Montreal Just Delivered A Death Sentence To Thousands Of Dogs
For animal people. Pass it on.
By Christian Cotroneo

“City councillors in Montreal just signed a death warrant for thousands of dogs in the Canadian city.

At a council meeting on Tuesday afternoon, legislators voted in 37 to 23 favor of breed-specific legislation, effectively outlawing any dog that resembles a pit bull — unless owners meet a strict set of conditions.

But pit bull-type dogs currently in city shelters need not apply. Under the ban — which loosely covers American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers and Staffordshire bull terriers — no dog considered a pit bull can be adopted from Montreal shelters.

“For dogs that don’t have an ‘owner’ on the day of the passing of the legislation, the way the legislation is drafted, the dogs have to be euthanized,” Alanna Devine, of the Montreal SPCA, told The Dodo last week.”

Please sign the petition, write to the mayor, DO SOMETHING. Pit bulls have done nothing wrong except to be what they are!!

Montreal SPCA taking city's controversial pit bull bylaw to court
Animal welfare agency wants sections on 'pit bull-type dogs' declared illegal

Montreal’s SPCA will ask the Quebec Superior Court to review the city’s new animal control bylaw in a bid to have the sections targeting “pit bull-type dogs” declared illegal.

The SPCA said the action will be presented at the Montreal courthouse on Thursday.

The bylaw, which will ban new ownership of pit bulls and pit-bull type dogs, was passed by city council on Tuesday, and goes into effect Oct. 3.

But the SPCA wants the sections of the new bylaw concerning “pit bull-type dogs” declared illegal on the following grounds:

  • It discriminates by creating additional and punitive obligations for owners and guardians of pit bull-type dogs, which the SPCA argues are not dangerous.
  • It is “vague and imprecise” in its definition of pit bull-type dogs and makes it “impossible to know which dogs fall into this category.”
  • It fails to include a means to challenge the designation of a dog as a pit bull-type breed.
  • It contravenes Article 898.1 of the Civil Code of Quebec, which grants animals the status of sentient beings, as well as sections of the Animal Welfare and Safety Act.
  • It is unreasonable that the bylaw treats all pit bull-type dogs as dangerous dogs despite what the agency says is the lack of credible evidence that they are inherently dangerous.

Animal rights advocates have criticized the bylaw, pointing out that many cities that have implemented similar legislation have since repealed the laws.

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I just read this article about banning pitbulls in Montreal, Canada. And my heart sunk. 💔 they DON’T deserve this. I’m so angry. I want to hug every single of them. Poor babies. So nonsense and shameful. I thought Canada was a smart country. PLEASE WE NEED TO HELP THEM. TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TO SAVE THESE LITTLE SOULS.


Thank you so much! ❤️

...that being said, re. pitbulls

You don’t need to compare breed banning to the Holocaust to make your point, kids. It’s a pretty irresponsible and horrible decision, on its own. And, truly, if you want to talk about discrimination, consider 

  • which (human) groups are being targeted by this ban
  • the scary dog owner who has to be conjured to get any public/political support for it (apologies for the pun, but conversations around pitbulls are known for #dogwhistle racism and classism)
  • who has the power and resources to navigate what is truly a legal grey area surrounding this ban – who can hire a lawyer and pay for a DNA test to save their family pet 
  • who will be most affected by new fees, paperwork and monitoring 

So, remember, Coderre doesn’t have to be Hitler to have made a terrible decision with gruesome consequences. He just has to be the kind of person who makes poor decisions that go against the recommendations of vets and animal welfare societies, including the SPCA, assuming he knows more than experts with actual experience and creating a climate in which people who keep happy, loved family pets are monitored more than puppy mills and animal abusers. 

He just has to be the mayor of Montreal.


If it was Britney instead of Ke$ha on ‘Timber’.


Yesterday (September 27, 2016), Montreal’s city council officially passed a by-law targeting specific dog breeds (mostly pit bulls, but also bully-type breeds AND any dog that has pit bull-like features). This decision was poorly made and will without a doubt be poorly executed. 

Montreal’s SPCA has already filed legal action against the city because such a law goes against Quebec’s animal welfare laws. In addition, they created this super informative site with facts on dog bites, why breed-specific legislations never work, and even suggestions on how to actually make everyone in a community feel safe.

Please take the time out of your day to sign the petition found on this website. Your support means the world to the SPCA and Montrealers who have pit bulls (myself included).