pitch perfect!*

I can think of 4 celebs that have openly supported fans of femslash noncanon ships(and even supported the ship itself in some cases).

Anna Kendrick- Bechloe(Pitch Perfect Trilogy)

Katie McGrath- Supercorp/Karlena(Supergirl)

Lana Parrilla- SwanQueen(Once Upon A Time)

Jameela Jamil- Teleanor/Elhani(The Good Place)

Your fave could NEVER.

Fat Amy: There’s ten of us. That means one of us is probably a lesbian.

Aubrey: Amy, we’re in an all female a capella group. We’re all lesbians.

…well, except for Chloe and Stacie. They’re obviously bi.

Fat Amy: Wait. So you’re saying that even you’re a lesbian?

Aubrey: I’m ready to kick anybody out of the sisterhood for sleeping with a Treble. Also, I have this huge urge to open a camp out in the wilderness.

Fat Amy: Yeah… that’s pretty gay.

  • Beca: The Fat Amy I know isn’t fit to be responsible for anyone, including and especially herself. I once saw her drink an entire jar of marinara sauce for dinner.
  • Beca: Chloe, she opened up a new jar of marinara sauce and drank it like it was a thing normal people do. It was unholy.
  • Beca: And then I asked her what the hell she was doing, and she said, and I quote, “It’s basically a smoothie.”
  • Chloe: I mean, technically... She's not wrong?