ATTENTION ANIMAL LOVERS AND FRIENDS! This sweet dog is in desperate need of a good home where he is the only dog. He is house trained and is up to date on his shots. He has some obedience training, however, he is aggressive towards other animals. He is a rescue dog with no socialization as a puppy. He is a loving and caring dog who just needs a family that is patient and understanding.

He is with a caring and loving family right now, however, they are moving into a home that does not allow dogs. His aggression towards other animals is making it incredibly difficult to find him a home as willing to work with him and understand his behaviors.

Look at that face! He would make a great addition to any home! If you can help in any way, please feel free to message me!


Foster Dog Henry, Day 38
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It really blows my mind how closed minded people are when it comes to Pitbulls.
Not only do we live in a city where they want us to keep my dog in a kennel 24/7 AND muzzled when she’s in the backyard not to mention the doors and windows closed when she’s in the house but we also have a neighbor next to us who is continuing to make false accusations about my dog.
Wow, Bella’s kisses are the most vicious thing oh and let’s not forget about her hugs!
I’m highly upset that my dog can no longer run freely and play in her own backyard.
And it really truly annoys me that people are so quick to label Pitbulls.
Pitbulls are dogs too. They deserve all the love in the world and they deserve to be treated like an animal.
They don’t deserve to be treated like this and people need to be aware that ANY dog can attack it’s not JUST Pitbulls.
I love my Pitt, and I’ll argue with anyone who tries to tell me otherwise.
Now tell me, does this really look aggressive to you?