pit bull lover

These are my darlings, doing what they do best…sleeping on me.

Sam, the big tan lug on the end, we’ve had for almost two years now. He was found wandering the streets of Jersey City, having been hit by a car and abandoned in an empty apartment when the former tenants moved out. He’s got brain damage and arthritis and is the love of my life.

Caboose got dumped in our trash can as a 5-6 week old pup.

Peachy, the little dainty princess all but sleeping on my head, had been used as a bait dog. She was found in January tied to a shelter door, covered in knife wounds and bite marks….and a week away from having a litter of 13 puppies. She still has a few problems with food aggression, but otherwise is a perfect angel.

Anyone that tries to tell me pit bulls are “hard-wired killers” or “they’ll snap at anytime!” or even “oh it’s how they’re raised,” I tell them the stories of these three. They were raised in horrible conditions, yet they’re the most loving creatures I’ve ever known. Some killers, all right….

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Aw Sam looks adorable!!! He looks like a sweetheart, a big teddy!!! OMG poor Peachy, people just have no heart!!! Pits are loyal to the owner, they aren’t a bad breed, its just bad owners. They aren’t killers and they don’t snap, Chihuahuas snap faster than a Pit Bull hahaha And Im still in love with Caboose!!!! haha <3 You are an awesome person!!! <3