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NOAH FENCE BUT,,,,, Gerik being attractive does not make his Erik invalid like i seriously do not see a correlation like legit it’s either his voice gets ragged on or that he was too hot and honestly i actually like that he was attractive ?? because tbh it’s more tragic if we had a more grotesque distortion ( which i imagine anyhow btw ) and could’ve misled christine and other’s more / fooled them and allured them even more along with his voice and presence  ?? a what could’ve been in a sense. it’s also a sense of a dark angel like imagine a handsome af dude and then SURPRISE A DEMON’S FACE UNDER A MASK. also he had so much passion and love for this character to be receiving ridicule just cause his genes were blessed like i’m mad tired im gonna eat a taquito in anger

Anna Fang, badass aviator and agent of the Anti-Traction League from the Mortal Engines quartet by Philip Reeve. (one of my favourite book series of all time, and I’m really really excited to be drawing her for the upcoming volume of Ladies of Literature!)

I’ve been struggling so much with the composition for the actual piece, and just de-stressing by doing some character sketches…


This guy’s Parks and Recreation acapella medley is absolutely amazing! WATCH HIM.

In high school we did a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, and I was a part of the pit orchestra. One of 4 cellists. There came a time during one of the songs that called for many extra and special sound effects, and the two guys in the drums/extra sounds part of the pit could not handle all of them. For the rest of the orchestra, however, it was a very boring and very repetitive piece of music that lasted for over 30 bars.

So during that period, three of the junior cellists (myself included), a viola player, and two of the extra horns all carefully set down our instruments and weaved our way over to the drums/sounds station. We picked up our pre-ordained instruments (at the time the instructions were ‘anything on that table and shake it hard!’ but later we sorted out exactly which instruments to use). We joined them for 12 bars, and then rushed back to our seats in the next 4 bars to be able to join the orchestra for when the rhythms picked back up and the piece became complicated again.

It was quite an experience to throw down my cello in four different performances, race across the room trying not to trip on any other cases, instruments, chairs, or people, and play at the right moment, just to rush back even more hurried and resume playing on beat.


M: “Careful Yuu-chan, don’t get so excited, who knows what this filthy human might try to make us do in the future?”

me: ”Fine, fine! I apologize in advance for every possible indecent/”bit bloody” scenes n co. between you two in the future”

M:  (///□///) 

Y: “…Mika…  \(°//∇//°)\  … can’t we give her a chance? She worked so much and everything! She kinda figured even your hair out somehow! Everybody deserves a chance! Come on….! Mikaaa~”

M: “W-Well… *cough*… if she must….”  (///-///)*


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Broken Noses and Phone Numbers

A/N: I finished this off with a really bad headache so it’s prolly not my best work and there could be some spelling mistakes, but please let me know what you think, thank you frens ! 

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You’ve been counting down the days and weeks until this day, it had finally arrived, the day you finally get to see your favourite band, Twenty One Pilots, in concert. You were waiting outside the venue with your best friend and many other excited fans, talking about the show and how amazing it was going to be. Once the doors opened everyone rushed inside, causing you to be split up from your best friend. You found yourself in front row without her. Shit, I’m alone, what am I meant to do. There was no cell service in the venue, so calling her was out of the question. You decided to stay where you were and meet her back at the car when the show was over. 

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