pitch perfect!*

Beca:I-I don’t know Chloe. I just-

Chloe:You’re scared because I want you? I want to love you and kiss you and comfort you. But I also really want to touch you and make you feel amazing.


Chloe:I want to do more than just force you to watch shitty movies in a dorm room. I want to make you happy Becs. I want us to go out on real dates. We can have anniversary’s, we can celebrate our birthdays and Christmas together. I’ll make you blueberry pancakes in the morning after my run. You’ll call me a nerd whenever I tell you how beautiful you are. Then when we have sex it would be so mind blowing. I know you’ve thought about it.


Chloe:Why does it scare you then Beca?

Beca:Because I’ve never had that before. But I really, really want it.

Imagine, like, a pitch perfect movie, but there’s this one singer like, who knows literally no pop music. They can sing but, like, they’re totally useless in the riff offs, and they get teased and made fun of cause they’re the biggest musical theatre nerd. Except at the end of the movie, the riff off category is ‘songs from musicals’ and everyone’s like ughhh whatt but that one kid is like OH MY GOD YES YOU BITCES BETTER BE READY and everyones like eww can’t we have a different category and then they start with something rlly jazzy like ‘hey big spender’ and ppl are impressed cause they thought all musical theatre music was rlly ugh and boring and uncool. And all the other teams are rlly struggling to even keep up and they’re all doing really predictable obvious stuff from disney films n stuff, and even the kid’s own team are like, almost lost and they’re just following cause this guy HAS FKN GOT THIS. and (s)he’s winning so good and is just DOIN IT. and then they sing like ‘so big/so small’ or something and they get to ‘is there another truck in the driveway? A truck that will take mommy away?’ and people are like Oh. Oh no. OH NO I DIDN’T COME TO THIS RIFF OFF TO HAVE THE PACIFIC OCEAN COME OUT MY EYES and from then on no one makes fun of them ever again

and I don’t think you understand how much I want this to be real cause tbh that kid would literally be me.