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Anna Fang, badass aviator and agent of the Anti-Traction League from the Mortal Engines quartet by Philip Reeve. (one of my favourite book series of all time, and I’m really really excited to be drawing her for the upcoming volume of Ladies of Literature!)

I’ve been struggling so much with the composition for the actual piece, and just de-stressing by doing some character sketches…

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Get to Know Your Author #23, if it's not been claimed, please?

#23 was “any obscure life experiences that you feel have helped your writing?”  To which I say…

All of them.

Life feeds art, and art feeds life, and neither of them can really exist without the other.  Which is not to say that all of you need to have my “sure, I will jump into the snake pit, SNAKE PITS ARE AMAZING” approach to life: sometimes, watching someone else jump into the snake pit will be more than enough.  But everything you do, everything you experience and see, will help your writing, because it is all a part of your writing.  It is all connected to your writing.

Verity Price exists because of Kate challenging me to find a way to get us access to rehearsals on So You Think You Can Dance, along with multiple other factors.  October Daye exists because I got stuck on the Tea Garden moon bridge and was staring at the koi to calm myself down.

Everything feeds everything else.


This guy’s Parks and Recreation acapella medley is absolutely amazing! WATCH HIM.


Throwback Thursday!

So, hey, do you guys remember when “Lapidot” looked like this…?  Because I sure do! ;P

It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come since the very early days - this is basically all we had back then.


Albums released

  • February 9: Peace - Happy People 
  • February 23: Pond - Man, It Feels Like Space Again
  • February 25: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds - Chasing Yesterday 

Scheduled for release

  • April 21: Miami Horror - All Possible Futures
  • April 21: Passion Pit - Kindred
  • April 21: Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color
  • April 27: Blur - The Magic Whip
  • May 4: Mumford & Sons - Wilder Mind.
  • May 4: Palma Violets - Danger in the Club
  • May 18: Brandon Flowers - The Desired Effect.
  • May 18: Hot Chip - Why Make Sense?
  • May 25: The Vaccines - English Graffiti.
  • May 26: Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Multi - Love
  • June 1: Florence + The Machine - How Big How Blue How Beautiful
  • June 5: Muse - Drones


home is where your heart is —– {listen}

(and my heart is in your hands and my home is at your side)

A mix for the Doctor and Rose trapped on an impossible planet and realizing that home can be a person.

i. I’ll Keep You Safe - Sleeping At Last // ii. Shelter - The xx // iii. People Help The People - Birdy // iv. Everyone’s Got Something - Perrin Lamb // v. Foreigner’s God - Hozier // vi. Best Shot - Birdy & Jaymes Young // vii. arms - Christina Perri // viii. Eavesdrop - The Civil Wars // ix. Keep Your Heart - TV On The Radio // x. She Is Love - Parachute // xi. the words - Christina Perri // xii. Tell Her You Love Her - Echosmith // xiii. Take Me to Chuch - Hozier // xiv. Home - Gabrielle Aplin

cover credit: badwolfrun


M: “Careful Yuu-chan, don’t get so excited, who knows what this filthy human might try to make us do in the future?”

me: ”Fine, fine! I apologize in advance for every possible indecent/”bit bloody” scenes n co. between you two in the future”

M:  (///□///) 

Y: “…Mika…  \(°//∇//°)\  … can’t we give her a chance? She worked so much and everything! She kinda figured even your hair out somehow! Everybody deserves a chance! Come on….! Mikaaa~”

M: “W-Well… *cough*… if she must….”  (///-///)*


And so evakaname debuts in Mika x Yuu Art Hell!!! Yeyy!!
Thank you @rindartist, it is partly your miracle working inspiring me to draw again, to draw THEM. You are kicking my muse awake every time i see you around, and then she starts kicking MY lazy slow ass…
…there was no escape for me… 

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5h gonna be looking like an actual group now at the PCA's. Watch out Little Mix.

i really don’t appreciate it when you pit two amazing groups of girls against one another because there really is no need