pitch pitch

Is this real?

Simon gets the surprise of his life when his roommate, Baz, asks him to pretend to be his boyfriend. Everything is going according to plan until the line of what’s real and what isn’t starts to blur, and they both have to make a decision.

For @snowbaz-feda

Also many thanks to @eroticgropefest for the beta!!

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Part 4 - Late night talks


When we’re in our bedroom we don’t pretend to be together, but sometimes I wish we did. That way, I could fool myself into thinking that this was real. But nothing is the same anymore, even here.

Sharing a room with the person you want most, while pretending to be his boyfriend, is torture. Every small touch feels like it’s going to turn me into ashes. And now, fucking Snow is sitting in my bed, with one of my pillows behind his back.

“I said we needed to talk after my shower, you didn’t have to wait in my bed Snow.“

He just shrugs “If I waited in my bed, I would be asleep already.”

I decide to sit next to him. “In light of something that is going to happen tomorrow, I feel the need to explain why I asked you to pretend to be my boyfriend.“

“What is going to happen tomorrow?”

“My father will be here to oversee the new school program for next year. Every year a member of the old families does it, and this year will be him.”

We’re both looking outside through the window now, looking at the night sky. “I won’t be seeing him much, but I need you to come with me when I do.”

“Oh…right” I’m not looking at him, but I can tell that he’s not comfortable with the idea.

“Snow… ” I say quietly, “ he’s the reason we made this deal, I need him to accept me for who I am…” I struggle to continue.

“A vampire?”

“No. Yes, that too. ” Snow turns to me then, but I ignore him. “I’m gay, and I’m fucking tired of him pretending that he doesn’t know, like it’s something that you can just wash away.“

He doesn’t say anything for awhile but he grabs my hand and squeezes it. It’s enough to make me relax. “I’m sorry that your father doesn’t accept you for who you are.”

I don’t know how long it’s been, but Simon falls asleep with his head on my shoulder. The last thing I want to do is move, but I need to feed, so I gently try to lay him down on the bed.

When I’m about to leave the room, he opens one eye and mumbles, “Yeah Baz… you should feed… so that you can kiss my neck, and I don’t have to worry about it, ” and gives me a sleepy smile.

I roll my eyes, “You’re an idiot, Snow,” but I can’t help but grin at him too.

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What she says: I’m fine
What she means: I can’t believe that fox is thinking of cancelling the perfect show that is Pitch. I get that it costs a lot of money but did they fucking advertise the show? No. A lot of my friends who are not on tumblr had no idea this show existed bc they haven’t seen one fucking ad. Side note I can’t fucking believe Jimmy Kimmel was on an ep where he interviewed Ginny (free publicity for his shitty show) but has yet to invite Kylie on his show to promote Pitch. The lack of promotion for this show is honestly astonishing. So many people love the show when they discover it and I can’t believe that fox is hiding this wholesome show. I hate this fucking world. I can’t live I can’t eat, none of my past activities interest me anymore. I just need one more season. And here you are asking me “how am I”.