’s pov

And I’m holding his face

Because I want him to stop

I want him to stop saying all this

I want him to go back to Watford with me

I want to be home with him

His dark, grey eyes are

Dancing in the firelight

They’re beautiful, I think

Where did that thought come from?

He’s not beautiful.

He’s my enemy.

Okay, he is kind of beautiful.

Okay. Baz is beautiful and

It annoys the fuck out of me.

His mouth is so close

It’s sealed shut

And for a split second

I think about kissing him

I think about pushing his mouth open

With my own

I wonder if he’ll kiss me back

But then I remember

Who I am and who he is

And where we are

And I almost convince myself not to-

But he’s staring at my face

So intently

And for a second, unmistakably,

His eyes flick down to my lips.


I don’t want him to go

I don’t want him to leave

And so I do it.

I kiss Baz.

I kiss him like there’s no tomorrow

Because I want to kiss him

Because he’s beautiful

And because he isn’t a monster

Because he isn’t my enemy

And because it just feels right.

His mouth is cold, cold, cold

But this kiss is full of heat

It’s nothing like what I’ve

Ever felt with Agatha.

It’s hotter,

It’s colder,

It’s a hundred times more intense.

And it feels right.

I am kissing Baz.

And he is kissing me.

What are we starting?


How things change.

  • Pitch Perfect hardcore fans: Just make PP3 charming and lowkey and funny like the first movie, and maybe some hints at Bechloe?
  • Universal: Yes yes yes, we hear you ladies, we know what you want. We’re gonna set this movie on an exotic island with a bunch of sailors, and Fat Amy’s gonna do stunts involving fight training, and there are going to be explosions, Ruby Rose will be there, there will be all new baby Bellas, and Beca’s gonna get a new hot male love interest. Oh, and also, Maroon 5′s gonna be in it! YOU’RE WELCOME.
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>penny, with her newborn child in her arms:</b> simon isn't this just the most amazing thing you've ever seen?<p/><b>simon, thinking about the time baz conducted simons magic with the help of his own and spoke a nursery rhyme so powerful it banished a dragon:</b> uuhhh..... it's definitely up there<p/></p><p/></p>
Right Here (Snowbaz)

“Baz! I’m home!” Simon waltzes into his and Penny’s apartment (though Baz is rarely not there as well), slamming the door shut. He sets the groceries he picked up (a bag of scones from the bakery down the street) in the kitchen and goes to find his boyfriend.


“In here.” He follows the voice to their living room and finds Baz on the couch, hunched over the coffee table reading. He’s holding a pen between his lips and his eyebrows are furrowed in concentration. His hair is tied up and out of his eyes. Baz doesn’t look up, doesn’t seem to notice Simon until he is right in front of him, but obligingly moves back as Simon climbs onto his lap. Simon’s hands come up to his cheeks, fingers gently brushing back a few strands of hair Baz had missed. He gently presses a kiss to his lips and feels Baz smile and start to relax beneath him.

“I missed you,” he breathes.

Baz huffs a laugh, “Simon, you just saw me this morning.”

“Mmm,” Simon agrees, moving his lips down Baz’s jaw.

“Well if you missed me that much…” Baz trails off, grinding his hips up against Simon. Simon moves down to his neck, biting and sucking, slowly soothing the marks he leaves with his tongue. He loves Baz like this. Soft and pliable in his hands, melting into his touches. He’s moaning softly beneath his kisses, hands trailing loosely up and down his back before hooking his fingers into Simon’s belt loops and pulling him flush against him.

“How long til Penny’s home?” Baz asks, his voice rough.

Simon glances up, lips still moving against the pale expanse of Baz’s neck and shrugs distractedly.

Baz rolls his eyes and moves to push Simon away. Simon protests, sinking his teeth gently into his neck.

“Ow! Fuck, Simon.”

He can feel an apology in the way Simon immediately begins to sooth the spot with his lips and tongue. Baz sighs and leans his head back, enjoying his ministrations before trying again.

“Simon we can’t have a repeat of last week. That was mortifying. Besides, I have homework to do.” He gestures towards the book he had been reading, now lying abandoned on the floor where Simon probably knocked it over.

“Okay,” Simon says, his lips still just whispering over Baz’s neck. “I’ll just stay-” he kisses his neck “-right-” another kiss “-here.” Baz huffs and reaches down to grab his book, Simon shuffling slightly to stay on his lap.

“Really Simon?” Baz asks, a smile gracing his face.

“Mmhm” Simon mumbles, ignoring him in favor of his neck.

“Ugh, fine.” he complains, just for the sake of annoying his boyfriend. Baz honestly wouldn’t mind if they stayed like this forever.

Another bite on his neck tells him Simon heard his complaint.

“Ow! Stop it! Who’s the actual vampire here?”

Simon just smiles into his neck and Baz wraps his arms around the boy in his lap. Of all the futures Baz had imagined for himself, he never would have thought he could have this: the Chosen One cuddled up against him. Then again, he also never would have thought that Simon could have a neck fetish. But he wasn’t complaining.