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This Dog Is SO Jealous Of His Little Brother’s iPad…It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Technology is great. It offers plenty of cool ways to communicate with others around the world. But it can also cause us to not pay attention to those right next to us. We’ve all been there: we’re at dinner with someone and we look at our phone, rather than the person across the table….


This Poor Pit Bull Suffered Extreme Cruelty, And It’s Written All Over Her Face

This sweet pit bull is used to getting some pretty strange looks when she walks down the street, but that doesn’t stop her from finally enjoying her life. After what she’s been through, she deserves it.Stephanie Paquin and her husband found the poor girl, now going by Khaleesi, while…


This Big Pit Bull Is So Patient When A Baby Dentist Gives Her A Checkup

I get pretty nervous every time I have to drag myself to the dentist’s office, but this sweet pit bull is totally calm about the whole thing.Probably because she’s in such good hands with this adorable little dentist. She patiently waits for the doc to examine her and then repays him with…


This Dog Was Abandoned And Left To Die On The Streets…Luckily They Found Her

It’s unimaginable how many people in the L.A. area must have walked by this dog in dire need of rescue before one anonymous Good Samaritan contacted Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation (GRFF). She was really far gone, and it’s hard to tell exactly how long she was out there, but it was clearly too…