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Why there isn't going to be a second ROTG (broken down-ish)

*intense sobbing*

Okay guys, here’s the deal. (if you didn’t already know) the reason there won’t be a second movie is because there are multiple things standing in their way.

For one; religiously speaking the movie strays away from Christianity in the sense that they do not revolve Christmas and Easter around Jesus and that pissed a bunch of people off. So for the sake of making the most amount of people happy, they probably won’t make a second movie.

Secondly it wasn’t the biggest hit for Dreamworks. The fandom got steadily bigger as the years went by, but during it’s showing it wasn’t a smash hit.

DreamWorks was planning on doing another movie quickly after the first one released, but because of these two things (and other ones, but those were the two main reasons) they couldn’t make a new one, even though there is a petition to have a second movie (which I will put a link to later if you’re interested) it’s LACKING in signatures.

I know that the chance for a second movie is very very small, but like, I can dream 😂

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God, after that edging scene I really want Pitch to make Jack do it to *himself*. See how well he can really obey in The Room.

Haha, you mean Pitch making Jack edge himself? No chance, man. Lol. Jack is so far from being that level of trained submissive, and being set up for failure in the room would not do so well for Jack at this stage of his character growth. Obedience can only really work within the confines of a character’s growth and experience, and at Jack’s ‘level’ he’s doing a great job.

Pitch is only asking Jack for things he knows Jack can achieve if he puts his mind to it (i.e. removing his pants in a restricted position), or taking things he is fairly sure Jack has to give with some mild limit pushing. The Dom/sub game of ‘obey me via self-control’ is a pretty ‘high level’ game tbh because of the level of trust it requires, in that it takes a lot of Dom awareness of the sub’s limits (which Pitch is frank about knowing he doesn’t have yet) and a sub’s awareness of his own physical body (Jack’s awareness of his body is terrible). And the Dom/sub game of ‘I’m going to set you up to fail because I have all the power here and I just want to punish you because I can’ would absolutely shatter Jack’s psyche.

(Though I think Alex would handle it pretty well if Elliott played that later, lol).

I mean it’s fiction and I suppose I could write it, I just…play within how I imagine their characters are progressing, which limits where I can go and what I can do, still having fun within their boundaries though. :D

Pitch will just have to imagine it and jerk off to it. (Honestly, I’m sure he has, he has a fertile imagination).


☀︎ At the beach ☀︎

Jack: Can’t deal with the heat, but was forced by the Guardians to come along (he doesn’t want to admit it, but he’s having a good time)

North & Sandy: Sandy was supposed to help build insane sand sculptures but fell asleep on the job

Tooth & Bunny: Taking a beach volleyball match against some punks way too seriously

Pitch & Emily Jane: “Crocs might be ugly, but they’re very comfortable”

+ Bonus Emily Jane & Jack, because I have the feeling they’d get along wonderfully

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How do you think SAL Jack and TGATNW Jack would be if they switched places? Or SAL Pitch and TGATNW Pitch?

Are they switching into the SALverse? Or the TGATNW universe? Or both?

Honestly, not really sure. TGATNW Jack would probably shut down if he was switched into a new universe with new rules that seemed to have very little structure or discipline. His entire life has been constrained to the point where expressing himself and so on has been narrowed to fit that ‘bandwidth’ of societal control.

SALverse Jack would probably have been ‘fuck this shit’ a long time ago and tried to destroy the Tsar and been killed in the process, lol.

And I mean, like, if you switched them at birth, there’d be pretty much no difference, because I’m more a fan of nurture over nature. Their personalities aren’t embedded into them at birth, but shaped by experience.

So I’m imagining a situation where one is yanked out of their universe and a swap happens. It’d be disastrous for both Jacks. I’m certain SALverse Jack would just not be equipped to handle the TGATNW reality at all, especially if he went with his centre still being Fun. He’d be screwed. And TGATNW Jack maybe wouldn’t shut down forever? But he’d lose his sense of purpose pretty much entirely. Especially if he felt he had nothing to fight for anymore. Since he’s prone to depressive episodes already, that could be it for him. The Guardians would have to be really supportive, and of course that would freak him out.

TGATNW Pitch on the other hand is pretty much who I imagined SALverse Pitch as being. There’s not huge differences between them both except time. SALverse is the ‘well I’m really zen now that I’ve lost everything aside from that deep down bitterness and grief but whatever I should be dead and I’m not so I’ll try and make the most of it I suppose…’ version of TGATNW Pitch, lol.

And, vice versa, I think SALverse Pitch would handle the TGATNW universe pretty fine. He’s not easily shocked. He’s seen a very great deal, and there’s minimal differences between their characters. The main differences are that TGATNW Pitch had Fyodor and Seraphina is still alive, and also, that SALverse Pitch can read fears (TGA Pitch can’t) and lost Seraphina. But not huge variations in life experiences to create massive abysses between each of them.

I can almost imagine either Pitch being like: ‘Oh, I’m in a different world now?  Typical. Do I have a weapon? All right. I’m going to lie down after making some tea. You do have tea, don’t you? Then I’ll be fine.’

Whereas Jack - as the lead narrator - I wanted him to have some really fundamental differences in nature while still somehow expressing what I feel is his essential self (or is progressing to what I feel that is) in TGA vs SAL (because otherwise I’d be boooored). So he is a rigid, inflexible character with an inability to adapt to new situations with ease or grace, esp. at the moment.

Might change by the end of the story though. Jack now vs. Jack later would handle things differently. Jack at the beginning of the story vs. Jack now would handle things differently.

Okay I need to stop before I talk about how Jack last week and Jack this week would handle things differently compared to SALJack last week and SALJack six months ago and SALJack two years ago and so on. :D It’ll break my brain and you’ll be left with like a hundred permutations in which most Jacks probably still couldn’t handle it.

(I honestly think SAL Jack is just that confident in his powers at the moment that he’d go off half-cocked to destroy an ‘obvious’ dictator, and he would absolutely not survive it).

Not sure why Jack is glowing, but he is. Not sure why Pitch likes it, but he does…

I can never decide if I actually ship this or not, but I do like the dynamic between these guys. The sketch for this is from forever ago and I finally did something with it! Somehow it reminds me of an epic blackice fic I read a while back. From Darkness We Rise. Very long, very involved, and definitely an awesome read. Mad love to @not-poignant Let’s just say it was inspired by that one ^^;