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A Truth To Ponder During Pride Month

I wanna say I’ve been thinking a lot about Pride today and the Maze Runner Scorch Trials made me realize just how far we came. In 2016 Dylan O'Brien and Thomas Brodie-Sangster got nominated for “Best Onscreen Chemistry” which is the safe way of saying “Best Couple”.

They won, even over people like J.Law and whoever it was that played Pita Bread, and other hetero fictional power couples. That isn’t the huge part. FOX didn’t switch the result, results were secret so they could have.

O'Brien and Brodie-Sangster not only accepted this whole idea but encouraged it. (For example the last moment break away from a full on kiss in Maze Runner 1 outtakes).

The characters may or may not be gay; the author openly suppports the ship so that is also something that is a huge step for someone trying to keep a struggling movie franchise alive in these times.

But can you tell me if, in 2006, FOX would allow this choice to win regardless of the votes? That the hetero actors would be so open and not caring about the ship at building points in their careers? No way…guaranteed 100% absolutely no way.

So maybe some progress has actually been made after all.