Flower Power: Pit Bulls of the Revolution by Sophie Gamand

The artist explains that she wants to change the way society looks at pit bulls : 

America euthanizes upward of 1,000,000 pit bulls every year. Pit bulls are victims of prejudices that associate them with violence and make them disposable dogs. Through my series Flower Power: Pit Bulls of the Revolution, I decided to photograph them with flower crowns, to infuse a softer energy into their imagery. I wish for this series to challenge the way we look at pit bulls, and ultimately the way we treat them.

All the models from the series are shelter pit bulls who were waiting for adoption at the time of the photograph. Many of them still are. (check this link to view the complete series and who is still waiting for a home).

The series is inspired by Baroque and Rococo’s aesthetics, using the traditional codes of portraiture. The flowers symbolizes the ephemeral quality of life, reminding us that these creatures are fragile and precious.

With this series, I wonder if art is a tool powerful enough it can change pit bulls’ fate.

For more of her work : http://www.sophiegamand.com/flowerpower

a town near my hometown just banned pitbull dogs from its territory and it would mean A LOT if you guys would sign the online petition!

it’s HERE

it’s in french but the form is really short, basically it’s:

  • prénom = first name
  • nom de famille: last name
  • ville = city
  • pays = country (USA in the list is “États-Unis”)
  • adresse de courriel = e-mail address
  • rendre publique votre signature? = make your signature public?
  • oui / non = yes / no
  • and then you click “signer cette pétition”