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  • Stacie: So captain. Amy says you weren't in your room last night. *winks* What did you get up to?
  • Beca: Oh I'd rather not say.
  • Stacie: Come on give me all the details. You were with Chloe weren't you?
  • Beca: Yeah we just kinda talked about our feelings and stuff . And we kissed and held hands .*blushing* And we had a picnic in the park.
  • Stacie: Gross I thought you were getting some

𑁋 Baz. Llevas… Llevas vaqueros.𑁋

𑁋 Sí. Y tú llevas encima medio campo. 𑁋


Based off this post about “Jeans” and “Cowboys” being the same word in Spanish, the lovely Baz En Vaqueros is in physical art form on @dancingwdinosaurs‘s Redbubble! Along with many of her other beautiful Carry On art! Swing on over and check out all of her amazing prints!

(Also, this may or may not be my new bookmark for my Spanish edition)

Hello! For those who liked/reblogged my Bawson mug post a few days ago and wanted to know where I bought it: I’m from Brazil and I have a friend who makes all kinds of handmade products and crafts, illustrations aaand she’s on Etsy! To purchase cute Pitch mugs follow the links below:

Bawson Combo: 2 Mugs + 2 Bookmarks

Ginny Mug “I’m the boss.”

Bawson Mug

So i know theres been some debate on the possibility of a carry on sequel, and i decided to weigh in and say, i dont think she could get away with anything we wouldnt want. We are so invested in simon and baz at this point, and any successful author knows their audience well enough to understand what drives a story. In this case, there really would be no point in messing with baz and simons love life, it just wouldnt make sense. On the other hand, theres still a lot of issues with the world of mages that still havent been addressed. How did the old families deal with the mages death? Where is any authority coming from? What about the magical creatures? Simom and baz would almost inextricably be involved in the aftermath of it all, but simon and baz resolved the majority of their pressing issues already, at least with each other. For sure, a sequel would delve further into their personal issues, but i can only see that ending in them coming to terms with themselves more. Alright, id be mad too if simon and baz ended up with unecessary angst just for a sequel, but i dont thinkthats where its going. Simon, baz, and penny are a team now, and if theres a sequel, my guess would be theyd have a whole new magical challenge to face. (Whether simon gets his magic back or not, but thats a theory of mine for another day.)

swim au

late, again. my apologies. I think they’re will be about 15 chapters, so its nearing the end my friends

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