You asked for it, I delivered! (finally) The second part to the Girlfriends gifset. (Part 1)
I  profoundly apologize if I have butchered any of your ships in the process, do consider that I don’t actually watch some of these shows.

And a special shout-out to my amazing girl delphinecosmier for helping me to come up with the names. You rock, buddy!

What if the cast accidentally calls each other by their character names all the time. Like Kendrick will finish a dance routine and then turn to Brittany saying “Chlo can you- Shit, I’m sorry.” Or Camp seeing Kendrick trip on set and Camp laughs saying “Nice job, Becs- Wait, wait no. I meant Kendrick.” Hailee says something and Kendrick replies with, “Em, I was- AHHH.” Just anything like that would be hilarious. Imagine one of them having a deep conversation with another cast member and right at the end they call them by their character name and the cast member just meekly corrects them.

Metamorphosis (Tsunami II)

A/N: Holy shit, this took me ages but here it finally is: the SEQUEL TO TSUNAMI, a BECOMMISSAR FANFIC. It’s way longer than I thought it would be, and also less smutty (sorry!) but I hope you’ll still enjoy it (and I am willing to write another sequel to this of there’s a demand for it).

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Super fluffy Bechloe Lovechild prompt: Emily needs a haircut but she doesn't want one, so she tries to channel her inner badass that Beca is sure she passed on to her, to argue her way out of it

ok here we goooooo:

Chloe has known for a long time that her wife was stubborn. She has also known that her daughter would quickly inherit this feature, she just thought it wouldn’t happen till Emily was a teenager. She was wrong. At the little and small age of six, the tiny child will do anything to get out of whatever her moms told her to do, and trying out her best emotionless stare. Chloe liked to call this her, “Beca badass look,” because surely this was passed down by her other mom. 

Today is the day Emily will need to go get a haircut and it is Beca’s day to watch her. Chloe is at work, and Beca has no idea how to get her daughter to go to the hair salon with her.

“Emily honey, your hair is getting too long, you need to get it cut,” she said this in an apprehensive voice, unsure if her daughter would be cooperative. 

“No, mom I like it long,” she said this without even looking up from her ipad, playing some mindless game.

Beca silently cursed herself for buying her daughter that ipad and quickly trying to compose herself, to try to win her daughter over.

“How about if you get your haircut, after we’ll go get ice cream.”

Without a second thought she looked up and said, “We had ice cream last night I’m good.”

Beca sighed, deciding it was time to call her wife and admit defeat. Chloe answered on the second ring not even saying hello,

“She won’t get her haircut, will she?” 

“How do you know that’s why I’m calling, maybe I just wanted to say hello to my beautiful wife,” said Beca knowing full well Chloe would not believe her.

“Oh okay so, you’re on your way to the hair salon?” The redhead said in a sarcastic tone.

“Well um no-” Before the DJ could say anything more Chloe interpreted her.

“Hun, I love you but I have to get to work and lets face it, it’s your fault she’s like this, I’m sure you can get her to come around!” And with that she hung up.

Beca slouched down on the couch next to her daughter and sighed. Not sure if she was really even cut out for this “mom stuff.” This was Chloe’s forte not hers. She did better with playing around and having fun, not this discipline and trying to get Emily to listen part. Suddenly Beca get an idea. She turned to her side and began to tickle her daughter. Emily immediately began to giggle and shout, “Mom! No stop!” between her fits of laughter. 

Eventually Beca stopped, and hugged her daughter.

“You know sweetheart I love you a lot and just want to take good care of you. Do you think you can help your mommy and let me take you to get you haircut? We don’t have to get much off, just a trim.”

Emily nodded and said, “Okay,” in her sweet little tone, then ran off to get her shoes on. 

The brunette smiled at herself, for the first today thinking make she could do this mom stuff.


Finally after a long day of work Chloe came home. Delighted to find her two favorite girls on the couch, snuggled up, and sleeping soundly. She also noticed, Emily’s hair was cut. She smiled to herself and kissed them both on the top of their heads, and quietly putting a blanket over them.