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my friends tell me i look like anna kendrick haha


Pitch Perfect Meme

[2/9] Outfits - Chloe’s finale outfit

Looking for blogs to follow!

If you post any of the things listed below, like, reblog, or follow me and I will check out your blog :) Thanks!

-Once Upon A Time (especially Regina but I will follow any OUAT blog)
-The 100
-Grey’s Anatomy
-Pitch Perfect
-Teen Wolf
-How To Get Away With Murder
-Rookie Blue
-The Flash
-Criminal Minds
-Game of Thrones
-Agents of Shield

List of shit I want from my fandoms

~ More Danny Lawrence

~ Ell


~ To know. how the fuck. all of the people in the 100. are feeding themselves.

~ Lexa kicking ass

~ Lexa kissing Clarke

~ Lawstein sharing a frame alone again

~ Tony Sawicki aka my precious snowflake child

~ Helena to be safe

~ Firefly

~ Dr. Horrible 2

~ canon Rizzles

~ Daenerys Targaryen to assume the iron throne

~ Mockingjay p2 to say fuck it to Peeta/Katniss and any semblance of canon and make it Joniss af

~ Bechloe

~ Monty to never die ever ever ever.

~ Cartinelli

~ Joan and Meg making out in every single episode of TMFL


~ A female professor in TMFL

~ Domestic Hollstein

~ Cosima not dying

~ Sarah not dying

~ Helena not dying

~ Rachel not dying

~ No clones dying

~ Not one

~ Nope