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Psych2Go Writing Contest

Hi everyone. We’re looking for a writer to put together an article on the following topic:

“Why Solitude Matters”

The aim of this article is to talk about the current perception of solitude and why people think it’s bad. But in actuality, there are many psychological benefits to solittude and spending time alone.

We’re hoping to turn this topic into a video for our Youtube channel. If you’re interested in putting together a draft on this with ‘research’ and citations, we’re more than happy to pay you for your work! Or even better invite you to our editorial team!

Looking forward to connect. Email us your pitch and draft to edtiorial@psych2go.net

Deadline: Wed this Month!

Writing Commissions


( You can find any of this info any time at http://landofsomethingsomething.tumblr.com/commissions )

Why should I pay you to write fanfiction?

  • To support & encourage the creation of fan work that YOU want to see
  • To help me and my wife pay for immigration fees

What kinds of content are you willing to write? What can I expect in return for my money? What is the process like? What are the prices?


  • Right now, I’m only interested in writing Homestuck.
  • Non-Ship Content: I’ll write content focused on the Alphas or Strilondes. I’ll also write Karkat and/or Kanaya on the meteor, post-canon or AU, but not in heavy relation to the other trolls.
  • Ship Content: I’ll write Dave/Karkat, Dirk/Jake, Dirk/Jake/Brain Ghost Dirk, Rose/Kanaya, Jade/Davepeta or John/Roxy.
  • Sidenote: I will write Tricksters, Alpha Dave and/or Alpha Rose, and Davesprite. I’m not super interested in other canon alternate versions of these characters.
  • NSFW content is allowed. I will only write safe/sane/consensual sex. With that in mind, please consult me directly for discussion of kinks, etc.
  • AU content is allowed, but please keep in mind the scope of these commissions is light and narrow. There is not a lot of word real estate to establish complex setting, so keep it simple.
  • YOU MUST BE AN ADULT TO COMMISSION ME. Paypal’s terms of service state that you must be 18+ to have an account. I assume everyone I receive payment from is complying with this rule.


I will be providing two tiers of commissions. One for works aimed at about 5,000 words in length, and one for works aimed at about 10,000 words in length. The final draft will be at least the agreed upon length, but may exceed it. I will not charge any additional payment for exceeding the word length.


  1. PITCH me your idea! Contact me through email [elzie.ann[at]gmail.com], through Discord [elzie#5938], or through Tumblr’s Ask Box (this is pretty limited in character allowance, keep in mind.) Describe your idea, what you want, characters, scenario, as detailed as you want. If I think I can work with you on your idea, we’ll discuss it and hopefully come to an agreement on the general content/outline.
  2. PAY in advance. Once we have discussed your pitch and we’re both on the same page with what you’ll be getting, you’ll have to give me your paypal info. I’ll send you an invoice. Once you send payment on the invoice, I can start writing!
  3. (Optionally) BETA the rough draft. I’ll provide you a Google Docs link to the rough draft that you can look over and provide feedback on. This is totally optional, and only applicable to ONE pass over the rough draft. I’ll need to hear back from you within one week of providing you the link unless special arrangements or made, or else I will progress right to final draft.
  4. RECEIVE the final draft of your commissioned work. I will post the final version on AO3 under my author account, LandOfMistAndSecrets. I can OPTIONALLY mark the fic as a “gift” for you, if you have an AO3 account. I will disclose that it was a commissioned work in the notes and on any Tumblr promotion posts I typically do for all my fics, but I will not disclose any of your info without your consent.

At this point, the process is considered complete. If any typos or misspellings manage to make their way into the final work (no one is perfect!) I will of course fix these free of charge, but otherwise, we’re done and thank you for your patronage!


  • TIER 1 - 5,000 WORDS MINIMUM - $50
  • TIER 2 - 10,000 WORDS MINIMUM - $100

It takes me roughly 1 hour to write 1,000 words. This is $10/hr for just the rough draft, and the final price also covers time spent discussing your pitch, the rough draft beta, and the final draft edit.

When can I expect my rough draft? My final draft?


From the moment I receive your payment:

  • TIER 1 (5,000 Words): ONE WEEK to rough draft, UP TO ONE WEEK to discuss the rough draft/beta comments, ONE WEEK to final draft. (TWO TO THREE WEEKS TOTAL.)
  • TIER 2 (10,000 Words): TWO WEEKS to rough draft, UP TO ONE WEEK to discuss the rough draft/beta comments, TWO WEEKS to final draft. (FOUR TO FIVE WEEKS TOTAL.)
  • You may receive your work sooner than this. These are “at-most” estimates.
  • If you do not receive your work by a given deadline, you may request a refund and I will refund your full payment. I reserve the right to continue working on the fic if I wish and to post it as my own work under my own name as usual.
  • I will not process refunds for any other reason.


  • You are not purchasing the rights to my work. I will retain ownership over the text. (This means: Please do not take my work and use it as a basis for your own fan work. Do not take my work and remix it, edit it, alter it or so on for your own purposes. Do not repost my work without my consent.)
  • I will still continue to write my own projects as usual. This is not a “replacement” for writing my own fic and I am not planning to hold my own content hostage for payment. No worries.
  • On that note, please do not be surprised if I have a commission from you underway, and you see me post something else entirely – it doesn’t mean I’m not focused on making your fic as good as I can make it. I have a lot of WIPs going at any given time and inspiration is a fickle beast. I will do my absolute best to meet the timeline provided above.


  • Email: elzie.ann[at]gmail.com
  • Tumblr: Send me an ask!
  • Discord: elzie#5938

Finally, THANK YOU for your interest and potential patronage!

Hello, I wanted to address some concerns that have risen, and offer my deepest apologies for a terrible misunderstanding.

Yesterday, when asked about the layout of user profiles, I responded with an image that I had stored for user profiles. Our designer was asleep (she’s European, I’m American), and I should have waited for her confirmation.

That isn’t our user profile design.

That’s one of the thumbnails she sent me when we first started and were trying to figure out what the site should look like, which happened to be the design of a theme maker (Shu) that created a social media theme that was similar to the concept that our artist had in her head from listening to my pitches and seeing my drafted concepts.

I would like to humbly apologize to @lirryxnouis for the confusion. It was a mistake on my end as that was meant to be an internal document during the early conceptual phase. I would like to offer you some financial compensation for the grief that this has caused, and I’ll be removing the concept since it was my error to upload it in the first place.

Please message @volfyblog to discuss this, and I’m sorry for any confusion or anger this mistake caused.


‘i’ll start by breaking your spirit with increasingly painful torture and rewards of forced sexual pleasure, then make you eat and drink out of my hands so you grow to associate your only means of survival with my existence…’

Pitch-Draft likes this Jack more than his own. i like to think Draft Frost sees Jack as his successful little brother that hates him, but occasionally has to save him from Pitch-Draft, renewing their relationship a bit. because Pitch-Draft is the kind of terrifying that’s fucked up. haha

goodbyewrites  asked:

bawson prompt - something inspired by the song roses by james arthur pretty please

Love is in the little things. Ginny never quite realized there wasn’t a big moment or declaration of feelings. Too many episodes of Friends and romantic comedies featuring middle aged actors, combined with a lack of actual romantic experience outside of those small moments she managed to sneak for herself – all managed to create this delusion that love, romantic declarations… their big things. Said to a woman as the rain is pouring down and she’s facing some kind of identity crisis.

(It takes six months with Mike to realize love is in the little things.)

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hands up if you would read a book about mages in a modern city being sucked down dark paths, doing dangerous blood magic and spirit summoning, all the while trying to pass their college classes, keep relationships afloat, find love, smoke and drink a lot and take too many goddamn selfies. main cast includes lgb humans and elves of colour.