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Since we’re denouncing Musty Beignet *clears throat* excuse me, Melissa Benoist and 96% of the Supergirl cast, can I suggest a complete makeover featuring a cast of talented, mostly POC, well known from their individual franchise actors???

Kylie Bunbury as Kara Danvers

Meagan Holder as Alex Danvers

Mark Paul Gosselaar as James Olsen

Tim Jo as Winn Schott Jr.

Mark Consuelos as Hank Henshaw

Mo McRae as Mon-El of Daxam

Ali Larter as Lena Luthor

Sarah Shahi as Maggie Sawyer (is Iranian!Maggie okay??)

BJ Britt as Clark Kent

Michael Beach as Jeremiah Danvers

Honourable mention but no more space:

Kelly Jenrette as Eliza Danvers
Lyndsey Fonesca as Lucy Lane
Josh Peck as Evan Tessmacher
Dan Lauria as Snapper Carr
Padres as DEO agents, CatCo employees, and Kara’s Biggest Fans(Tommy Tough Nuts in particular definitely works at CatCo).