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  • Pitch Perfect hardcore fans: Just make PP3 charming and lowkey and funny like the first movie, and maybe some hints at Bechloe?
  • Universal: Yes yes yes, we hear you ladies, we know what you want. We’re gonna set this movie on an exotic island with a bunch of sailors, and Fat Amy’s gonna do stunts involving fight training, and there are going to be explosions, Ruby Rose will be there, there will be all new baby Bellas, and Beca’s gonna get a new hot male love interest. Oh, and also, Maroon 5′s gonna be in it! YOU’RE WELCOME.

i think its fair to say most of the fandom have come to terms with the fact that bechloe ain’t ever gonna be canon but i s2g if they force another hetero romance with beca and some new guy after they’ve just ditched jesse it will be the biggest middle finger towards this fandom which for the most part doubles up as the fandom who are genuinely invested in the franchise

Producers what in the blue hell are you fucking doing!!!!

 “They seem to be taking it in a different direction.” - Skylar Astin

It’s not about Bechloe anymore. It’s about this fucking Theo asshole.

THIS IS NOT WHAT WE WERE EXPECTING!!!! I’m so fucking pissed! Oh! And we’re adding Greece into the picture? What, Denmark wasn’t big enough?

Fat Amy and Bumper? What’s that, you ask. It’s nothing. Apparently, Amy gets with a woman. Yes, the crazy Tasmanian who had multiple boyfriends in PP1 and got with Bumper in PP2. Yep, that’s her. 

Beca and Jesse? Oh yeah. They went out together for two movies but then we all thought that Bechloe would happen once we found out Skylar wasn’t in the third. But then, all of a sudden a guy named Theo comes along. Beca’s new love interest. Where did Jesse go? We don’t know. But Beca becomes the awkward stuttering person she was in PP2 with Kommisar only this time with Theo. 

I’m guessing they forgot about how Beca’s character was in the first. She rejected Jesse throughout out the movie. Bring that Beca back. 


Look, I would have honestly been happy with Jeca if I had too for PP3, because at least it’s been established from the first movie. It’s not great, but it at least gives the people who ship them something to look forward too. 

But, I swear to god, if they give Beca a new male love interest when Bechloe has literally been dangled in front of the fanbase for years, I’m gonna fuckin’ riot.

What pains me the most is that they know this is going to kill both fandoms.


And why the hell the cast agreed to make this movie? unless something cool happens like jessie comes back or bechloe is canon (WHICH I’M PRETTY SURE NONE OF THIS THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN) this movie is going to be shit, they ruined a good franchise just because this guys can’t get they heads out of their asses. 

* possible spoilers

Sooooo regarding the PP3 spoilers, do we know if the source is actually reputable?? Where did she get her info, or is it all assumptions? I refuse to believe the rumours, just too bizarre and self-destructive to be realistic, why on earth would they alter one popular, entertaining couple (bumper/fat Amy) for a tacky changeover to amy having a relationship with Ruby Rose, having absolutely no prior hint to Amy being anything other than hetero, DESPITE the fact that a perfect opportunity for a wlw relationship existed with Beca and Chloe who were drowning in subtext and tension for 2 movies prior, and beca also having a semi popular and tolerable relationship with a likeable, entertaining male character in Jesse, to have her fawning over a random new male love interest, AND getting rid of the Trebles, who were also well liked, to replace them with a bunch of male randoms?? I’m sorry but what exactly is this hoping to achieve?? Screen ops for cameos? You would want to have a death wish for your career to produce this, honestly sometimes I just can’t believe how much money people are paid to write utter nonsense

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Seriously, at this point I would prefer Beca and Jesse being together and having aca-children…They are going to destroy a great franchise :’(  

What about all those hints from the cast, and that IG of Brittany mentioning Beca.  Anna said “Beca and Chloe are total lesbians for each other” “this movie is for that hardcore fans”. What about that support of Trish liking all that Bechloe tweets?… What about the official account tagging #bechloe?….

What about all that genuine feelings that we all got with the first movie?!… We are going to lost all of them! This movie is going to shit! 

*I have a little bit of hope that all of that was only bullshit rumors

No lie, if they fuck with both fandoms (Bechloe & Jeca),  I seriously will be done with anything Pitch Perfect related. It’s so disrespectful to the fans that they would do an 180-degree turn and give Beca a new love interest. Like, what the fuck? What is the sense with that! You are literally going against anything that happened within the first two. I don’t care if Bechloe doesn’t happen (It still would be awesome..), mention Beca and Jesse still being together for all I care but for fucks sake don’t go behind the fans backs and give Beca a new love interest. And if “Theo” is the new love interest. Well, he can fuck off. 

No! If they screw this up, the producers and writers can go fuck themselves because they will lose a shit ton of fans and it will only be their own fault. But let’s face it, they’re only in it for the money they’ll earn. Not for the fans… Even if we made Pitch Perfect as successful as it is.