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Voice actors terrify me man, they have too much power.

Like for example this guy is Sawamura Eijun

He constantly shouts and has exactly 0.01% chill, but also shares the voice of this guy

Who is fairly quiet until provoked, and is also the voice of 

THIS GUY, who we all know as freckled jesus. All hail the entire half of him that’s still left in some titan’s spitball somewhere. Don’t even get me started on other voice actors. Oh, Miyuki from Daiya no Ace? Sure he’s cute look at him!

Sassy motherfucker with a penchant of picking on Eijun. But wait! HE ALSO VOICES THIS ASSHOLE 

AND THIS HOT HOT TATER TOT (readthemangapls)

Then there’s this guy’s voice actor okay look at him. Precious pink mophead awhh.

Who is going to voice this guy (hellyeahalrighthelfuckinalright)

And we all know his voice better as THIS FUCKIN’ GUY

*unravel playing in the distance*


 A ‘we are the quiet ones’ drabble based on a certain GC conversation yesterday regarding Liam as a child’s football coach…


Zayn wanders across the pitch to sit at the stand closest to where Liam is teaching, sitting in a row behind several of the parents watching their children take part in the football club.

It’s chilly, something icy in the air that makes Zayn shiver into his jacket while he watches the winter sun shy away behind a thick canopy of clouds. He pulls a pair of worn gloves over his cold hands, squinting through the sharp beams of light tracing the football pitch to watch Liam interact with the large group of children.

There’s a huge grin on his face, eyes crinkly around the edges as he watches them pass the ball back and forth, practising.

Zayn notices one of the boys standing along the sideline, hands tucked into his pockets and head downcast to the floor. It reminds him of the times his baba would take him to sports classes when he was younger — standing outside of the crowd to avoid playing and mingling with the other kids.

His heart warms as he sees Liam go over to the boy, crouching down in front of him to level to his height. Zayn can just about make out the concerned pout pressed over Liam’s expression, unable to hear what he says over the high pitched squeals and giggles from the other children still playing.

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i feel like i’m not talking about mr. greg as well as i should because, i mean it, this is probably my new favorite episode of this show. i guess i’m still at awe. it really was way better than i ever thought it would be

Pale Bondage : Innocent fun, or filthy perversion?

The soft touch of silk rope on your skin, the pressure of a few well-placed knots  on your back. You strain against the bindings, but it’s a fruitless endeavor - you’re too well-bound, and the figure looming over you too dedicated to controlling your senses. With no other course of action, you relax into your pile, sufficiently calmed – wait a minute, pile?

Bondage is enough of a topic of contention within concupiscent quadrants for its function in hindering physical capabilities - many politiciannihilators have voiced concerns that physical restraint-based activities weakens the mind, the resolve, and the body.

“Not only does [bondage] give the bound troll an excuse not to fight back,” said intimacy trend moniterrorist Mindzi Vleten in a modesty conference last week, “but it also weakens the senses of the partner who is in control. They count on the binds holding, rather than their own strength and capability of keeping their partner subdued. [Bondage] is a cheap cop out for the insecure and physically demure,” Vleten concluded, clearly disagreeing with the activity’s recent popularity in sexual situations.

Certainly, we at Paleboy Magazine can see the merit of these judgments – while we, personally, believe that relationships are meant to be conducted in an individual and unique manner, we can also see the point being made in relation to concupiscent interactions. Pitch and flushed courting are meant to be dances of balance and respect, and binding can tilt the odds in favor of one over the other.

What about pale situations, though?

The primary appeal of bondage is that it forces one partner into a submissive or immobile position. Generally, one’s first thoughts would be that it should be involved in pitch courtship as part of dominance displays, or in flushed courtship as a way of showing that one partner can care extensively for the other, even if they are completely incapable of doing anything for themselves. While these are romantic thoughts, they do not unlock the true potential of bondage in the quadrant it could be the most useful in - the pale quadrant.

Why the pale quadrant? So many outbursts are caused by small things piled up - frustration with a boss, a lost spar with a rival, a cold energy drink that was meant to be piping hot. Nerves catch flame, and before long, a full-on tantrum erupts. The implementation of bondage allows the calmer partner to physically restrain their moirail in a way that does not put them in harm’s way, allowing less hindrance of face-touching due to fear of injury. Proper knotwork can use a highblood’s strength against them, making any attempts at brute-force escape contribute to how stuck they are, only pulling at their own body rather than wearing at the rope.

Being allowed to lie still while bound allows a troll to calm down, to descend from the manic high of frustration and return to a place of calm and consideration. Overstimulation of the nerves can be reversed in this way, giving a pent-up troll the opportunity to exhale all of the negative energy out, perhaps while being papped or soothed by a concerned pale partner.

Furthermore, the act of bondage is a dance of trust between two partners, one of whom is frustrated and aggressive. To lay still enough for a partner to fasten rope to rope and clip to clip for complete or partial restraint is a deep bonding activity in and of itself, not to mention the confidence bestowed upon the partner doing the binding. The establishment of this dynamic allows greater confidence on the side of the consoler, as well as better relaxation from the consoled.

Certainly, bondage has many sexual implications, due to its prevalence in low-budget pailing aid media, but consider it in a situation where it can truly be beneficial. Paleboy Magazine recommends that its readers approach every trend with a critical eye - after all, the opportunities to console are nearly boundless when your partner is bound.

Questions, concerns, quibbles? Our team at Paleboy Magazine is happy to answer any questions your pitiful little beatpump desires. Write in here with any questions for our Q&A staff, or submit your own torrid pale encounters here! We’d love to hear from you!

Written by Abigyl Torina
Edited by Sedezn Liyura