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So, I want to talk about some things.

First, Mike has seen Ginny really dressed up. Like really. Some would argue that she looks her best in the first gif. I think she looks incredible, but she doesn’t look like her. 

Not really. She’s Ginny Baker™ here. She’s ON. She has to be, she’s in front of all of these cameras and everyone wants a slice of Ginny Baker™. 

Mike tells her she looks nice. It’s the blandest and most mild of compliments, honestly, and said with so much apprehension because there’s this valley of mess between him, he’s about to fall in deep with the slightest misstep.

So, it’s not that Mike hasn’t seen her dressed up when his face clears and he has this stupid look of wonder and awe on his face, but Ginny looks like her here.

Here, where it’s just the two of them. She said she was hanging out with her brother, Mike probably would assume she’d meet him looking pretty casual, they way she did when she left the club house. So I love his reaction to seeing her, like it knocked something off-kilter in his brain.

Also, Ginny’s not super done up here. Her hair is down and wavy, she’s basically makeup free, and it’s just her.

And Mike is totally floored by her, not a done up version for mass consumption. 

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The weight on Mike Lawson is clearly all muscle. We have seen him shirtless a couple times throughout the season and it isn't like he is carrying fat anywhere, even the nude photoshoot points that out. He has a muscular chest, defined abs, and massive fucking thighs. The weight he gained for the role all turned into really toned muscle. There is no point to this other than that this man is 100% muscle and Ginny needs to get it.

Mike’s also got a big dick, nonny.

We can’t forget about that. #Thickums™


I know we keep avoiding the Noah/Ginny kiss in this promo…but I’m not gonna be able to handle it after last week. My heart already hurts just thinking about it…

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besides the kiss and the bar the batting practice scene might be one of my favorites to date. ginny ribbing mike about impressing his fans and then blip does it and al gets frustrated. and mike is smiling at ginny and then hits like 4 homers in a row and once he is done he can't help but smile at her and then gets all serious because of blip and it is adorable i can't.


It’s really too cute. Ginny says to do something and Mike just does it. 

I mean, that’s what happens, right? ;)

Al: Mike will you please stop her chatter?
Ginny: yeah stop the chatter Mike, come on now
Mike: *hits four out of the park*

@Bawson/Pitch Fam:

My absolute favourite part of being a member of this Pitch fandom/Bawson fam is how we claim to be innocent. Meanswhile, we’re writing /creating /prompting more and more…..everything (fics, gifs, videos, smut, filth, trash, drabbles etc.)

“I’m a good person, I pay my taxes”
“I’m a good person, I eat my veggies”
“I don’t deserve any of this”
“I have done nothing to deserve this”
“I have done nothing wrong”


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yes this is a call-out post. #sorrynotsorry

*sigh* this fandom is simultaneously the best and worst thing that’s every happened to me

Note: While I may complain that you’re all gonna be my cause of death (and yes you most definitely will be), I gotta say, if I’m gonna go out, I don’t mind going out because of Pitch fanfic

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i love you pitches <3

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looking at your tags on the "Mike's names for Ginny".....I can maybe see him going back to Baker in the clubhouse, but when she gets injured, I think he'll yell out her name while rushing to the mound and assisting her. I can even see there being a HINT of affection before the trainer gets out there and stuff. Boy...I actually can't WAIT until that scene.


I could totally see him going back to Baker or Rookie. Trying to put that professional distance between the two of them again. I so want him to shout out Ginny when she gets injured! Man am I hoping for worried and hovering Mike when Ginny gets hurt…

Thursday can’t come fast enough!

Whatever you do

Don’t picture Ginny bugging Mike to put up a Christmas tree.

Don’t picture Grumpy Mike Lawson saying “Fine rookie just stop poking me”

And them spending hours out because it needs to be the ‘perfect tree Mike!!“

Don’t picture human sunshine Ginny and human disaster Mike and Christmas.