pitch perfect (2012)

Teen Movies for the Masses


- American Graffiti (1973)

- Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

- Saturday Night Fever (1977)

- Animal House (1978)

- Grease (1978)

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- Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

- Footloose (1984)

- The Breakfast Club (1985)

- Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

- Heathers (1988)

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- Empire Records (1995)

- Clueless (1995)

- The Craft (1996)

- Drive me Crazy (1999)

- Cruel Intentions (1999)

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- Mean Girls (2004)

- Saved! (2004)

- Juno (2007)

- Superbad (2007)

- Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008)

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- Easy A (2010)

- Pitch Perfect (2012)

- The DUFF (2015)

- Ladybird (2017)

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(this will probably be part 1 of many)

The Timeline of a Theory

Tuck Everlasting (1808): The Tucks drink from the spring.

Tuck Everlasting (1893): Jesse Tuck befriends Winnie Foster and gives her a small bottle of spring water. He also collects a second bottle of water which he takes with him, should he come across another partner in crime.

1897-1899: While on one of the Tuck family 10 year breaks Jesse goes to New York where he starts a new life. He become good friends with Morris Delancey and eventually gives him the bottle of spring water. But they eventually have a falling out. They fight and Oscar Delancey steps in (unaware of the fact that Jesse can’t be hurt) and “wounds” Jesse. Of course Jesse has to go along with it. He starts limping and gets himself the nickname “Crutchie”

Newsies (1899): Working as a newsboy now, Jesse ends up being best friends with the strike leader Jack Kelly. Sometime after the strike is over Morris and Jesse reconnect. Not as friends, but because they know they’re all they’ve got in their never ending life.

1903: During the next Tuck family meet up Jesse brings Morris with him. The Tuck family was taken aback at first, but eventually welcomes Morris into their family. Morris and Angus end up growing very close and form a strong father-son bond. 

1994: Over the years Angus and Mae had their difficulties and did eventually split up. Morris and Angus generally traveled together during their 10-year breaks. During one of the breaks Angus and Morris decided to start fresh in a new location with new names. So they changed their names to Larry and Connor.

2008-2009: Larry meets a woman named Cythia and they fell in love, got engaged, and then married. Both had kids from a previous “relationship” (Larry had Connor and Cynthia had Zoe), but each treated the unrelated child as if they were their own. Larry never told Cynthia the truth.

Dear Evan Hansen (2010-2011): Connor knew he couldn’t stick around much longer because he wouldn’t be aging. Larry could stay since he was older, but he knew Connor was right. So Larry helped Connor fake a suicide (he did the hard things because it was the right thing). (Entire plot of Dear Evan Hansen plays out.)

Pitch Perfect (2012-2013): After taking a gap year to work at The Pottery Barn, Evan Hansen began attending college near home. However, his lie eventually came out. He was publicly reprimanded for it to the point that he just had to get away. So he opted for out-of-state schooling at Barden University in Georgia. But in order to make sure he wouldn’t be ridiculed for what he had done he started going by a different name: Benji Applebaum


Pitch Perfect (2012) au where Beca and Chloe are girlfriends and Chloe constantly just wants to support her grumpy and very talented singing nerd- oh wait

While I was making this photoset, I thought about which scenes to use. Ultimately, I narrowed it down to nine scenes from the first Pitch Perfect movie and JUST the first movie alone. While it was frustrating, these highlights illustrate just how much Chloe actively tries to make Beca a part of the Bellas; a part of the family. It’s consistent and contributes so much to Beca’s character development, informing our own understanding of both characters.

From the moment Chloe first meets Beca, she knows - and just what she knows (is she in love? is she harbouring a crush? is she certain that Beca Mitchell is the one to bring the Bellas back into the spotlight?) isn’t immediately clear to us. Gradually, however, you get to see moments like these that give you a little insight into Chloe’s character and how much she really cares for Beca.


Pitch Perfect (2012) dir. Jason Moore

anonymous asked:

How would you arrange the 3 Pitch perfect movies the number 1 being the movie having the best bechloe scene number 3 being still good but we need moree hahaha and if you can provide gifs or reasons that would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

This is a great question because I think about this at length every time I do a marathon of all three movies. I also took the time to make a few gifs because I think there are some really great key moments here.

I would have to say - if Iโ€™m understanding your question correctly - that Iโ€™d rank the movies as such, in terms of shipping: PP2 - PP1 - PP3. There are some days where I genuinely think, hm, PP1 - PP2 - PP3.

So, Iโ€™ll just go through the movies in chronological order because I think that works equally well. This also is a really long post, so Iโ€™m just gonna do the first movie as opposed to all three movies in one post. Iโ€™ll continue with the other two movies in separate posts down the line.

**all gifs in this post by me

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