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my friends tell me i look like anna kendrick haha

ID #10099

Name: Sanne
Age: 17
Country: The Netherlands

Hey, I’m Sanne and I always thought penpals were awesome but I never took the chance of actually try it. However when a friend of mine started with penpals I wanted to try it too.

One of my hobbies is reading as many books as I can. Also I like to watch movies especially romantic comedies but sometimes I like action too. Some of my favorite movies are both Pitch Perfect films, Crazy stupid love, Grown ups and the Harry Potter films.

Some things I really like are the smell of fresh brownies and other sweet foods ;), but also playing volleyball.

My favourite music is kinda everything that is super popular at that moment, like the standard pop songs, but also cover songs from the pitch perfect movies and everything of Little Mix.

Most of my time I spend at school and studying for school but when I have time I spend a lot of time with my friends. I can be a little awkward and weird sometimes but I guess my friends don’t mind. If one of my friends makes a pun I’m laughing all the time because I love those jokes.

Preferences: i would like to talk to someone who has the same age or older and other than that I dont really have any preferences :)


(A/N: It took me FOREVER to come up with a good script for this one. Then my brother gave me the idea for panel 4 and it was like, “Oh my word yes good.” XD Thanks for your patience, @shadowwalker9000!)

(Wings are very useful for many things, like attempting to hide your flaming embarrassment as you shamble off-screen.) 

anonymous asked:

Thoughts on BeChloe possibly becoming cannon in PP3?

To be completely honest with you I don’t think it’s going to happen.

It’s true that the cast and directors etc. of the movie acknowledge our fandom, and play a little with the idea on social media posts or in snippets of the movie. They aren’t obliged to do that at all, but they do it anyways. They give us a little material so we can create beautiful art and stories with our imagination inside our community. And maybe in PP3 they’ll give us little moments again; like the tent scene in PP2.

But overall, we have to keep in mind that the average movie ticket buyer doesn’t even know our ship is a thing. Many people in the Bechloe fandom don’t seem to realise it, but we’re are a minority among the fans of this huge franchise.

They never promised us anything, so we shouldn’t expect anything.
That being said, I’m very excited for the movie, and I’m even more excited for the new fan-made material it will inspire :)

List of shit I want from my fandoms

~ More Danny Lawrence

~ Ell


~ To know. how the fuck. all of the people in the 100. are feeding themselves.

~ Lexa kicking ass

~ Lexa kissing Clarke

~ Lawstein sharing a frame alone again

~ Tony Sawicki aka my precious snowflake child

~ Helena to be safe

~ Firefly

~ Dr. Horrible 2

~ canon Rizzles

~ Daenerys Targaryen to assume the iron throne

~ Mockingjay p2 to say fuck it to Peeta/Katniss and any semblance of canon and make it Joniss af

~ Bechloe

~ Monty to never die ever ever ever.

~ Cartinelli

~ Joan and Meg making out in every single episode of TMFL


~ A female professor in TMFL

~ Domestic Hollstein

~ Cosima not dying

~ Sarah not dying

~ Helena not dying

~ Rachel not dying

~ No clones dying

~ Not one

~ Nope

When Did This Song Become A Marathon? - a mix of those songs we’ve all tried to sing by ourselves at least once

man up - the book of mormon // tonight (quintet) - west side story // there! right there! - legally blonde // carrying the banner - newsies // totally fucked - spring awakening // a man’s gotta do - dr. horrible’s sing-along blog // what is this feeling? - wicked // since u been gone - pitch perfect // finale ultimo (don’t feed the plants) - little shop of horrors // what would we do without you?/side by side by side - company // la vie boheme - rent // la resistance - south park

bonus track: la vie boheme b - rent