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Okay new show idea! Badass women scientists!
Half of them are lab people half of them are not, or they all are, some of them like shooting people it’s cathartic.
The science is right! They’re saving the world.!
Maybe they have superpowers? Who knows?
Lots are LGBTQ+! One of them has tried being with another woman and found out they didn’t like it and the teams just like “that’s cool fam”.
Lots are questioning!
They nerd out a lot but it’s never shamed! They have Harry Potter movie marathons!
References to prior shows the actors have done.
Staring: Katie McGrath, Sasha Alexander, Chyler Leigh, Samara Wiley, Anna Kendrick, Britney Snow, Sarah Shahi, Amy Acker, Taraji P Henson, Sophia Walker, Elise Bauman, Natasha Negovanlis, Kaitlyn Alexander, Ellen Page, Sara Paulson, Laverne Cox!

Please add more actually lgbtq+ actors and more woc! It’s almost like I don’t see them often enough on prime time television?!

anonymous asked:

benji sings in his sleep.

• yes
• absolutely
• totally
• but you can’t like actually hear the words
• it’s just a lot of mumbling and humming
• it’s mostly Beyoncé
• a lot of Beyoncé
• his fave songs by her are “countdown” and “irreplaceable”
• fight me on this
• he loves Beyoncé ok
• anyways
• sometimes he falls asleep w his head in ur lap
• and you run your fingers through his hair
• and suddenly you just hear him humming “complicated” by avril lavine and ur like ?????

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Okay but hc's for meeting Benji through Becca and he's smitten and shook and all other kind of s words

oh my god ok listen

- beca meets you through the radio station. you’d dropped by to leave your internship papers and she was the only one around.

- of course, you start spending a lot of time around her because you both work there.

- one day, she walks in with these two boys. you recognize one as jesse, who you work with, but the other one you’ve only seen on campus.

- he has this dopey smile on his face and his eyes are wide in wonder.

- you come out from the back room to greet them and the mystery boy all but freezes in his tracks when he sees you.

- jesse and beca share a look because they Notice.

- beca smiles brightly at you. “[y/n]! this is benji, he’s part of the treblemakers and jesse’s roommate!”

- benji is stumbling over his words because fuck i’ve never seen someone this cute oh my god you’re so adorable what the hell i don’t want to embarrass myself

- jesse nudges him and he snaps out of it.

- his dorky grin gets even bigger as he bows slightly and says, “i’m benji, like beca said. it’s a pleasure to meet you!!”

- jesse and beca just know how absolutely smitten (by dodie) he is with you. they think it’s adorable.

- he gets caught on his words when he’s speaking to you and he blushes so much when you even glance in his direction.

- there’s no denying that in the ten minutes he’s known you, he’s already head over heels for you.

- right before he and jesse leave, jesse nudges him and nods his head towards you, and he ends up rushing out “heyiwaswonderingificouldhaveyournumber”

- beca covers her mouth to hold in a laugh and you look up at him with a confused look on your face. “what was that, benj?”

- fuck you’ve already got a cute nickname for me

- “i just-” he clears his throat and straightens his back “i was wondering if i could have your, uh.. number.”

- you giggle because this goofball is acting likes such a dork. you nod and lean over to write your phone number on a scrap piece of paper from the front desk.

- he nearly dies on the spot when you give him the slip.

- beca and jesse consider this one of their biggest achievements.

anonymous asked:

benji and the reader just hanging out and they have a small dance party and sing w each other

• jesse is probably out of their dorm room for a few days going on a trip w his political science class
• so benji invited u over for a sleepover !!!
• even tho his side of the room is crowded with magic toys and star wars action figures, it’s still really cozy
• he wears his sweat pants and over sized t shirt that just MAKES HIM LOOK EVEN SMALLER AND CUTE
• and you wear a pair of leggings and his hoodie
• you guys literally just curl up on his twin bed and watch movies all day
• until one of you are hungry
• so the two of you walk down to the meal hall, wearing your comfy clothes, and pick up some snacks
• you probably have this little moment of admiration for him, when he’s getting something out of the vending machine, because he’s just so cute and he looked so concentrated
• then on the way back you get this annoying pop song stuck in your head
• and without even realizing it you’re singing it softly to yourself on the walk back up to his dorm
• but you hear him harmonizing behind you and just
• U G H
• what a sweet baby boy
• this is what leads you to have a dance party in his room
• that and you needed something to do while you helped him clean up the mess u guys made w wrappers and empty soda cans
• and he does a little dad dance
• and he’s so lanky
• and then an old swing dancing song comes up on his Spotify
• and he took a swing dancing class in middle school so he teaches you
• and it’s just really cute
• but then a fun song comes on
• and you start dabbing and being really dorky to make him laugh
• so he does the nose scrunch
• you guys curl back up in his bed after and watch more movies
• but he rests his head on your shoulder so you can play w his soft curls and squish and nibble on his cute lilcheeks
• i love him