Sophie Gamand photographs pit bulls in need of adoption and portrays them as sparkly, hippie-like beings to combat their negative reputation. Due to her ‘Flower Power’ portraits, many of these dogs have found new homes. 

As of 11/17/15, all of the dogs featured here need someone awesome to adopt them. 

You can find info for each of them on her website.


PSA from Manchester Animal Shelter (FB):

Is this a cute picture? Do you see “cute” pictures of your friends’ kids on FB? No it isn’t cute, it’s an accident waiting to happen. That is not the look of love in that dog’s eyes, it’s the look of stress. Everything about this dog’s body language says he wants some space. The wide eyes (known as whale eye), the ears back and the tense body are all indicators that the dog doesn’t like what’s being done to him.

A relaxed dog would have soft eyes, ears in a neutral position and body would be loose. Placing your dog and your child in situations like these are not only dangerous but setting your dog up for failure - it’s not just “aggressive” dogs that bite. Even non-aggressive dogs can get scared or lose patience.

Let’s be clear this can be ANY breed dog.

As ambassadors of bully breeds it is our responsibility to protect our dogs (and the children of course) from situations that could affect their livelihood. One bite regardless if accidental only adds to the stigma we all fight so hard against. Teaching children how to respect a dog’s space is the first step in teaching bite prevention. Remember all dogs have their limits, why test it?


Portraying Pit Bulls with @sophiegamand

To see more flower-power pups, follow @sophiegamand on Instagram and check out some of Sophie’s favorite rescue accounts: @nyanimalrescue, @secondchancerescuenyc, @animalhaven, @tohanimalshelter.

New York photographer Sophie Gamand (@sophiegamand) first started the Pit Bull Flower Power series to show the breed in a new, softer light. She teamed up with several rescue groups to photograph pit bulls that were up for adoption with a new perspective to open hearts. Sophie creates headpieces for every photo shoot, patiently gluing fake flowers together in different shapes and sizes then matching the color and styles to the dog. “People are afraid of them, but the fact I was able to put flower crowns on their heads and photograph them like this says a lot about their temperament! They were all sweet and loving.”

When it comes to working with canine models, Sophie explains her process: “I make little noises behind the camera to catch their attention when I photograph the dogs, and very often they would come over to check on me and kiss me.”

On set, Sophie has a handler to help distract the dogs from the crowns delicately balanced on their heads. She views the shoot as a mini-training session for the dogs. “Usually after the shoot they are ready to go to bed.”


This guy is scheduled to be euthanised TODAY, Thursday 13th November. He is located in O.C.A.S. in Orlando, Florida. PLEASE consider adopting or even fostering this guy to save him from being killed. Brindle dogs are sadly often overlooked in shelters but as you can tell from this guy, are no less cuter than any other colour! Florida is a large state. There has to be somebody out there willing to take this dog into their home, even if it’s just for a short while until he finds his forever home. If you are interested in saving him then call O.C.A.S. on 407-836-3111, or email If nobody shows ANY interest in him then he will be killed on Thursday. If people show interest but can’t adopt or foster him straight away then they will give him some extra time!

Hi, my name is Tiger. I am an approximately 2 year 6 month old br brindle male. I am friendly and I tested heartworm negative. I weigh approximately 64 pounds. I have been at Orange County Animal Services since Wednesday, November 05, 2014. My due out date is Thursday, November 13, 2014.

Please reblog and foster or adopt if possible to save this little man’s life.