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LOL TALK ABOUT RELEVANCY, here’s some BlackIce (DreamFloss?) from a long dead AU ask blog that I liked certain elements from. The designs were great (names not so much). It’s basically an AU from an ask blog that died two years ago where everyone’s powers were swapped. I have more doodles unfortunately because sassy bird dental hygienist was too strong for me.

What if Beca and Chloe both thought this whole time that the other one didn’t like them back so they never said anything, and in the third movie they get really mad at each other when they find out like
‘You mean we could’ve been together this whole time?!’
'You should’ve told me!’
'You should’ve told ME!’
Then I dunno they make out n stuff


Kirby Artworks By したっぱ13号 on Pixiv

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