DemonDog: No gratitude need be voiced. Your mind speaks to us

Starchild: You’re looking for someone, but it’s not LICK.

Goldenretriever: Please, you have to help me find my fiance Sam. Have you seen him?

Starchild: He was here.

Guard Dog: Sorry boys, I’ll get her out of your fur.

DemonDog: ROAR!!

*Guard dog stops forcing her away*

Starchild: Sam’s still in the park.

Ok so they took the full movie down from youtube so all I have is KISS’ audio parts, I don’t have the other characters so I’m addlibing other  characters. I decided to animalize the movie KISS MEETS PHANTOM OF THE PARK!!! I thought it’d be fun! I changed a few things, Criss the cat is now a bob tail!!! Other than that that’s it


If it was Britney instead of Ke$ha on ‘Timber’.