Fun fact: most of them aren’t the same character.

Some days ago I thought “yay, let’s draw all the Gearlooses, what could possibly go wrong?“ …and turns out I just have to draw my fav characters with all the details even if they’re mostly obscured by other layers… but hot dog, was it fun!

Ok so the characters are (left to right):

Top row: Copernico, Fulton
Middle row: Gyro (comics), Gyro (DuckTales reboot), Mad Ducktor, Cartesio
Bottom row: Ratchet, Galileo, Newton

(To be honest most of them appear in stories I haven’t read yet but I don’t have time and access to those stories so I went mostly by first impression.)

(Also I’m fully aware each one of them is drawn in slightly different style, it wasn’t intentional but it helps tell them apart so it’s not that bad)

Pay close attention to their eyes and you might discover my headcanon >:3

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