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Fic Prompts: Star Wars Wednesday

The next blast shook the mining facility, and the duel halted abruptly as both combatants struggled to keep their footing. Ultimately, the smaller of the two lost his balance and Luke Skywalker pitched over the railing of the rapidly collapsing walkway with a startled cry. His fingers barely caught the edge of a crane tipping precariously towards the molten metal far below, but his grip was tenuous.

Then there was a hand reaching down for him, an unsettling echo of another duel that seemed both too recent to bear and yet a lifetime ago.
“Luke,” Darth Vader knelt at the edge of the walkway, “Take my hand.”

But what did that entail? Luke did not want to die, but would this be a kind of surrender, allowing the dark lord to save him?
“I…don’t think…” he tried to voice his thoughts and failed.

“Luke!” Vader stretched out his hand, sounding almost desperate. Well, Luke supposed a little concern was appropriate and vastly overdue, if the man was really his father. “Take my hand,” Vader repeated, “I will not let you fall.”

After a heartbeat, Luke asked in a very small voice, “You promise?”

“I promise,” his father answered.

“I’ll hold you to that,” Luke gulped, then swung one arm up to where Vader could catch hold of it and draw him back onto the walkway.

And Vader came to the stark realization that there had been double meaning in the boy’s words, spoken not in Basic but in a language still used in secret on Tatooine, when the Hutts could not hear. And rashly he had entered into a pact not easily broken.
I will not let you fall, he had said. 
Clever boy.

missyriver  asked:

The night air was crisp on the balcony but Ginny did not feel the cold only Mike behind her.

His hands were grazing along her bare spine, under the straps of the cocktail dress, and the shiver it elicited from Ginny was from anything but the air.

“Mike…” she murmured warningly, but there wasn’t enough heat behind it, and her body betrayed her by leaning back into his touch.

“Hmm?” She though it was his voice traveling a bit more in the silence, but she soon realized his mouth had reached her jaw, kissing up it and slowly sucking on her earlobe. Ginny swallowed a low moan and gripped the railing a bit tighter in front of her before trying again.

“People know we’re out here…” She meant to gesture back to where the party was raging behind them - a suite party, some front office celebration - but his mouth moved down now, sucking on her pulse point, and she forgot what she was supposed to be protesting.

She probably shouldn’t have been surprised when Mike’s hand snaked under her skirt, but it still caught her off guard, enough that she actually gasped when his hand made contact with her upper thigh. “Mike…” She warned again as his fingers trailed up further.

“Tell me to stop.” His lips brushed her ear when he spoke, and she knew she should do it. She should order him to take his hand out of her dress and save this for another time. A time when they were actually alone, when their bosses and teammates weren’t partying just inside the door. She should tell him this wasn’t the time or place.

She didn’t.

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