pit bull type

I just let Oscar into the backyard and I immediately hear “shit shit! We’re with Verizon! I’m sorry!” And I look around and there are two tech guys putting in new line in the yard behind mine, so I say it’s no problem at all! And he says “I saw that big pit bull and didn’t want you to be scared that there were strange people near your yard!”

Oscar, meanwhile, is laying in his back chewing a bone and couldn’t give a single futz about anything.

While it sucks that some folks fear him because he’s a “pit bull type,” I do feel a little safer knowing folks won’t try to mess with us.

Possible agression issues

I have three dogs and two of them have gotten into a very bad fight a few months ago, so I have some experience with this. I would say, if you see any tension at all, keep them separated.  Sometimes we are not very adept at reading dogs and a fight can break out when you don’t expect it.  The fact that you are nervous about it to begin with is your intuition telling you that there is most likely going to be some sort of problem.  I would be very cautious, take it slow, and see how they are together before just expecting them to get along perfectly well.  I’ve learned a lot from my dog trainer, Kevin Behan, who developed Natural Dog Training:  http://naturaldogtraining.com/.  The natural dog training has worked wonders for me, my relationship with my dogs, and their relationships with each other. A big part of it is push-feeding, where you relieve their emotional stress at the same time that you hand feed them.  It is incredible to see them happy and relaxed after such a simple exercise, but it can also take time, depending on the dog and their history. It is key to work with the dogs individually. Best of luck and be well!