Love Furr Boopers. 

This is a small group i’m starting to help save the animals of San Antonio TX. SA has a really bad problem, and that is people abandoning and abusing furr children. There are lack of shelters that are no kill shelters, and the shelters that are no kill lack items and space  they need to help save and treat these animals until they are given to a loving home. What i’m trying to do is raise money and items to help these shelters. I myself rescue animals on almost a day to day basis. I have rescued and fostered a total of 10 animals this year, most now have a loving home but some such as the pits were turned away do to breed, some cats I have are special. The financial problems with rescuing animals is difficult for most people who are doing so. There are vet bills, food, bedding, shots, shampoo’s and the list goes on. Animals have a lot of needs and sometimes those needs can be difficult to meet. So these animals are reaching out a paw to you for help.

Things needed:

 Dog & Puppy Food                        
    Cat & Kitten Food                          
    Blankets, Towels, Washcloths, Bedding
    Cat Litter                                                               Paper Towels
    Dog & Cat Toys
    Dog & Cat Beds
    Dog & Cat Treats                                  
    Medical Supplies
    Dog & Cat Shampoo
    Flea & Tick medications
    Dog Brushes, Nail Clippers, Grooming supplies       Heartworm Preventatives
    Collars and Leashes
    Dish Soap
    Laundry Soap

You can have these items shipped here through Amazon Wishlist and they will be distributed to no kill shelters in San Antonio.

You can also place a small donation to which will go towards more items and donated to shelters for medical supplies and vetting bills. Paypal: Lovefurrboopers@hotmail.com

Photographs taken by me goodmorningmonroe

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cutawaythepainkissawaytheday-de asked:

You're wrong about the breed on so many levels. They were bred to guard children, livestock, and fight Bulls. These dogs are not naturally aggressive. Learn your facts before spewing stupidity out into the world.

The assertion that the modern day American PIT BULL Terrier has been bred to guard flocks and bait bulls is laughable. The remnants of that part of their ancestry died over a 100 years ago along with what they then knew as a bull dogs and terriers. 

The distinction between bull and terriers is paramount to understanding how the modern day pit bull terrier differs from those two distinct breeds. The Bull/mastiff type dogs were bred for extreme power, biting ability, and extreme courage. These traits are what allowed them to take on bulls and at one stage bears and at an even later stage each other. The terrier type dogs, also bred to be fearless, were smaller, faster and more nimble which made them exceptional candidates to use when hunting animals that lived in tunnels underground as well as many other types of vermin. As the popularity of bull baiting etc dwindled men started dog on dog combat. For many reasons, they required smaller faster dogs but still strong enough to inflict serious damage. Inevitably, the two best candidates were the bull and terrier type crosses. 

Dog fighting grew in popularity and due to the fact that gambling was a large contributor to the “sport” many people dedicated their lives to creating the ultimate fighting dog in the hopes of providing for themselves. Dog fighting became a serious crime around the 60’s (somewhere in that region) but this did not discourage its participants until approximately 10 years ago when a 250,000 dollar fine was implemented for those found guilty. Just this year that fine has been increased to 500,000 dollars. This has no doubt put a massive halt on the brutal activity and although this was much needed and welcomed by true fanciers anyone that understands genetics will attest to the fact that the genes that made these dogs excellent fighters will remain prevalent in this animals for at least another century until most breeders have started to base their criterion for selection on something other than fighting ability. Ironically, the misinformation you spew is the reason why there are so many homeless pit bulls in shelters or why so many family pets get mauled by the family pit bull because precautions were not taken. 

The fallacy that ALL pit bulls are capable of living with other animals is truly killing our breed. I applaud your passion but i urge you to rather promote responsible ownership as opposed to misinformation. Your lack of knowledge can only be a result of lack of experience. I too, once upon a time, believed my dog was incapable of harming dogs. Until one day he did and after that I refuse to ever take that chance again because allowing a pit bull to get hold of another animal because of ignorance is unforgivable. Neither dog asked to be placed in that situation and sadly the only ones that suffer as a result of your self serving beliefs are the dogs. 

We as breeders and owners have made massive head way in terms of moving away from the abhorrent and cruel activity of dog fighting by promoting various show events that allow our animals to shoe off their physical prowess. 

Hopefully, at some point the pit bull will very rarely display dog aggression but will instead be an athlete and family member. At this point however, these dogs should only be allowed to socialize with other animals under strict supervision. 

They are the ultimate family members and as owners it is our duty to accept them for who they are and cater for their needs correctly. If someone is not up for the challenge they should not own these dogs. Remember, it is not the 9 times your dog does not harm another animal that matters. It is the small minority of incidences that he or she does that people remember and inevitable affect the breed negatively instilling fear in them to the extent that breed specific legislation becomes enacted.


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