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The pup in Lassen Volcanic National Park
September 28, 2016
Leaving in about a week for my next trip with my loves and I couldn’t be more excited!

im gonna get a lot of hate for this but
if youre a true pit bull lover, then why deny what the pit bull truly is? youre so focused on fixing their bad reputation that you make lies about the breed and what they’re actually like. why deny their history as a game dog instead of being proud of it? why tell everyone that they’re not aggressive and ignore the dog aggression bred into them? why make up ‘nanny dog’ stories that will do more harm then good, and why call every bully breed a pit instead of recognizing the real apbt?
I honestly don’t get it. I’m all for pit bull and bully activism but it all just seems silly when it’s like… this

im sorry for horror fans....this is the story of Butterscotch...my pit

My bf and i had a dog together her name was Daphne…my bf named her from Heroes…..

One night we let her out, and she was in the front fenced in yard playing……….all of a sudden we heard a loud bang and her heard her crying…we ran outside and found her on the side of the street….she somehow got out of the gate and got hit by a car…Roland carried her in and she died in our living room……it was the most terrible thing that ever happened to us,,,,, Roland later/recently told me that a part of him died that night…we cried for so long….it was really hard for us to get through.

My mom suggested that i volunteer at the animal shelter to help me heal because it was like our child was killed…it was really hard.  So i took her up on that , i volunteered at the shelter.   My first day , my boss was trying to find a foster for this pit bull that had kennel cough really bad and was a strain on resources…they couldnt keep her in the kennel because kennel cough is very contagious…..so they needed someone to take her but no one wanted her…..  (she mentioned that if no one took her they would be putting her down that night) i walked by her kennel like 5 times….she was sitting at the gate shivering…….coughing up phlem puddles…she was in real bad shape…..so at the end of the day  i told them id take her…..so i took her home….  I let her in the yard , let her chew some bones…she was happy….when i tried to bring her inside the house she didnt want to come in, it was clear whoever had her before never let her inside the house so she knew not to go in…i had to go outside and pick her up and let her know, hey its ok…come in…i put her on my bed and she didnt know what to do….she never exp that before….  I gave her her her medicine ever 2 hours…she coughed for a long time but she eventually got better….she also had mange that i put a lot of money to get well from that…..we fed her and she got better and she showed us that love and appreciation. She became ours and she has been the best girl ever….

The rep that Pit Bulls have i can personally say is not right…..my girl is my love of my life….my heart beats for her ever day…..i cant live without her…and the fact that my apartment complex has deemed her a “dangerous” breed makes me so mad…because clearly…she is NOT!

These are my darlings, doing what they do best…sleeping on me.

Sam, the big tan lug on the end, we’ve had for almost two years now. He was found wandering the streets of Jersey City, having been hit by a car and abandoned in an empty apartment when the former tenants moved out. He’s got brain damage and arthritis and is the love of my life.

Caboose got dumped in our trash can as a 5-6 week old pup.

Peachy, the little dainty princess all but sleeping on my head, had been used as a bait dog. She was found in January tied to a shelter door, covered in knife wounds and bite marks….and a week away from having a litter of 13 puppies. She still has a few problems with food aggression, but otherwise is a perfect angel.

Anyone that tries to tell me pit bulls are “hard-wired killers” or “they’ll snap at anytime!” or even “oh it’s how they’re raised,” I tell them the stories of these three. They were raised in horrible conditions, yet they’re the most loving creatures I’ve ever known. Some killers, all right….

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Aw Sam looks adorable!!! He looks like a sweetheart, a big teddy!!! OMG poor Peachy, people just have no heart!!! Pits are loyal to the owner, they aren’t a bad breed, its just bad owners. They aren’t killers and they don’t snap, Chihuahuas snap faster than a Pit Bull hahaha And Im still in love with Caboose!!!! haha <3 You are an awesome person!!! <3