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Dog • Pit Bull Terrier • Adult • Male • Medium
Athens County Dog Shelter
Chauncey, OH

Lefty is 2 years old. He is housebroken and good with men, women and cats.  Kids and other dogs unknown (but will be tested soon with other dogs).  Lefty knows sit, paw, lay, stay, jump and go potty.

Support the Athens County Dog Shelter by walking your dog or yourself!  It won’t cost you a cent!  Download the app “Walk For a Dog” from http://wooftrax.com to your phone and select Athens County Dog Shelter and then take a walk!  It’s great for you and your pooches plus it benefits the homeless dogs at the shelter.  Use the app each time you grab the leash.  You, your dog and the shelter will all benefit.

Please visit  http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/U0RLUOCMT7KI
to see the wishlist of items that the Shelter is in need of.  Thank You!


🙊🐶🐶 // these guys are my everything. This is the cutest video ever, and I’m totally stoked on it even though it’s not much. Haha. Three dogs. Two morkies and a pitbull are now best buds. Screw cars. Who’s got cute dogs I can shoot?! Lololol pitbull belongs to my dude @illwillink #awfilms #macethemorkie #mauithemorkie #morkies #chasedog #pitbull #Illwillink #morkie

I have been so busy that I haven’t been posting as much, and here’s one reason. This is Michaela, relinquished to the clinic I work at. Michaela was diagnosed with Parvo strain F on Thursday night, symptoms appeared Wednesday evening. The owners opted for euthanasia and instead I took her home to be fostered. Michaela is in need of some prayers to help her beat this horrible virus!

The first four days with Banyan

    i have been having a really bad flare up and it hurts too much to type a lot still but i just wanna say this pup has changed my life already and i am so excited for this process.

    i really wanna show how i didn’t ever think i could have the sense of independence to travel on my own without getting hurt, and never thought i could afford the cost of a service dog (a trained service dog costs about $20,000), but having spent a few days with Banyan, I really feel like this is something so much more attainable and though there are definitely costs (i really can’t thank my best friend gracie enough right now or ever), so many people could benefit from a true service dog* that didn’t know they could have before. 

Dogs, even pitbulls, that come from a shelter CAN be service dogs, and temperment and health are what truly matters.


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Watch this #VIDEO🎥of BONGO #A1694394. This adorable boy is just sitting in his kennel feeling sad and scared. Besides being stuck in a cold small kennel and being on death row, Bongo also has an easily treatable doggie cold that the shelter will euthanize him for if someone doesn’t come save him ASAP. #saveBongo ————————————————- Currently there are close to ❗️50❗️adoptable #PitBull and #PitBull mixes at MDAS. ————————————————-💔 Due to Breed Specific Legislation in Miami-Dade, Bongo and all other Pitties need an out of county foster/adopter! #endBSL 💜 Bongo is at Miami-Dade Animal Services, 7401 NW 74th Street, Miami, FL open weekdays 10 to 6:30and on weekends 10 to 4. Phone: 305-884-1101; Email: pets@miamidade.gov #saveBongo #A1694394 #savealife #beahero #adoptdontshop #adoptapit #saveapit Repost from @mdaspitties


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