pit bull mix

*Takes Deep Breath*

my dog is NOT a pitbull, pit bull is not a blanket term for all bully breeds, there is one breed called a pit bull and that’s the American Pit Bull Terrier, They ARE majority dog aggressive, most bully mixes do have it in their genetics to be dog aggressive, you can not ‘train’ out aggression, you can only manage and train to reduce it, it really doesn’t matter if you ‘raise them right’ its in their genetics, you can’t train herding out of a herding dog, If you have what you think is a 'pit bull’ mix say bully mix instead, it covers all the bully breeds and doesnt add to breed confusion and screw up bite statistics.

*falls to the floor*

Briar is a 2 month old American pit bull/boxer mix. A Good Samaritan found her abandoned next to a dumpster in late December and brought her into the shelter. She only weighed 2 pounds and was so weak that she could barely hold herself up long enough to eat. After fostering her for less than a month I officially adopted this angel who is now living the life that she deserves.


Destined for euthanasia, 10-month-old Picasso, a pit bull corgi mix, was recently rescued from death row by Luvable Dog Rescue in California. Picasso has a misaligned snout. He was brought in to be euthanised with his brother, Pablo. The breeder explained that he couldn’t sell the pair. Thankfully, the nonprofit rescue centre saw the unique duo and knew they had to save them. Now, people across the globe are desperate to adopt the adorable brothers.

I miss this lil’ guy.

He doesn’t belong to me, but I see him on a regular basis (pretty much every weekend 😊).

He’s been attending doggie boarding school (Global K9 Training) for the past three weeks. I thought his manners were pretty darn good to begin with, but now he’s going to be a distinguished gentleman… errrr… I mean gentleDOG.

Can’t wait to see him again this weekend! 💗🐾


Thor, Pit Bull mix (9 m/o), Metropolitan & Havemeyer St., Brooklyn, NY • “Did he call his mom today?” “Well, I’m his mom and he gives me love every day.” • Happy Mother’s Day! 💐


This is Keilana Kula-Leia. She is about 45 lbs. She is extremely intelligent and super people oriented. She has a great sense of humor and loves to play and also snuggle. She likes to howl when excited but doesn’t bark very often. The shetler said she is a Pit Bull/Pharaoh Hound mix!