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the signs as romantic Carry On quotes
  • Aries: It's a hard spell and an old spell, and it works only if you understand the Great Vowel Shift of the Sixteenth Century- and if you're stupidly in love.
  • Taurus: Baz looks back at his phone, bored. “Fell in love, didn't you?”
  • Gemini: I step closer to him, and my voice drops to a menace. “Why? So we can tumble around and kiss and pretend to be happy boyfriends?”
  • Cancer: I think I might kiss him. He's right here. And his lips are hanging open (mouth breather) and his eyes are alive, alive, alive.
  • Leo: Sharing a room with the person you want most is like sharing a room with an open fire.
  • Virgo: “No,” he says quickly. “I do.” He clears his throat. “I don't want you to leave without me.”
  • Libra: I meet his gaze and sneer. My arm is a steel band around his waist. “I choose you,” I say. “Simon Snow, I choose you.”
  • Scorpio: “I won't,” I say. “I've never turned my back on you. And I'm not starting now.”
  • Sagittarius: “Who needs magic,” Baz says. “I'm going to turn you into a vampire and make you live with me forever.”
  • Capricorn: “This,” I say. “I want to be your boyfriend. Your terrible boyfriend.”
  • Aquarius: Can I be in love with a supervillain?
  • Pisces: “I was eleven years old, and I'd lost my mother, and my soul, and the Crucible gave me you.”
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Some Snowbaz fanfiction for you! Featuring tipsy!snowbaz! Smut free, 4.1K words :)

Baz doesn’t know how he’s going to survive another 3 semesters of unrequited love for his roommate. Agatha has just broken up with Simon. The actual piece is better than this summary, I promise.


It was getting harder and harder to live with my secret.

It wasn’t that I wanted to tell Simon that I was in love with him. As far as I was concerned, it was just as well that Simon would never find out. But it isn’t easy being in love with your enemy.

Sometimes, when I was leaning against his headboard attempting to study for Politics or some other class, and Snow would walk out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his head, or even just be doing homework on his bed, I couldn’t help but watch and ponder. What would happen if I shoved my books aside, pushed Snow up against the wall, and started kissing him? There was a small part of me that thought Snow would whisper finally and kiss me back, mirroring my own lust.

There were so many things wrong with that, though. Snow was straight, wrapped around Wellbelove’s finger—oh yeah, and he hated me. It was an obsessive hatred, one that drove him to follow me and keep track of everything I did, but hatred all the same.

If I watched Snow for too long, surely he would notice, and then I would have to talk to him and pretend to hate him, and honestly, it was exhausting. So I would sigh and go back to my schoolwork. It was the same every night. Always wondering, knowing the entire time that it would never go anywhere.

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Jack: Yeah! He goes to our high school (he’s a year older) 
Jack: And yeah, he helps me with my homework sometimes

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W-well , since it's the Valentine period , I guess I will have to offer you some of those hand-made chocolate . I hope you can accept them :,)

“Ah, how very thoughtful. You have my thanks, good stranger. I shall be sure to share them as equally as I can amongst my comrades. Heavens only know how difficult constant marching and charging can be on some of these newcomers to war, so every commodity we can get will boost morale…

Though I haven’t a doubt that I shall need to keep an eye on these sweets at all times until the last of them is gone. On the Eve of All Hallow’s and today in particular, Gaius becomes something of a sugar fiend. If I’m not careful, he may ask for more than his due share or try to snatch them away from me. Hm… I may just dispense with these at supper when all eyes are watching. Yes, that’s probably for the best.”

“In any case, a very happy Lover’s Day to you. May the spirit of this holiday warm your heart and liven your spirit… and heavens forbid, may you not get sucked into the commercialism of it all.”

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“You don’t want me.” please and thank you.

(Oh, goodness, a nice sad one! Putting this in Boy Emperor AU. Since I jump around the chronology of this AU like whoa, just know it takes place not long after Imperial Gift–Armitage is Emperor now and they’ve FINALLY kissed wow wow.)

It has been nearly a year since Armitage’s coronation. The offers of marriage have been relentless. Armitage listens to each one with utter neutrality, his face perfectly blank, the parents and ambassadors like merchants with daughters and sons for sale. Armitage is patient and neither encourages them nor stops them as they make their pitch. He answers each one the same way–thank you. A diplomat will speak with you shortly.

Ren does not want to dare to hope that the meaning of this is what he thinks it is. 

It is not every night, but often, most nights, that Armitage will end up in his lap, as they trade long kisses, as Armitage plays with Ren’s hair that has grown long and thick. Armitage is so hard and cold in public, the very image of Brendol, and so soft and playful in private, so different, so–sweet? It is so idyllic–Armitage has no paternal specter over him, disapproving of his choice of partner, and is free to get as close to Ren as he likes–that Ren is sure it will not last. It cannot possibly last. This isn’t what Ren was brought here for, he is here to protect, to obey–he has wanted this for so long, for just about as long as he’s been with Armitage he’s just wanted to be so close–

 “Ren. Ren, wake up–”

This was a dream, no, Brendol’s still alive, I dreamed this–

“Ren, come on, you’re having a nightmare. Wake up, please.”

The Emperor only says please to Ren.


“Wake up.” He’d fallen asleep in Armitage’s bed, which is large enough for a crowd, but it’s just the two of them, adrift in a sea of silk sheets. “Oh, stars, Ren, you were moaning and–maybe crying? I didn’t know what you were saying but I was worried–”

“No, don’t–don’t worry,” Ren breathes, forcing himself to sit up. He’s soaked in sweat, he can feel it prickling under his hair and all down his back. The last year wasn’t a dream, at least, but the thought of Hux seeing him so vulnerable is unnerving. What if Armitage doesn’t think he’s capable–?

“Calm down. Calm down.” Armitage takes Ren’s hand. “What was upsetting you so much?”

“Dreaming. Bad dreaming.”

“Are you afraid of something, Ren?”

Ren has every reason to lie, and the perfect opportunity. No, nothing. I fear nothing. It would be so easy to say. 


“What is it?”

“You don’t want me. I’ll fail you, I’ll–you’ll discard me. Or worse, even worse, I–” The words are tripping hard off his tongue, they hurt like falling down a flight of stairs but the gravity keeps pulling them out. “Or even worse, you’ll still need me but won’t want me anymore, not like–like how it is now. Like I’m just a placeholder, a consort, until you–until you marry someone of your own station–”

“Ren. Ren–” Armitage is pulling him close now, physically, arranging him, moving him into place so he can look him in the eye. But Ren is so ashamed that he can’t even look up. How was he better at this job when he was nine, not burdened by complicated frantic thoughts? He lets Armitage caress his hair. “Ren, Ren. Listen to me. Listen.”

Ren forces himself to look up. 

“Whether or not I marry is my own business. My own decision. There are–political reasons that it might be to my advantage. But I have the final say. And I might not. I don’t want to. I only would if it were absolutely necessary.”

“But you…A child…”

“I can name any heir I want. A child isn’t a concern of mine, at least not for the moment.” He touches Ren’s cheek. “I’m far more concerned with loyalty. With intelligence and power, with someone who knows me as wll as I know myself. There is no one like that but you, Ren.”

It is so frightening, to have this dangled before him, this confirmation of his hopes. Ren feels dizzy.

“I was only given to you to keep you alive,” he whispers.

“So you’re mine, then?”


“Then I’ll keep you. I wouldn’t–I couldn’t give away what belongs to me, not when I have something so good–”

They settle back down in the dark, drunk on more kisses, more and more, they can’t seem to stop even though they’re sleepy and Ren is rattled and flooded with emotion, anxious but wonderfully so–is it possible to be anxious with relief? His heart won’t stop pounding, under the soft sweet touch of the Emperor’s hand. 

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how did jack manage to become a golden warrior when his creche was so adamant on 'discouraging' him? did he know it was a viable option and was just punished for striving for it, or was it a path he basically trailblazed for himself? also i was wondering how far the creche would be willing to go to discourage him, since they still seem to need him for work?

Oooo, I love this question.

Okay, so, all the creches get generic teaching materials, and part of those generic teaching materials includes all these picture books on like the wonders of Lune. Like, the Palace and the Tsar (which is kind of written as mythic: almost like a kingdom in heaven), the City of Lune, the Priests, the Warriors. There’s a lot of propaganda about the Golden Warriors, because you know, the Palace is constantly wanting to recruit more from the creches given how many of them die / don’t make it through initiation.

So there is a huge bulk of propaganda around that. For about every book on the wonder of being a mechanic for Lune, or visiting the City of Lune, or serving the planet, there’s like two books on the Warriors. The creches are huge ongoing recruitment drives.

Now, the teachers aren’t allowed to make their own books or teaching materials outside of this (that’s illegal), so even the Overland creche is stuck with this stuff. But they also teach that becoming a Warrior is pretty much impossible, that Warriors are more like gods, and Overlands do not become gods. (Cue condescending laughter from a teacher). Overlands become farmers at best, and a lot of lessons are practical - which is why the Overland creche is on a huge property - it’s basically a teaching farm.

The teachers/team-leaders have always been able to discourage other Overlands from becoming Warriors. Jack wasn’t really interested in becoming one himself (he didn’t think it was an option, he was fully prepared to become a farmer) until his sister died. And he’s kind of unique in that sense, because the others are generally separated too young to have siblings or sibling bonds (many in the creches will meet siblings and never be aware they have - they’re all assigned the same surname, and their family records are expunged; they’re not allowed to talk about their family or memories of their family - which is partly to correspond with Jack not remembering his family in the film).

So Jack basically trailblazed the path for himself. He wasn’t okay when Pippa died, by any stretch of the imagination, and he became obsessed with the Warriors and basically anything that could vanquish the Darkness. He amassed content on the Warriors. He stole books and pamphlets. He began to disobey/shirk his duties to the point where punishments didn’t work, and he was setting a bad example for others. Eventually they separated him from the main group so he could train on his own (he had no idea what he was doing, so it was mostly physical exercises / the stretches etc. they’re taught to the nth degree - which is, quite outside of Crossholt, why his endurance is so high), and looked forward to him leaving to the Barracks to try his luck there. I mean the people who work in creches are pretty much always overworked and underpaid, and that’s definitely true in the Overland creche. Could they have tried harder to dissuade Jack? Sure.

But Jack didn’t always want to be a Warrior. Pippa’s death completely reshaped his life (as it did in the film, in a different way) and his goals. If it hadn’t been for that familial bond, he wouldn’t be a Warrior now. He’s the only Overland who has ever become a Warrior, or even turned up at the Barracks. Even the other kids became scared of him, because someone near him died from the Darkness, and he was often being punished, and they didn’t want to ‘catch’ that energy or be anything like him. So in the end, he became a great deterrent to the rest of the kids in the creche (especially once he was separated and no longer able to bond / maintain bonds), and the team-leaders knew that too, and leaned on it. Especially since they believed nothing would ever come of him. You can bet they’re going to block material of ‘Jack Frost’ reaching the kids though.

I mean, the Warriors at the Overland creche are so mythical, Jack stating that he was going to become one was as absurd to them as you or I claiming we’re going to become a god or a unicorn. Like ‘nice thought, it’ll never happen.’ Like you’ll try and discourage the person, but you also kind of recognise there’s probably something broken with them mentally, if they want that, and like…maybe you just leave them to it. Jack was left alone a lot, in the last few years of being at the Overland creche. (To also parallel with the film).

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Do you know how many baseballs have been pledged? Are we close to the 500 target?

We’re currently hovering around the 370 mark. We’d love to hit 500. It’ll make a huge impact. The baseballs are important. 

Hopefully the Pitches come through!

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I was just rereading Golden Age and I'm not sure if I missed it (or if it even matters) but has Pitch seen the scars on Jacks back? Or is that still upcoming? Obviously he knows he has them but I can't recall if he's seen them with his own eyes

Pitch hasn’t seen the scars, and actually, he’s not completely aware of the extent of them. Jack was sometimes written up on the form/s as being permitted for healing, but because Crossholt had told him ‘no healing’ and Jack never presented himself to the healing tower, a lot of those healing events never actually happened.

So Pitch knows that Jack should have some minimal scarring. I think Jack is going to be very cagey about Pitch seeing or touching his back (because of the stigma associated with it - he can handle people seeing it on the streets because he’s normally bleeding and the scarring is often hidden to a degree when he leaves the tower - and I think Pitch will… react to it, but I don’t think he’ll dump his outrage on Jack and keep it to himself.

Let’s just say that Pitch’s anger at Crossholt is already at a pretty high point. It’ll get higher. Idk how much Pitch will encounter in this chapter though, I haven’t decided yet.

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i really hope pitch gets renewed. ive seen so many campaigns for shows over the years & some have worked and other haven't. i hope we dont fall into the latter. what do you think our chances are?


I guess this is the point in the story where we give a great movie speech. So here’s what we got….hahahaha

Here is what we know: Dan Fogelman has a production deal with FOX studios. That production deal is like a marriage. From that marriage has come so far two children, This Is Us and Pitch.  TIU went to go live at NBC while Pitch lives at FOX. TIU is a cash cow for both networks and one of the most successful freshman shows of the season. 

Right now Dan is the man. He will probably never have more leverage than he does right now with FOX. Keeping that in mind I’m hoping FOX gives him what I like to call “The Ryan Murphy Treatment.” 

Last season FOX was quick to renew Scream Queens (early might I add) even though the live viewing numbers were less than stellar. They were quick to point out that social media buzz and delayed viewing were factors in the decision but I personally believe the relationship they have with Ryan Murphy played a big part too. Hopefully the same goes for Dan this season. 

Pitch is a great show and we believe in its greatness. I can’t say if our campaign efforts will work or not. However, we aren’t people who are willing to sit around or against the ropes and wait for the round to be over. We are fighters and we are going to fight until the final bell. There is more honor in fighting for it than waiting for it. If they do cancel it, I will rest easy knowing I let my voice be heard. 

Nonny if you haven’t I hope you’ll join us in the fight until the final bell comes down in May. 

We Aint Done Nothin’ Yet


William Joyce’s Q&A

Check out some of William Joyce’s answers about Rise of the Guardians, The Guardians of Childhood and… the ROTG SEQUEL?!?!

thatbrat: Dear Mr. Joyce, I know many people don’t give him much thought when talking about the movie, Rise of the Guardians, but for me, the character I was able to relate to the most was young Jamie Bennett. I saw so much of myself in him from when I was a child, and can still relate to his wanting to believe in fantastical beings and pursuit for the truth of the supernatural. I also thought his relationship with Jack was especially endearing and significant. So, getting down to it, my question is: can we expect to see more of him, specifically in Guardians of Childhood? Also, if you’ve given any thought to it, what would he be like as a teenager? What would his aspirations be?

WJ: Jamie was our way of giving the audience a sort of identifiable every kid. So as his character took shape we just thought of the things we wanted him to embody that we all had felt about belief and imagination and that sort of fall from grace when you have to accept the fact that a lot of these things aren’t real. But the belief in them is really the most awesome part of the experience, and in the way it makes these characters real. I want to leave Jamie exactly as he is and let people like yourself imagine his further adventures.

KSClaw: Dear Mr. Joyce, where did you get your initial ideas for Nicholas St. North from your Guardian of Childhood series? How did you come up with that he started out as a Bandit King?

WJ: 1. I came up with the idea when i was in the 3rd grade when I saw my first James Bond move with Sean Connery and I thought Santa Claus must be as cool as Sean Connery and I came up with an early idea of what his life must be like: a super cool spy bandit from bandit from long ago.
2. Sort of the same thing it seemed more interesting that he started out as not a totally good guy, but became a good guy because of what happened to him. It was sort of merging Robin Hood and James Bond because Robin Hood was a normal guy and became a hero because of what was going on around him. He became a hero for the underprivileged, and kids are always treated as second class citizens and Santa Claus’ mission was to make their lives easier and inventive and full of imagination.

rareapplepie: Hello! I have a couple of questions of you! 

1. Is there going to be a book for Pitch in the Guardians of Childhood series?
2. Are we going to get a Rise of the Guardians sequel? I’ve heard whispers and rumors, but I wanted to ask you guys~
3. Will there ever be any hope of actually getting good, quality merchandise for Rise of the Guardians? Things like…Jack’s Hoodie, maybe a toy Ruby Memory box, stuffed plushie Nightmares, maybe even something cute like a Sandman Nightight? All of your fans would -love- to have stuff like that!

WJ: Maybe. I’m thinking about. I just finished the Jack Frost book. Everyone who wants a sequel to happen to call Jeffrey Katzenberg at Dreamworks studio, and not to hang up until you talk to him. Tell them how essential it is that another Rise of the Guardians film be made. As for the merchandise, call Jeffrey Katzenberg [laughs] send him telegrams, letters, fruitcakes, pints of blood, anything that’ll get them to do this very simple, profitable, and necessary extension of our global culture. And bless you all.

KSCLaw: What was the inspiration for Bunnymund from Guardians of Childhood, and how chocolate affects him (such as the transformations)?

WJ: The inspiration for Bunnymund was a play from the 1950s – and a movie – called Harvey starting Jimmy Stewart. In which Jimmy Stewart’s best friend is a six foot all knowing all powerful invisible rabbit named Harvey. Harvey is described as a Pooka a creature of Celtic mythology. I loved that play and movie as a kid and I still love it. So I made Bunnymund the last of the Pooka’s and gave them a history that amused and delighted me and I tried to do honor to the original concept of Harvey. The chocolate thing, it just made narrative sense.

JokulFrosti1: William when you were making Rise Of The Guardians do you ever planned on naming Jack’s sister? And if so what would be her name?

WJ: That’s a closely guarded secret, but if you contact Jeffrey Katzenberg at Dreamworks Studios to know the answer in a sequel to Rise of the Guardians I think that’s the best shot you have to knowing the answer.

JokulFrosti1: Did Jack meet his “family” (the one we see in flashbacks in ROTG) between his (as Nightlight) battle with Pitch but before he officially became Jack Frost?

WJ: Yes, but they couldn’t see him.

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how is that hate life going for you sipapapapara

brnah, it is going fucking G RN 8. fuck fourn squarnes, i could play  E I G H T. and, like, drnones? please. p surne i could get folks to fill pails forn me while i watch trnolldown and eat bonbons, like, half the continent away.

i mean, ‘kay, look to the left, and wow! what’s this? it’s lp, keeping all these weirnd-ass fucking hatefans off my jock. b/c, like, wowzerns, who’d’ve guessed, ppl who get theirn rnocks off watching  O T H E RN  folks fight insteada, like, rnolling up theirn sleeves and doing it theirn own damn selves arne crnay? not me, ah-pearn-ently. >;{

and she doesn’t even, like, want shit outta it except the publicity. like, ‘kay, yes, you might be like, fake dating bullshit? oh my god, siparna, she’s totes gonna, like, end up trnying to wearn yrn  H U S K  orn something - but dnw, p surne she’s savin’ that forn the blueblood. >:}

and on the rnight: laladornk is fucking prnec and i’m gonna dump him in a fucking lake if he keeps trnyin’ to frnont w/ me, because, like, n, therne’s only enough rnoom w/ one cullbait scienstiff w/ an attitude on this sitcom and i’ve  T O T E S  got that booked. and he needs to wash out his nasty fucking pan anyway. who the fuck comes up with this shit? like, ‘kay, ernrnybodies gonna shit-talk, but therne’s no need to get  T H A T   grnoss, oh my  G O D.

and, like, in everny othern cornern of the rnoom, like the wornst kinda infestation of clothmice you evern did see: riccin, being a fucking paint-addled stalkern! gausia, getting all up in my grnill w/ hern lame-ass plasma guns! can i count syffus? i’m countin’ syffus. ‘cause, like, lbrn herne, not clearn if she wants to C U L L  me or if she’s just like this w/ evernyone, but it’s cute like a barkbeast hitting the wall anyway. and chiarne. who the fuck can fornget the girnl w/ furniturne w/ morne pernsonality?? idefk how i found, like, the only pissblood morne humornless than a clown. skill? >:}

and matarni, who, fuck you, i’m keeping fornevern, no rnomo.  frneddie, who.. okay, negl, she shouldn’t be on this list, but idefk why she keeps stealing my shit if it’s not, like, some awk pitch bullshit. love hern!

totes gonna wearn her skin as a suit if she doesn’t   C U T   T H E   S H I T.

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a ffxv cah game would be absolutely amazing and i am 100% for it



@fyeahsnowbaz asked: Destiel or Snowbaz

“You were the sun, and I was crashing into you.”

↳ Catch Fire by 5 Seconds of Summer

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I don’t know how serious you should take this one. ;)


Simon was just about to fall asleep whilst he focused on Baz’s fingers drawing circles on his back.

“Remember that time I threw you off the stairs?”

“How could I forget?” Simon’s voice sounded unamused and Baz chuckled. 

“That actually happened by accident.”

“You sent me flying off the stairs by accident?” 

“It happened on accident when we were fighting, you know.”

“Okay, well don’t think this is going to make me forgive you.”

“Love, you’re in the same bed as me in my arms.”

“Shush, let me sleep.”

“You love me.”

“Don’t push your luck.”

Baz smiled and gave Simon a peck on the lips. “Goodnight.”