pit shaving

So My 7 year old God Daughter and My 15 year old cousin stayed the night last weekend . We were having dinner and I must have reached for something and exposed My blue armpit hair . The conversation when like this :

15 year old “ Lol I forgot you have blue armpits .

Hubby : Oh you dyed them blue again , I didnt even notice .

7 year old : ( looks perplexed but amused )

 Hubby to 7 year old : Dont you dye your armpit hair ?

7 year old : I dont have armpit hair 

Me to Hubby : she didnt know women had armpit hair at all till just now .

Me to 7 year old : did you ?

7 year old : No I never knew girls had armpit hair 

Me : yep everyone gets armpit hair when they get older , Boys and girls . Alot of girls shave it off for fashion , BUT now its kinda popular to grow it out and dye it fun colors .

7 year old : Awesome ! 

Hubby : yeah and now some guys shave theirs !

7 year old : nuh uh ! boys cant shave their armpits , They are always hairy .

Me : Nope not always . Any Girl or any boy can have hairy or shaved armpits . Its all up to what you like .

7 year old : Oh ok :) 

Whenever I used to talk about not shaving my body hair my mom would always ask “how do you expect to get a boyfriend like that?” Well I’ve stopped shaving now and my boyfriend saw my underarm hair and yelled “ITS GETTING SO LONG” and gave me a high five. So life lesson kids, your parents aren’t always right

My legs & arm pits are shaved?!?! WHAT??? Yes I know this is TMI and oh so gross but for me it is a MILESTONE. I still  have 0 energy and I am still feeling like total crap but I had a crazy dream last night and it involved my hairy legs… So I had enough. It was bad enough dealing with it while awake now I was coming apart of my dreams? Oh no. So I made a bath, it may have taken me over an hour to do it but I got it done. Also while in the tub I realized how much damage this pump is doing to my stomach and I see my OB soon and I think I am going to ask to have it taken out. See if I can do oral zofran, IV therapy and oral phenegran syrup. Like how I have done in the past. If I have to do the pump again if it does not work I will but the brusing, pussing, lumps it is causing me and the pain, I just cant handle it. 

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I find it funny that when Effy Was sick she couldn't wash herself or put on makeup but still had time to shave her pits. Aahhhh the wonders of television. ;P

Did’t you know?  In TV Land, everyone had naturally bald armpits.