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The ball pit

This is a gift for another awesome friend, Silver the Dragon.

One of the guys who I shared a lot with, my thoughts, my life, what I think…

He deserved this for his birthday.

My panda characters are very tiny comparing the most of furries, and Silver is huge, his height is 2.10 m (6.8 ft), and even that way, he’s very affective, he likes to be hugging me or lay down over me >__< he has no idea not just how big is him, but how heavy is his whole body.
I rented a ballpit for his birthday (imaginatively) and I never expected a cannon-ball.

Daily EXO
  • Jasmine: Just a little something before i go to school
  • --------------------------------------------------------------
  • At the Mall
  • Chen: Babe we should get matching pull-over sweaters
  • D.O: Me and Kai are getting matching pull-over sweaters *stare*
  • Chen: Well then me and Xiumin will just get this one and you guys get that one
  • D.O: No
  • Chen: ...
  • Kai: Lets go look over there.
  • Xiumin: How about these turtle plushies?
  • Chen: You're just full of great ideas aren't you?
  • Across the room
  • Luhan: *acting like Chen* You're just full of great ideas aren't you? Great ideas my ass.
  • Sehun: So are we getting something to eat at the foodcourt or?
  • At Toys R US
  • Lay: *running Around* THIS IS AMAZING!!!
  • Kris: I can't believe Suho made me watch the kids today.
  • Baekhyun: Look Chan a horse!!!
  • Chanyeol: That's a fake horse head on a stick
  • Baekhyun: *grabs two* Come on i know you what to try it
  • Chanyeol: *grabs* Fine but don't tell anyone
  • Tao: *swimming in a pit of panda plushies* Mom!!! Can i have these?!?!
  • Kris: I'm not your mom! Where's Suho?!
  • At the Spa
  • Suho: Should i go with a pink or purple manicure today?