pitch boys

support trans boys who wear makeup
support trans boys with high pitched voices
support trans boys who are curvy
support trans boys who like to wear skirts
support trans boys who menstruate
support trans boys who don’t bind
support trans boys with long hair
support trans boys who can’t or don’t want to transition
support nonbinary and genderfluid trans boys
support trans boys

Beast Boy: I have a feeling we should kiss. Is that a good feeling or an incorrect feeling?

Raven: Well…sometimes I have the feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think, mmm… better not.

—  Pitch Perfect

“Trying not to think about you is like trying not to think about an elephant that’s standing on my chest.”

“I can’t decide if that is a compliment.”

“Me neither.” -Carry On.

*finds corner, sobs in said corner* I love these dorks!

Art reference by cloven.

Watch closely as I abuse tones.

I caught up on Pia’s new chapters of The Golden Age that just ain’t happening and of course I loved it just as much as I always do. I’m really happy with how salty Pitch is B3 You know I’m starting to like drawing Jack all beat to hell. I’m not sure how exactly the hair thing works, but I imagine this short SHORT white at the beginning? The image of him on the ground with his staff just really got me. I’d like to draw it again with Pitch there and the tears and ooooo~

I had to draw Jack dapper in some Lune-ish digs after all those heavy lids and deep sighs. Pia I love them all over again <33

nice snowbaz things
  • baz waking simon up early to watch the FIFA world cup with him (simon isn’t able to cuddle up on baz because baz gets far too into the game and frequently stands up to yell at the ref)
  • simon and baz cooking together
  • simon and baz just sitting across from each other on their bed talking about current events and plans for the year and all-sorts (but they try to avoid all magic-related things because it makes simon a lil upset, even though he won’t admit it)
  • simon getting emotionally invested in a tv show while baz sits nearby, pointing out plot-holes and spoiling endings
  • baz taking every opportunity he can to kiss simon under the mistletoe at christmas (and the two months leading up to christmas)
  • c u d d l i n g
  • baz purposely scaring simon just to see his wings fly up and knock things off shelves
  • baz humming songs that he learns on the violin to simon as he’s falling asleep (even though it keeps simon awake, bc he likes listening to baz)

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