Based on @gumbies roast RotG post awhile ago, in which @queenofblackice mentioned that Pitch has a bicycle seat face. 

Had no idea it would be that fitting though.

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RotG Secret Santa 2017 Sign up: round two
SCHEDULE Sign-ups: until Friday, November 24th at 6PM EDT Matches Sent Out: November 27th

Hey everyone! We’re opening round two. Several people who filled out the poll missed the first signs up, so here’s another chance. North wants YOU to join in the Holiday spirit!

Please share this post around so people see it! It’s ROTG week too!


☀︎ At the beach ☀︎

Jack: Can’t deal with the heat, but was forced by the Guardians to come along (he doesn’t want to admit it, but he’s having a good time)

North & Sandy: Sandy was supposed to help build insane sand sculptures but fell asleep on the job

Tooth & Bunny: Taking a beach volleyball match against some punks way too seriously

Pitch & Emily Jane: “Crocs might be ugly, but they’re very comfortable”

+ Bonus Emily Jane & Jack, because I have the feeling they’d get along wonderfully