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my friends tell me i look like anna kendrick haha



Salespitch: Not to sound too sappy, but it really helps to try and keep things in perspective. There are a lot more important things in life than a few bad sales calls, like people who love you for who you are—


Pitch Forward: Perfect! What did I say about inside voices?

Pitch Black: Aw crap, Squirt beat my high score? That took me three weeks!

Pitch Perfect: You been dethroned, Tall Dark and Spooky! Your queen demands your popcorn!

Sales Patter: (amused sarcasm) It’s so nice to have a quiet evening in my own home. So are we ready to play Settlers of Canteran or should I finish this book?

Pitch Perfect: I call green! (bolts from room)

Salespitch: …Aaand who are just as crazy as you.


(A/N: This was fun, both the picture and the conversation below. XD Both of them pretty well encapsulate my favorite things about my own family: the casual hanging out and sense of togetherness, and the sporadic episodes of chaos. FUN FACT: It took me roughly 8.5 hours to color this thing. I hate figuring out color schemes sooooo much. XD; Thanks to everyone who hung out with me on my livestream and kept me going! ~River Babble)


Black: Uncle Rocky taught me a lot growing up, so the sunglasses are important to me. That’s why I wear them so much.

Perfect: Wait, that’s why? I thought you just wore them all the time ‘cause they make you look cool.

Black: *throat clearing noise* That doesn’t hurt, either.


(A/N: Thanks for the asks, Anon and @q-physicsBackgrounds take FOREVER, but it was worth it! I like how this one came out. =) That may be the cutest I ever have or ever will draw Pitch Perfect, so treasure it. TREASURE IT.

We’re getting close to 500 followers, you guys! Only about 30 to go! I have a special thing in store when that comes around, so keep your eyes peeled. River out! ~River Babble)

(P.S. Special credit for Uncle Rocky’s name goes to a suggestion from @falkenlied! THANK YE SIR)

anonymous asked:

Thoughts on BeChloe possibly becoming cannon in PP3?

To be completely honest with you I don’t think it’s going to happen.

It’s true that the cast and directors etc. of the movie acknowledge our fandom, and play a little with the idea on social media posts or in snippets of the movie. They aren’t obliged to do that at all, but they do it anyways. They give us a little material so we can create beautiful art and stories with our imagination inside our community. And maybe in PP3 they’ll give us little moments again; like the tent scene in PP2.

But overall, we have to keep in mind that the average movie ticket buyer doesn’t even know our ship is a thing. Many people in the Bechloe fandom don’t seem to realise it, but we’re are a minority among the fans of this huge franchise.

They never promised us anything, so we shouldn’t expect anything.
That being said, I’m very excited for the movie, and I’m even more excited for the new fan-made material it will inspire :)

When Did This Song Become A Marathon? - a mix of those songs we’ve all tried to sing by ourselves at least once

man up - the book of mormon // tonight (quintet) - west side story // there! right there! - legally blonde // carrying the banner - newsies // totally fucked - spring awakening // a man’s gotta do - dr. horrible’s sing-along blog // what is this feeling? - wicked // since u been gone - pitch perfect // finale ultimo (don’t feed the plants) - little shop of horrors // what would we do without you?/side by side by side - company // la vie boheme - rent // la resistance - south park

bonus track: la vie boheme b - rent



(A/N: It took me FOREVER to come up with a good script for this one. Then my brother gave me the idea for panel 4 and it was like, “Oh my word yes good.” XD Thanks for your patience, @shadowwalker9000!)

(Wings are very useful for many things, like attempting to hide your flaming embarrassment as you shamble off-screen.)