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In Another Life - Detention


summary: a chaptered fic made up of a series of smutty oneshots taking place in the pastel!dan and punk!phil alternate universe

genre: smut

warnings: in this particular oneshot - student/teacher, vibrators, dirty talks, dom/sub dynamics kinda, praise kink (if you squint)

word count: 1973 (wooohooooo)

a/n: okay yeah i know it’s been a while, but hey i’m not dead! fanfic writing isn’t dead! i’ve just been really busy with pbb (which you should totally check out here because i’m super proud of it and i went through blood, sweat, and tears writing this) and with school in general, but i managed to get this done for you guys! i hope you like it! <3 this has been beta’ed by the lovely holly

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Jinyoung Imagine - Business (Smut)

A/N - A couple of anons requested a Jinyoung smut and one also asked for ceo!Jinyoung which I am more than happy to write about haha. I hope you all enjoy~

Your heels clicked on the marble floor of the office building as you walked in. Staff members greeted you with a smile, partly because they liked you and partly due to their respect for your job. You were the secretary of Park Jinyoung, the current CEO of the company you worked at. Being his assistant was a role everyone knew required a lot of patience, intelligence and determination. Jinyoung was a friendly person outside of the office but as soon as he stepped into that building, he was someone else. He was strict and focused. No one could complain about him though as he was the best thing the company had seen in a long time. As you entered the elevator, your mind began to wander to a moment the two of you had shared the last time you had seen him. Jinyoung had looked at you differently. What had caused it, you didn’t know but he had just looked at you in a completely new way. Or this was the first time you had noticed him looking at you like that. He had been on a three day business trip since then and you had no idea what would happen now or if he would say nothing about it.

When you arrived at your desk outside of his office, you glanced at him through the door window and contemplated going in and greeting him. There wasn’t anyone else in there and you didn’t have anything major that needed completing immediately. Before you could make a decision as to if you should enter or not, you noticed a note on your desk. 
‘Come into my office as soon as you arrive. Thank you.’
You placed the note back down and walked over to the door. You knocked before opening it slightly. 
“You wanted to see me, sir?” You asked as you watched Jinyoung look you up and down. 
“Yes I did, (Y/N). As you know I’ve been away on a business trip for a few days and well, I missed your company.” He took a few steps closer to you, a dark look in his eye.
“Y-you did?”
“Mm, I did. You know, you look absolutely ravishing in that outfit.” You blushed at the compliment. Clearly Jinyoung had feelings towards you and truth be told you returned them. He was an attractive man who was very caring and sweet - outside of the office, of course. Inside the office was different. He had a much sexier manner to his walk and his voice seemed deeper, raspier than it would if you spoke with him out of work hours.

Jinyoung was now stood right in front of you and he brought a finger up to brush against your slightly parted lips. You could feel the tension between the two of you and it was only a matter of moments before you knew he would crash his lips onto yours. As he began to lean in closer, you whispered, “What if someone comes in?”
“They won’t. I sent out a message telling everyone to stay away from my office until after lunch as I am busy with some…unfinished business.”
“Unfinished business?”
“When I saw you the other day before I left, there were many things running through my mind as to how I should punish you for looking so divine. You’ve been teasing me, (Y/N) and I think you should let me return the favour.” You smirked at him and nodded. “I agree,” you said. Jinyoung responded by kissing you roughly, one hand on your hip and the other fiddling in your hair so that it fell out of the updo you had put it in earlier that morning.
“You look beautiful with your hair down, framing your face. But I’m sure you’re even more beautiful without the clothes there to distract me.” His hand slid down to begin unbuttoning your shirt while yours started to unbutton his. 

It wasn’t long before the two of you were standing there in his office just in your underwear. Jinyoung kissed you roughly again, his tongue battling yours for dominance. You let him take control of you as he guided you over towards his desk.
“I want to see you bent over that desk. Now.” His voice had more of a commanding tone to it, his businesslike attitude completely dominating the room. Naturally, you did as he said knowing it would get you the best reward. As you bent over it, Jinyoung removed the last of your underwear and brought two fingers down to rub your desperate and needy core. Quiet moans escaped your lips while Jinyoung unwrapped a foil packet using his spare hand and his teeth. His brought his fingers away from you for a short second and you whimpered at the loss of contact. He didn’t respond and instead pushed himself into you, eliciting a much louder moan. He moved his hips at an agonisingly slow pace to allow you to adjust to his size but all you wanted was him to go faster. Harder. 

Somehow sensing your neediness, Jinyoung thrusted his hips faster as deep groans sounded from his mouth. The two of you were moaning messes at the pleasure you were both feeling. 
“God, you feel so fucking good, (Y/N).” Your only respone was with another moan. Jinyoung just felt so amazing inside of you that you could barely think. He clearly knew he had such a hold on you when he slowed down the movement of his hips. 
“Don’t fucking tease me,” you almost growled, knowing he was doing it on purpose.
“As you wish,” he replied. You could almost see the smirk on his face as he began to speed up again, hitting your most sensitive spot every time. You could feel yourself edging closer and closer to your climax and your moans became more high pitched. Jinyoung’s grip on your hips tightened as he felt himself nearing his release. Hearing your pleasure filled moans almost sent him over the edge but he tried to hold back his release until he had you completely undone beneath him. You couldn’t hold back much longer until you heard Jinyoung say between moans, “Cum for me, (Y/N).” The sound of his voice sent you straight into euphoric pleasure. You let out more breathy moans as you felt yourself tighten around Jinyoung’s length. The added pleasure encouraged his release and his moans were even more delightful to your ears.

The sound of heavy breathing filled the room as Jinyoung pulled out of you and disposed of the condom wrapped over his length. You started to get dressed again, knowing you’d have to get to work soon before you became tempted by Jinyoung again. He was also getting dressed but much slower so he could admire the sight of your body. Just before you left his office he called your name. 
“(Y/N), I hope that isn’t the last time we do that.” He was almost fully dressed, besides the shirt being only half buttoned to reveal his sweat glistened chest.
“Me too, Jinyoung.”
“How about I take you out after work? And then we can have a little more fun back at my place.” 
“Sounds perfect,” you replied, “But next time, I get to be on top.” You winked as you opened the door to leave, loving the stunned yet aroused look on Jinyoung’s face.

Quick, he’s gone

“Quick, he’s gone!”, Dean shouts out, the minute his father has left the house.

Sam dashes out from behind the bathroom door where he was squirming impatiently, waiting for his brother to give him the signal. He’s butt naked except for his tight black boxer briefs. Dean is standing in the hallway, shirtless and hurriedly unbuttoning his jeans.

Despite having seen his brother naked nearly every day for a week now, Sam still stops in his tracks and stares. His eyes hungrily track Dean’s hands as he strips off his boxers and reveals his already hard and leaking erection.
The minute his underwear hits the carpeted floor, Sam is on him. Dean gasps as his younger brother’s mouth latches onto his fiercely and starts sucking on his lips like they’re juicy melons.

Huh, seems little Sammy needs to be reminded who’s in charge here. He grips both of Sam’s slender wrists in one hand and slams him against the opposite wall.

“I know you’re impatient baby, but you gotta let me enjoy this. I could barely sleep last night, thinking about your tiny pink hole and that sweet red cock of yours lying right beside me. God, if dad wasn’t home yesterday, I’d have sucked on those little treats all night long till you were screaming my name and begging me to sink my huge dick in your boy-pussy.”

Holy mother of God, Dean’s dirty talk was going to end him. Sam moaned wantonly and rubbed his tongue against the roof of Dean’s mouth. As revenge, Dean took his unoccupied hand and rolled his little brother’s nipple between his fingers.

“Please, Dean, please. More…, ” Sam gasped out, rutting shamelessly against Dean.

“Tch tch tch , baby. What are you supposed to call me when dad’s not home?”

“Daddy, daddyyy, please,” Sam begged. He loved calling Dean daddy. In reality, his father could never be as much of a parent figure to him as his older brother. Dean was the one who took care of Sam day in and day out. He was the only one who deserved being called by that name.

Dean loved it too, when his little quiet, nerd of a brother turned into this gasping, begging mess all for his older brother. He loved Sammy more than anything and he always gave him what he asked for.

He effortlessly picked up Sam and carried him to their bedroom, all while sucking relentlessly on his lower lip till it was red and swollen. He couldn’t help himself while his brother was grinding against his naked erection like it was his sole goal in life.

Opening the door with his foot, he dumped Sam on the bed and immediately sucked in a breath. God, his little brother, looked like sex itself. He was rutting against the sheets, desperate for some friction against his little erection. His mouth and nipples, red and abused.

All of Dean’s plans for taking his time, flew out the window and he lunged on top of Sam.

“Sammy, baby, you look so hot like this. Can’t wait to fuck you.”

“Yes, yes, daddy please. Want your cock so bad. Dreamt about it all night long,” Sammy gritted out while quickly removing his boxers. As soon as that last barrier was removed, Dean lunged.

He took on hard little nub in his mouth and sucked as hard as he could. Sam let out a high pitched whine and gripped Dean’s hair tight in both hands, as if to keep him stuck to his chest. Dean tugged on the nipple with his teeth before moving on to the next one and giving it the same attention.

He didn’t have any patience now and he licked his way downward till he reached Sammy’s swollen and leaking 5 inch erection. There was already some precome beading at the slit and Dean was desperate for a taste.

He dipped his tongue in the little opening and licked up his little treat. Sam let out another whine and forced his head downwards.

Dean slurped up his brother’s juices and took his entire cock in one go. Sam bucked up wildly and began babbling incoherently, “Ahh, aaah, daddyyy. Love your mouth, so wet and good on my little dick. Want more daddy, aaah”

Sammy made the most desperate little sounds and Dean could no longer ignore his throbbing erection. Without stopping his mouth, from where he was lightly sucking on the head, he fisted his cock and pulled upward. The relief had him moaning and sent little vibrations up Sammy’s little cock.

Dean sucked down the shaft slowly till he reached Sam’s cute little sacs. He took both the balls in his mouth together and sucked at the loose little scent. Sam cried out and pulled Dean’s hair harder.  

Sam smelled all innocent, even down there. His musky little patch of hair tickled Dean’s nose as he placed on more kiss to the tip before he abruptly pulled up Sam’s slender legs onto his shoulders and sucked on his furled pink pucker.

“Gonna eat this sweet ass, and you’re not gonna come until I tell you, can you do that for me, sweetheart?,” Dean asked sweetly while still madly tugging on his own dick.

“Yesss, daddy, please eat out my pussy. Love your mouth on my hole.”

Dean groaned loudly as he did every time his polite little brother started speaking like a whore. He took a minute to gaze at the tiny fluttering hole in awe before he ran his tongue in a broad swipe across the rim. Sam arched his back and let out a howl but Dean didn’t stop he sucked and licked till his spit was running down Sam’s hairless crack.

Gathering all those juices with an expert swipe he finally poked his tongue inside the tight ring of muscle and almost came right there.

God, he would never get used to how tight his little brother was. Despite getting fucked almost daily, his hole clung tightly to Dean’s tongue and his inner walls seemed ever smoother and hotter than Dean remembered.

“Jesus fuck. Daddy. Oh my god, do something. Please. Your tongue- oh fuck- it’s so good.”

Dean chuckled darkly before quickly sucking on his own fingers and inserting two at once with a primal grunt. Sam shrieked so loud, Dean was sure the neighbours could hear it. God, he couldn’t help but imagine how this slick heat would soon be wrapped around his erection.

A steady stream of precome erupted from his cock and he removed his fingers, ignoring Sam’s little whine of disapproval so he could scoop up his juices and taste them. Hmmm, he loved that salty, bitter taste.

He quickly re inserted his fingers and scissored them, wanting to be inside that little hole right the fuck now.

“So tight for me, baby. No matter how hard I fuck you, little slutty hole, always so desperate for my dick. Want you so bad,” Dean gasped out.

“Want you too, daddy. I’m ready, fuck me already,” Sam begged. And who was Dean to deny his little brother.

He removed his fingers, only to run them down his dick, mixing Sam’s juices with this precome to slick up his dick. He bent down to attack Sam’s mouth, moaning into it hungrily while he guided his dick to Sammy’ entrance.

As soon as his head breached the tight opening, both brothers let out a whine and Dean just couldn’t wait now. With a grunt he sunk in to the base, his heavy balls sitting snugly against Sam’s ass.

Sam whined impatiently and squirmed against his dick. “Do you feel me baby? Every inch of daddy? I’m gonna make you feel so good, Sammy. Fill you up with my seed, so everyone knows you’re all mine.”

Then, Dean started to move slowly in and out. Sam started meeting his brother’s shallow thrusts and then let out a high-pitched mewl when Dean bottomed out, hitting his prostate dead on.

“Yes! Daddy, oh! Yes- right there! Please! Ugh d-don’t stop!”

Oh, Dean had no intention of stopping. He slammed in again and again and the mouth watering sounds of skin on skin filled the room. Sam clenched his muscles and Dean cursed loudly before slamming in extra hard, driving Sam’s thin body further up the mattress.  Sam was snapping his hips violently back against Dean’s cock and begging on the top of his voice.

“F-faster daddy! Want you to come in my little hole till it’s dripping out. Please, aaaaah”

“You’ll come just on my cock, Sammy, gonna make you come just like this”, Dean replied as he angled his hips and slammed into the little bundle of nerves inside Sammy.

Sam let out a howl and painted his chest with thick ropes of come. The muscles of Sam’s ass contracted around his Dean’s cock, pushing him over the edge too. He let out a blissful groan as he felt his brother pump cum deep inside his body.

As much as Dean wanted to taste his cum, leaking out of Sammy’s hole, he was just too tired to move and he knew his Dad would be home from the garage soon for his lunch break.

Ahh, something for next time.

5SOS Smut: Muke Threesome /VISUALS

Pairing: Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Y/N
Requested: Yess (Could you do one where two of the boys have like a two some with you… With visuals?)
Word Count: 824


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Originally posted by michinji

Kim Yugyeom smut, because this gif ruined inspired me. XP

Length: 674 words

Genre: smut

You shoved Yugyeom onto the mattress, his chocolate bangs bouncing lightly as the back of his head collided with the pillow. With dark, lust-filled eyes, he watched as you climbed on top of him, his perfect lips parted slightly in shallow breath. You could feel him trembling faintly beneath you, his skin begging to be touched, and although normally you would have loved to tease him until he was whining your name, you were too desperate to wait any longer yourself.

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Misty Tears

The ringing of your phone pierces your ear as your eyes slowly open. Your eyes finally adjust to the darkness in the room. You roll over and see the light shining from yours phone as you reach out to pick it up. You look at the number and immediately jump up. You quickly press accept and raise the phone to your ear.

“…Bucky?” You manage to say while chewing your nail. You cross your fingers, praying for a response. Hoping to hear the sound of his voice once again.

“Y/N” you hear him say in a deep husky voice. You pull the phone away, trying to think of what you should say. As your lips part to speak, you are interrupted by Bucky’s voice.

“Are you okay? I haven’t heard from you in so long” Bucky’s voice becomes quiet as you hear the faint breaths through the phone.

“I’m…I’m okay Bucky, but what about you? I heard you escaped, what happened?” You asked, in an obviously concerned tone.

“I’m okay Y/N, I just needed to hear you. I needed to hear your voice” He whispered through the phone, causing you heart to ache. You wanted to see him. You needed to see him.  

“Please Buck, let me see you” You pleaded as you heard him sigh.

“I wish I could, but you know I can’t” His voice became quiet once again. You knew you couldn’t see him, but a part of you hoped you could.

“Y/N?” He asked quietly as your eyes became watery.

“…Yes?” You replied, as a tear fell off you cheek. You quickly wiped it away and shook your head, trying to be okay.

“I love you” His words felt like knives in your heart. The words you had always wanted to hear broke your heart the most.

“I love you too Buck, I love you so much” You sniffled, knowing this would be the last time you heard from him.

You heard the beep from the phone and realized the call had ended. Tears poured down your cheek as you collapsed onto the bed staring up at the almost pitch black ceiling.

You gripped your pillow as the tears continued to fall. Each second away from him felt like another crack in your broken heart.

At Some Point

Heya! Would it be possible for you to write a Fred Weasley x reader imagine where he likes her and tries to show her by pranking her, and she usually plays it off but she really hates it and how it makes her feel (humiliated and stupid) but one day a prank goes too far and she gets seriously hurt, physically or emotionally and he feels really bad and he’s super nice and tells her how he feels, makes her feel better and/or helps her heal? Thank you darling! Love your writing!





At some point in her four years at Hogwarts, Fred Weasley made her feel all of these things. Every other day, a potion was dropped in her goblet, or a magic candy was mixed with her Honeyduke’s stash. For years, she had to tip toe around him, trying to walk on eggshells to avoid his wrath. He continued to drive her sanity out the window, yet she tried to repeat the three c rule.




Come on, Y/n. Pick yourself up.’ She looked around at the laughing faces while she dusted off the purple glitter from her skirt. She looked to her hair, which was now a bright cerulean blue, and rolled her eyes at the twins. ‘Very funny.’ She muttered off, sauntering out of the courtyard and to the common room. Once she walked in, her friends immediately spotted her distress. Hermione told the boys to wait behind. She could sense this was girl trouble. ‘Y/n? You alright, hon?’ She sniffled, nodding with reluctance. ‘I just can’t stand those two.’ ‘Who?’ ‘The Weasley twins, of course! I mean, George is at least a bit merciful, but Fred is constantly harassing me! I’m tired, ‘Mione! I’m so tired.’ The girls hugged, Hermione petting her now blue hair. ‘He’s just a boy, love. That’s all. I’m sure he means no harm.’ Y/n began nodding, looking at her friend until the common room door opened again. Y/n groaned, glaring at the red-heads. ‘I’m going to my room.’ She turned on her heel, pacing as fast as she could without looking suspicious. Fred grinned, walking to Harry and Ron. ‘Did you see her face? She totally loved it!’ Ron chewed on a sugar wand, quirking an eyebrow. ‘Y/n?’ Fred nodded, smiling. ‘Yeah, I charmed her hair to her favorite color! She’s going to flip when she looks in a mirror! It makes her eyes really pop!’ Harry chuckled to himself, poking the fire. ‘What’s funny?’ Harry looked to Hermione, who had taken a seat on the couch. ‘Its funny how you think she’s so in love with you.’ Fred looked to Harry, who was still smirking. ‘Well, I thought she reciprocated my feelings. Why, what did she tell you guys?’ Hermione sighed, shaking her head with a groan. ‘You expect her to fall in love with you after you torture her everyday?’ ‘Torture?’ George nodded, ‘Yeah, mate. I stopped coming along to your plans ‘cause I just couldn’t see her face anymore.’ Fred shook his head, crossing his arms with denial. ‘Nope. No, you lot are wrong. No, she loves those pranks. They make her laugh!’ ‘She’s not laughing, mate. That’s holding in tears.’ Fred scrunched his nose, standing up. ‘No, I’ll show you. Tomorrow, in the Great Hall at breakfast. You’ll see.’ Their eyes widened as Fred marched off, dreading the following morning.

‘Y/n, I’m telling you. I don’t think you need food right now.’ She rolled her eyes, pulling on her uniform. ‘I don’t care whatever Weasley has planned. I need to eat.’ Hermione threw up her hands in frustration. ‘I can’t argue with you!’ The two girls trotted down the stairs and to the portrait hole, greeting Harry and Ron. They both asked if Hermione had warned Y/n, becoming confused when she still wanted to go the Hall. She walked in, taking seats normally. Throughout the breakfast, everyone was on the edge of their seats, awaiting the exploding food or the bumbling biscuits. Y/n took a casual sip of her drink, laughing without care. ‘You see, nothing to worry.’ Ron choked on his pancake as he watched her. Harry gasped, dropping a fork. Hermione looked to the boys, not noticing their horror until she looked to Y/n, covering her mouth. ‘What?’ ‘Well, your hair is a more…normal color?’ Y/n picked up a strand, crinkling her eyebrows at the black, until she noticed the color of her hand. Green! She picked up a reflective plate, screaming as she saw her nose the size of Hagrid. Fred laughed, standing up. ‘A witch!’ Y/n looked at her pitch black clothes, tears rolling down her cheeks as she looked like an ugly, muggle-themed hag. She looked down at her plate, remembering a frozen moment in time.

Mummy! Mummy, look!’ Her mother turned to the movie screen, playing Matilda. ‘Mummy, I’m just like her!’ Y/n’s grandmother emerged from their kitchen, smiling. ‘You like to read, darling?’ Y/n shook her head, giggling. ‘No!’ Her grandma grinned, picking her up. ‘You have friends at your school?’ ‘Yes and no! Guess again!’ ‘You have the same hair?’ Y/n smiled, pointing to the shelf of books. ‘I can do what she does!’ The books began falling out of the shelves, floating around the room, spinning into a waltz. Her grandmother gasped, turning to her mother who looked mortified. ‘Y/N! STOP THAT! STOP THAT THIS INSTANT!’ Her grandma placed her on the floor, running out of the room.Y/n’s mother followed her, crying to calm down. Her brothers and sisters stood in the hall, laughing and pointing. ‘Y/n’s a witch! Y/n’s a witch!’ Her older brother, Derek, chuckled, pushing Y/n to the floor. ‘You’re ugly like one, too!’ They chanted cruel songs, kicking her to the floor, Y/n begging for a release from the torment. She begged.
And begged.

And begged.
‘I’m begging.’ She looked up from her plate, the silence of the hall deafening. ‘Please, Fred. Stop.’ He looked at her, confusion striking him. ‘W-What?’ She looked up at him, gripping her pitch clothes to refrain from grabbing her wand. ‘LEAVE ME ALONE!’ She ran out of the dining hall, sobs racking through her. Fred looked to their friends for answers, but they avoided his gaze, disappointed in him. George picked at his food, not daring to look his brother in the eye. ‘I told you it had gone too far.’
She gripped her legs closer to her torso, rubbing her green face into her knees. Her enlarged nose felt awkward against her, as she tried her hardest to stop his charm. She began to feel her nose shrink against the fabric. She lifted her head, watching her hair return to normal, and her skin its s/c shade. Her e/c eyes looked up to meet brown. ‘I’m sorry.’ She sighed, rubbing off the tears. ‘Its fine. I’m fine.’ ‘You’re not. I thought…I thought I was making you laugh. I didn’t think I hurt your feelings.’ She sighed, looking down to her hands. ‘How long?’ She twisted her face, ‘What?’ ‘How long have I been hurting you like this?’ She sighed, thinking back to every hex and jinx. ‘I don’t think I’ve ever truly laughed.’ Fred groaned, taking out his wand. Y/n flinched, breaking his heart in two. He looked into her eyes, pointing the wand at himself. ‘What are you-’ ‘Flagrate.’ She watched the word idiot fold onto his forehead. She bit back a giggle, watching him continue. ‘Levicorpus.’ He twisted upside down, his hair falling toward the floor. ‘Tarantallegra!’ He began shuffling upside down, doing odd dance moves to no music. He flicked his wand, his body becoming a light blue and his hair turning a bright yellow. He transfigured his outfit to a muggle clown suit, working his hardest to look as ridiculous as possible. Within moments, he heard a gentle giggle, and smiled as he saw Y/n burst into laughter. She held her stomach watching his antics. He countered the movement spells, staying in his hideous outfit, shouting with confidence. ‘Orchideous!’ A bouquet of gardenias popped into his left hand as he passed her the flowers. ‘Y/n, do you sincerely forgive me for years of making you look like a fool? In reality, I was the fool all along!’ She chuckled, nodding. ‘Yes, Fred, I forgive you!’ He smiled, removing all the charms. He sat by her, smiling at her smelling the flowers. He wasn’t sure whether or not she fancied him, but at the moment it didn’t matter. He was happy with what he could get, and if that meant a friend, it was fine with him. 





At some point in her four years of marriage, Fred Weasley made her feel all of these things.

caycchi  asked:

For your prompts, Kagehina, Harry Potter Au?

Thank you very much for the prompt, caycchi


Fluttering, fleeting whispers followed them down the corridor as they walked hand-in-hand. They only silenced when they were faced with a frigid glare.

“Did you hear? A Gryffindor and a Slytherin are dating!”

“No way! Everyone knows those relationships never work out.”

“I know! But get this: It’s not just any Slytherin. It’s the King of the Pitch!”

He gripped Hinata’s hand a little tighter with his own balmy hand, trying to ignore all of the buzzing. He only hoped Hinata wasn’t paying attention to the gossip that surrounded them.

“No way! He’s always been so cold. There’s no way anyone would go out with him!”

Hinata squeezed his hand reassuringly, catching Kageyama’s gaze immediately with his bright smile. He held his head a little higher, confident, and proud to be traversing the hallways with his boyfriend. Kageyama followed his lead.

“It’s not just anyone though!”

“Oh? Who was the brave soul who stole the King’s heart then?”

He was going to be alright. They were going to be alright.

“It was that muggle-born seeker, Hinata Shouyou.”

After all, they were in this together.

anonymous asked:

Kay, so, i realized, looking back to my mcl images that my candy used to be a Nath's girl, but turned into a Cas's girl. Could you make a drabble on Nathaniel's pov about how he feels about candy (who he likes) start ignoring him and gouing out with Castiel? And he feeling, like, super jealous and angry because they're not even friends anymore?

Hello dear! Hope you like it!

Nathaniel tried to block it out. He tried as hard as he could to focus only on the notebook in front of him as the teacher droned on. But it was getting harder and harder to take notes when the teacher’s voice faded out so all he could hear was a certain couple in the back of the room. He could hear Castiel’s muffled whispered voice and Candy’s feminine, slightly higher pitched giggle.

His grip tightened on his pencil, hard enough to nearly break it in half. It was hard for him to think that only a month or two ago, he was the one to make Candy laugh. He was the one to get her to smile. He was the one who was leading her through the halls, talking to her about this and that, spending time with her….

“Her hair’s so big because it’s full of secrets,” he heard Candy whisper to Castiel in reference to the new teacher.

Once upon a time, Candy would be giggling that comment to Nathaniel himself. But no, Nathaniel gritted his teeth, she’s back there. Talking to him. Dating him. Doing who knows what else with him. And she hasn’t even said a damn word to me in weeks.

Castiel’s faint snort of laughter was what snapped Nathaniel’s last nerve. The pencil broke sharply into two halves as his eyes began to burn with a red fury. His breathing hitched as his chest began to feel tight. He tried to calm down, but as he glanced briefly over his shoulder, he knew he wouldn’t be calming down anytime soon. Not when Castiel clearly had his hand snaked underneath the desk on her thigh.

He could tell the teacher. He could curse. He could call them out on it. If it was Castiel with any other girl, he wouldn’t even had hesitated. But no. Castiel was with Candy. Beautiful, smart, amazing, kind, Candy…. The girl with stars in her eyes, a brain brighter than any sun, and a heart as big as the world…. He told her that once. He could still remember how cute her blush was.

Nathaniel let out a slightly forced sigh.

Even if it killed him, she seemed happy (for now) and he just couldn’t ruin that. Besides, she was with Castiel…. It was bound to end at some point and when it did, he’d be there for her.

Leonard “Bones” McCoy x fem!Reader: The Baby Girl Named Jamie

Word Count: 1180

Warnings: Childbirth, babies, grumpy pregnant woman, female reader

You jolted awake from a constant kicking in you abdomen. They weren’t contractions and you weren’t due for another two weeks, but that still did not make it hurt any less. Your husband, Leonard, sat up and reached to the end table to turn on the light. “She’s kicking again isn’t she?” he said groggily and he placed his hand on your stomach. “Your mom and I need some sleep before you come because god knows we aren’t to get any after. So do you think you can that for us?” You groan as she kicks again. “She is stubborn, just like you Leonard,” you snark with a moody voice. “I believe that she gets that trait from you, (y/n), since you refused to date me until I almost died then you said ‘sure I’ll give this loser a chance’.

Your little, “joyful” bundle of life didn’t lighten up on the kicking and it didn’t seem like she ever would. Looking over at the alarm clock that read 3:47 am, you sighed. “Go to bed Leonard, she is still kicking and I don’t think she is going to stop,” you spoke with exhaustion, jumping every now and then from a hard kick. Leonard grumbled good night and turned off the light, falling asleep as soon as he hit the pillow. You drag your feet down the hallway until you reach the kitchen. You press some buttons on the pad to have your tea boiled and poured for you. You stand by the machine and tap you foot, impatient for your beverage. You grab your mug, bringing it to your lip to blow on it. You were about to take a sip when your baby kicked harder than it ever has before. You drop you mug onto the counter (not spilling it luckily) giving a high pitch squeal out. You grip the counter until your knuckles turn white. You felt a liquid run down your legs and a feeling of panic overtook your mind. “Leonard!” you scream out, trying to keep up your pain endurance.

Leonard came rushing down the hallway and bursted into the kitchen with wide eyes. “(y/n), what happened are you okay?” he tried to speak in a calm voice but the alarm was still evident. “Water broke, contractions,” you breathed out, grabbing his hand to help stabilize your balance. He reaches over to the pad to press the intercom to the med bay. “Dr. McCoy everything is fine over here, quit worrying about it you have maternity leave for anoth-”

“Dr. Robinson I need you to prepare a space for labour. Get Kirk down there if you can!”

“Right on it sir. Personnel is on their way with the transport table.”

Leonard pulled your arm over his shoulder and helped you walk closer to the door. “Breathe, honey, breathe. You’ve got this, I know you do,” he whispered into you ear. Your breathing slowed a little but then another kick came. The personnel opened the door and ushered you onto the transport table.

Leonard held your hand as he ran with the transport table. Another contraction came so you sat up to deal with the pain. “We’re almost there honey. Keep gripping my hand. Oh! We’re here.” The bright light of the med bay blinded you and another contraction hit you. “Her contractions are close together! Prepare for labour as soon as possible. Dr. Redable get a nursery ready for the baby,” Leonard commanded. He rubbed your hand in a soothing manner and told you to take deep breaths. “Dr.McCoy, are you performing labour or should I,” Dr Robinson asked.”You should Robinson-” Leonard was cut off by a frantic Kirk entering the room.

“Bones, I came down here as soon as I heard. Spock is captain for the time being and- oh my god (y/n) are you okay?” James looked over at you with concern. “I’m having a baby! Do you think I am okay pushing a baby out of my uterus!” you screamed at Kirk. He looks over at Bones in hope from some help but he just shrugs. “You had to ask.” The rest of the time seemed to fly by with all the people buzzing around you and the pain. “She is ready for labour,” Robinson said, “Start pushing on three, two, one.” The next hour seemed like an eternity. The pain was nothing like you have ever experienced. Beads of sweat and tears rolled down your face as you gripped Leonard’s hand to the point of breaking it. The cries of a baby filled the room and a smile breaks out on Leonard’s face. The doctors take the baby to clean it, giving you a moment to calm down and breathe.

The doctors came over with a pink bundle, putting her in your arms against your chest. “We’ll give you two a moment,” Robinson said, closing the door on her way out. Leonard crouches down at the side of the bed and kisses your forehead. She opens her grey eyes and reaches her hand out for something to grab. Leonard puts his finger near her and the baby wraps her tiny hand around it. You break the calm silence, “We never decided a name yet. We were suppose to today but that didn’t happen.”

“What about Mirabelle?”

You crinkle your nose, “No, it sounds like a pretty name but it doesn’t fit her or feel like it would fit her. Maybe Cassandra?”

“How about Jamie?”

You look up at Leonard, who was now standing, “I like it. Kirk will be thrilled. I was thinking since somebody has to do it. Maybe we give her the middle name Christine, after Christopher Pike.”

“Jamie Christine McCoy, it has a nice ring to it. Don’t you think Jamie?” the baby giggles in response. “Can I hold her now. You need some rest.” You nod and he picks up the baby gently.

“Joanna is going to be excited to meet her new baby sister.” You give a smile laugh before going into a peaceful sleep. Bones walked out the door and into the hallway where Kirk was waiting for any news on the delivery. Kirk jumps from his seat and goes over to Leonard. “(y/n) is probably asleep  I’m guessing,” Kirk asks. Leonard hums a yes but his focus is still on his newborn daughter. “Kirk I want you to meet Jamie Christine McCoy, my daughter.” Kirk smiles with tears of joy and sadness in his eyes.

“You named her after…”

“Yes, we thou-”

Leonard was cut off by Robinson coming over with the nursery bin. “Sorry I have to cut this reunion short,” she grabs Jamie and places her in the bin, “have you decided on a name yet, Dr.McCoy?” Leonard looks over at Jamie, who is now calmly sleeping, “Jamie Christine McCoy.”

“Okay, here is the birth certificate and she will be back soon for her feeding.”
Robinson pushed the bin down the hallway and into a separate room.  James hands Leonard a coffee, “You’re gonna need a lot of coffee these next few months.”  

fallibleflakes  asked:

now that the first-string (almost all??) knows that miyuki & sawamura have a list of numbers to represent different types of grips (or pitches), they don't really bat an eye even when eijun begins demanding 'I WANT TO GO UP TO NUMBER 19 TONIGHT' and at some point miyuki cockily answers, "sure, if you do a number 35 tonight as well' AND EIJUN GETS SUPER FLUSTERED ALL OF A SUDDEN... and haruichi and kuramochi suddenly realize that the numbers... may not entirely be innocent...

pls tell me theyre smart enough to avoid the number 69… LMAO

((send me daiya hcs))

ai au: human interaction

part one | part two | part three | picnic

content warning: thinly veiled metaphors for dysphoria

  • they spend a lot of time cooped up indoors doing cool science shit or sparring
  • root would be down for leaving the lab, but shaw’s super paranoid
  • crowds make her nervous. she hates when people stare at her. like they know shes not a human.
  • which like, shouldnt matter anyway?
    because humans are dumb, she’s more than a human, shes better than they’ll ever be–
  • their opinions shouldnt even matter
  • but they do
  • root tells her it shouldnt matter. “who cares if we pass as human or not, sweetie? it’s not like they can actually hurt us”
  • shaw gets quiet
  • “…sameen?”
  • shaw shrugs.
  • “no! no dont brush this off. if this is important to you, then it’s important to me! i’d never make you do anything that makes you uncomfortable”, root hurriedly exclaims
  • “i know that they cant hurt us. my bones are titanium alloys. my skin is kevlar.” shaw begins haltingly, “but when i have to make trips to harold, sometimes people try to talk to me. and i answer, of course. because that’s what you’re supposed to do.”
  • bitterly, she adds “and when i speak, sometimes…”
  • root scoots a little closer. her pressure against shaw’s side is reassuring.
  • “sometimes they just look at me. like they know. and i hate it. was i too lyrical or too stiff? was my vocabulary too simple or too complex? was it my tone, my pitch?”
  • shaw grips the edge of the bench. the steel begins to give under the pressure. “and it shouldnt even matter, root. it shouldnt. who gives a shit if im an ai or not, and who gives a shit that they know? it shouldnt matter, and it shouldnt bother me, BUT IT DOES. and i hate it.”
  • “i hate that it gets in the way of me living, root. i know you. i know you’re sick of being trapped in here with me. you want to see the world–”
  • root opens her mouth to protest
  • “–and dont even try, root. you know you cant lie to me.”
  • “i hate that i cant give that to you” shaw whispers.
  • root’s ears catch it, of course.
  • “i’ll always take what you can give me. i’d never ask you for anything else, sameen”, root says gently.
  • shaw shrugs her off after a few minutes of silence. she walks back to her work station. she’s going to build rifle that shoot knives semi auto or something.
  • just to distract herself.
  • root quietly goes back to her work as well.
  • she just barely hears the “thank you” over the steady metallic clinks.
Sawamura-senpai and his dear kouhai Asada Hirofumi

So I’ve been thinking about this scenario that I pretty much let myself indulged in because hoho ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Let’s first take a closer look at Sawamura-senpai’s new roomate and kouhai Asada Hirofumi:

To be honest, in every panel I’ve seen him, his brows are permanently furrowed lol. He’s always anxious and is pessimistic. And as Mogami so nicely put it:

So it’s been established that Asada’s every being is in contrast to Sawamura’s strong-spirited and optimistic personality well you know, so far. Now, let’s go to my wishful thinking scenario and please let me indulge hohoho ≖‿≖

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Jack Gilinsky Imagine for Anon

Request: Jack G imagine where me and his sisters jokingly gang up on him

“Come over, my sisters are home.” your boyfriend Jack says into the phone. You giggle and quickly agree. You throw on a pair of leggings and one of Jack’s sweatshirts before grabbing your keys and phone. It was the first day of spring break and you were so thankful that you had a week of school to do nothing and relax. Jack and you had made lose plans to hang out all week. You’d been dating since the winter formal just a few months earlier. You’d met each other’s parents but his older sisters had been off at school and were now home for spring break and he was dying to introduce you to them.

You get in your car and drive to Jack’s house, parking in the driveway. You walk up to his front door and knock. He swings the door open and pulling you in for a hug, kissing you softly on the lips. He takes your hand gently and leads you into the house. His two sisters, Molly and Laura were sitting on the couch in the living room.

“Molly, Laura, this is my girlfriend, y/n.” he saying, proudly introducing you with an arm wrapped tightly around your waist.

“It’s so nice to meet you,” Molly says, jumping off and pulling me into a hug.

“Jack has told us so much about you.” Laura smirks at Jack, making his cheeks flush a bright red. He waves off her comment with a flick of his wrist and draws you into his body, kissing the top of your head lightly.

“We were just going to watch a movie,” Molly says. “Jack and y/n do you want to join us.” Jack and you look at each other and shrug.

“Sure.” You say. Jack gives you a smile and you all head down into the basement. There’s a huge L-shaped couch and you and Jack curl up together on the long part. Molly and Laura sit on the other end. You end up deciding to watch The Conjuring and you were sure Jack was even more scared than you which made you giggle. Every time someone jumped out in the movie, Jack’s grip around your waist would tighten.

“Scared babe?” you ask.

“No, I’m just making sure you’re safe.” He replies, holding his head high. You laugh and shake your head, lightly smacking him on the chest.

“Jack, we all know you’re secretly scared.” Molly chirps.

“You had nightmares for a week after we watched Paranormal Activity.” Laura taunts. Jack hides his face in your shoulder but you can see the blush on his cheeks.

“Did not.” He counters, his voice muffled by your shoulder.

“Aw, that’s so cute.” You tease. “Jack’s secretly a scared little boy.”

“Hey, don’t you start.” Jack warns, poking your sides. You laugh and he takes the opportunity to stoop down and capture your lips. Molly and Laura let out loud whistles but Jack ignores them, keeping his lips on yours.

The movie ends and you can tell Jack is a little shaken up. You find it adorable how scared he is and that he’s pretending not to be for your sake. He gets up to go to the bathroom, leaving you alone with his sisters. They grin mischievously at each other and you know they’re plotting something.

“If you’re planning on getting him, I want in.” you tell them and they both laugh.

“Wow, I like you.” Laura says.

“Always great when his girlfriend wants in on our plans to mess with him.” Molly agrees.

“That’s what a girlfriend is for.” You all giggle. Molly moves to flip the basement lights off, leaving it in a dim hue only lighted by the natural light coming through the window. You all crouch behind the couch and wait for Jack to come back into the room.

You hear footsteps and then silence. In the mirror you can see Jack standing in the doorway of the living room looking very confused and slightly worried. He glances around him cautiously and his sisters and you struggle to hold back laughs.

“Molly, Laura, y/n?” he calls out quietly into the basement. He bites his lip and runs a finger through his hair.

“Damnit, I never should have introduced all of you.” He mutters under his breath.

At once you and his sisters jump out from behind the couch and Jack lets out a high pitch girlish scream. He grips his heart with his hand and breathes heavily as his sister and you burst out laughing.

“That was mean,” he hisses. “I was not ready for that.”

“Aw, babe,” you say, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling his face closer to yours. “I’m sorry.”

“I forgive you.” He says quietly, kissing your nose and then pressing his lips against yours.

I hope you enjoyed! Send me requests for more imagines and preferences! xx

Kurt isn’t sure how much time they have, or if this was even a good idea, but trivial things like wondering how much longer they’re going to be alone don’t matter when Blaine sounds like that and pushes back like that, and god, looks like that, like every fantasy Kurt’s ever had (but won’t ever mention—at least not yet).

Oh.” It slips out, breathy and high-pitched, and Kurt grips onto Blaine’s hips, spaces his knees a little wider on the bed. He thrusts shallowly back in, just for some friction, and Blaine moans, quiet, and arches up slightly.

“Yeah,” Blaine breathes, a little broken and deep. He pushes back again, their skin slapping together, and says, “God, Kurt, I—”

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leupagus  asked:

AHHHHHH A STAR WARS PROMPT YOU ARE WRITING STAR WARS I AM SO HAPPY TO HEAR THIS!!!! OK prompt: Leia and Chewie accidentally/unwillingly becoming the yentas to Poe and Finn and Rey getting together. DOUBLE BONUS POINTS if Poe and Rey are at first like "who's this asshole" but then warm to each other.

Finn was wheeled quickly beyond the crowd of people celebrating both their own survival and the general victory and out of sight. Poe was briefly caught up in the crowd–more than a few people, some dear friends, had been completely cut off from the reports as they came in and it would be cruel to disappear too quickly for them to confirm that, yes, despite the odds, he made it back. And Jess grabbed him in for a quick hug, the only kind she ever gave and only when they had both or either skirted death a little closer than usual.

By the time he made it to the medics, Finn had already been ushered past the point where healthy people were allowed and this was inconveniently not one of the many times when Poe was himself ushered beyond after a mission.

General Organa appeared with an arm around a tall-ish girl and Poe realized that this, this was the hero of the moment, the miracle of the mission and he was horrified to find that he wanted nothing more than to kick her out–to kick them both out–and barricade himself in with Finn.

He settled for folding his arms and only glowering a little.

“Poe,” said the General with a nod. “You’ve met–”

“No,” he said, too quickly. The General raised an eyebrow.

“–Rey, who I think will be a great asset. She clearly is very sensitive to the Force and might be just the bargaining chip we need to convince my brother to return.” She maybe emphasized great asset a bit too much for Poe’s taste, who considered the great asset to be the one who somehow got his back slashed open on this girl’s watch, but he could see the General’s point. Also. He was an adult.

He nodded and stiffly held out a hand. Rey shook it just as stiffly.

“Oh good, I’m sure you’ll be fast friends,” said the General and there was just the hint of smothered laughter in her tone. “Someone get me a report on Finn’s condition,” she said to the medidroid hovering nearby.

“I can go and–” Poe started to say, but Rey was speaking at the same time.

“Let me go and–”

They both went silent and regarded each other sullenly. The medidroid, however, made that polite whirring sound that Poe mentally cataloged as “throat clearing” when BB-8 did it.

“I will make you aware as Finn’s treatment continues,” it said primly. “All of you.”

“I’ll wait,” said Poe, pulling out a stool.

“Me too,” said Rey, eyes darting between him, the medidroid, and the General. “If he can wait here, so can I.”

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: semi-au where Gail and holly start a romantic relationship after the batting cages. Please and thank you :)

(yeah, so I suck at keeping these things short. oops)


“You can stop laughing now,” Gail said with an adorable pout. She’d ripped the helmet off and replaced it on the hook, and now stood with her arms crossed. As much as she tried to look annoyed, Holly saw through her tough demeanor. It was the way her eyes crinkled in the corners that gave away her amusement. It was also hard to take Gail seriously with helmet hair.

Holly shook her head while trying her best to hold it together. “Gail, you threw the bat. You’re supposed to hold onto it, not sling it at the ball.”

“I’ve never played baseball before!” Gail protested, moving her hands to settle on her hips. “It’s a stupid game anyway. Who the hell had the genius idea to hurdle balls of death at someone while they tried to hit it with a stick, anyway?”

“Alexander Cartwright,” Holly said without missing a beat.

Gail glared at her.

“What?” Holly asked. “I mean, most people think it was Abner Doubleday in the 1800’s, but actually Cartwright was the first known person to adapt the rules of rounders in the 18th century into the game we are more familiar with today. Doubleday may have perfected the game, but Cartwright was likely the one with the idea to pitch a ball to a hitter.”

Gail stared at Holly with a dumbfounded through her entire speech, blinking. She just kept staring, not saying a word once Holly had finished.

Holly shifted uncomfortably at Gail’s stare down. “Um, nerd?” she asked with what she hoped was an endearing smile.

Gail nodded. But then she broke into a smile of her own. “Do you have a photographic memory or something?”

Holly shook her head. “I think you mean eidetic memory, but no,” she said. “I just like to read.”

“About the history of baseball.”

Holly shrugged. “I have many interests. Come on. Try again.” She picked up Gail’s discarded helmet and held it out towards her.

“Oh, no,” Gail said. “Don’t even think I’m going back into that death cage.”

“Gail, it’s not a death cage. You just need to work on your stance. Come on, I’ll show you.”

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Because you can never have enough grumpy!cas

“You doin’ okay there, Bambi?" 

Castiel waves his arms in an attempt to regain his balance, reaching out for Dean as the other man comes to a stop right beside him. Ice shavings fly over the rest of the lake’s frozen surface, spraying little white crystals on Castiel’s black skates and the angel pitches forward, gripping tight to Dean’s arms. His hunter supports him, blue eyes narrowing at Dean’s mirth-filled blue ones. "What, exactly, is the point of this?” Cas hisses.

Dean leans forward to nuzzle their noses. “It’s supposed to be fun,” he teases, pulling back. “C'mon, let’s play a game.”

Castiel glares. Beneath him, his feet are unsteady on the ice. They move every so often bump Dean’s firmly planted ones. “This is humiliating,” he grouses.

“Just ‘cause you don’t know how yet. It took me a couple a’ days to get it when I was little, and then it’s like riding a bike.”

“Pointless,” Cas shoots back. “I don’t know how to do that, either.”

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